Maleficent 3: Release date, Plot, Trailer, Cast, and Spoilers

Maleficient 3
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Today, our readers will reconnect with one of the most highly satisfying fantasy role-playing movies starring Angelina Jolie. Yes! We are talking about none other than “Maleficent 3.” It is the possibly forthcoming part of Maleficent film series.

Maleficent season 1 Aurora
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To begin with, the major Maleficent film series has based on the “Maleficent” character who first appeared in the film “Sleeping Beauty” in 1959. From then onwards, the fans of Walt Disney have found the perfect face of Maleficent in the world-class actress Angelina Jolie. Maleficent 1 had released in 2014. Furthermore, Disney has brought Maleficent 2 recently on 16 October 2019.

Although, the movie has attained several negative reviews on its rape-metaphor. It had lead to several controversies. Walt Disney bringing back Maleficent 3 on the screen is very questionable. However, since the movie’s 2nd part was not a satisfying finale, there are 100% chances that Maleficent will make a comeback on the silver screen. 

After two great Maleficent film series, the fans are now eager to know when Maleficent 3 comes out? Today, our readers will find out some very juicy details about the Maleficent film series, including 3rd part’s possible release date and plot. Stay away from SPOILERS if you are a big fan!

Maleficent 2
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What is the Maleficent 3 release date?

For the most part, Walt Disney releases movies based on their parting patterns. According to the history of the release of Maleficent 1 and Maleficent 2, there is a 5-year gap. Hence, even if Disney plans to drop Maleficent 3 starring Angeline Jolie once again, it would not be any before 2023.

Up until now, Walt Disney has not dropped any hints. However, here’s a fun fact for you! In 2014, after Maleficent 1, the box-office collection had recorded at over 700 million dollars. Not only this but in 2019, after setting a minimal budget for Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil. Luckily, its box-office collection led to approx 500 million dollars. Therefore, seeking an increase in the audience’s interest, Disney will play its cards right and, therefore, will drop Maleficent 3 soon.

What is Maleficent 3 expected plot?

As mentioned before, Maleficent lives her perfect young life in the forest kingdom. However, as the movie moves forward, the audience witnessed Maleficent’s transformation into a fierce evil who can do anything to protect her kingdom against the invading army. To begin with, Maleficent transforms into evil only because the king betrays her. Later, she curses his newborn daughter named Aurora.

maleficent season 1
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Although after the curse, she must have attained inner peace. However, Maleficent is still fighting for serving peace to her kingdom. In Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil, fierce Maleficent finds out that Aurora is the only way to cater to peace in her kingdom. 

At the end of Maleficent 2, Maleficent had shot. It further dissolved her into ashes. But, when Aurora cries, and her tears fall on to the ashes, Maleficent revives. However, Queen Ingrith once again attacks Maleficent and turns her into a creature. She is leaving its audience out of sorts. 

According to Elle Fanning’s interview, Angelina and Elle have proposed the plot. They said, “Angelina and I have come up with an entire third film. It is not necessarily Disney approved. It was like, ‘Right, Aurora is going to go and be with the dark fae. She’s got [Prince Philip] on the side.”

Therefore, we can expect an adventurous ending to Maleficent’s story in the 3rd installment. 

The Maleficent Controversy/Rape Allegation…

To begin with, Rape Allegatories and controversies drop the ratings of movies at large. In 2014, many critics described their review of the film.
Readers who have watched the movie’s 1st part must recognize a part where Stefan drugs Maleficent and removes her wings from her unconscious body. Not only this, but several critics also mentioned that the scene parades female mutilation. It means cutting a body part or intentionally injuring a woman.

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Well! In the animation/Disney/cartoon world, it is a possible metaphor for Rape. without a doubt, it is a heinous act of crime. Therefore, Disney has taken its enough time (5 years) to produce and release the 2nd installment of the movie. 

In conclusion, Walt Disney will soon come with Good news concerning the Maleficent 3 release. Till then, stay tuned and keep yourself entertained!