Komodo IDE (programming lanuages) Free Download 2019

Komodo IDE

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What is Komodo IDE?

Komodo IDE contributes to being an integrated development environment for dynamic programming languages. It makes use of the scintilla code base and Mozilla as they bestow support to similar languages and share a lot of features.

Komodo IDE

The editor component is known to be implemented with the use of NPAPI or Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface.

Komodo IDE comes with a wide assortment of features like DOM viewer. In addition, it has an integrated debugger support source code control integration, interactive shells.

It is known for its ability to choose the engine used for running the regular expressions, for ensuring the compatibility with the deployment target.

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Komodo IDE Komodo IDE

Features of Komodo IDE :-

1. Advanced Komodo Editor:-

It has a powerful komodo editor that makes development fun, faster and rewarding.

Further, the margin present in the editor is used for highlighting the unsaved changes and uncommitted SCC changes. You can choose several positions in the editor in such a manner that changes done at a single position will subsequently get reflected in all the chosen positions.

2. Komodo IDE Code Intelligence:-

This feature lets you become more productive during coding. The section list of this feature let you filter and view the catalog of classes, functions, and elements. Hence, it bestows support to a series of languages and detects several languages in a file.

3. Graphical debugging by Komodo edit:-

It is considered to be a powerful tool which is useful to debug and inspect the code along with the aid of multithreaded debugging, it is possible to break several threads.

In addition to this, Komodo is used by Mozilla developers for debugging of the Python buildbot code. It is also ideal for the debugging of programs that run on the unsupported platform or remote server.

To download Komodo IDE you can go the following link after the post.

4. Integrated tools and version control:-

Here, you have all the tools that are required in a single IDE.

As a result,  They render support to major frameworks like Pytest, Prove, PHPUnit, etc. It lets the navigation of the documentation for the code intel supported languages. It is available for Ruby, Python, Perl.

Komodo IDE

5. File management and workflow:-

It offers to match highlighting, fuzzy matching, toolbox search, shortcuts, bookmark integration, customized category filtering, integration, and several extra functions.

The breadcrumbs navigation bar showcases the directory ancestors that are relative to the latest editorial file. Thus, users can open and find relevant files without any hassles.

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It is possible to create a customized workspace and then load the same on the fly. Also, the notification panel keeps a track of different processes at a single place.

6. Customization and add-ons of Komodo IDE:-

The new Console pane lets you have an interaction with the Komodo runtime in a similar way you will be using the browser developer tools console for having an interaction with the website. The visual styling is useful in personalizing with a wide array of icon sets and skins.

Here you can find amazing tools for the purpose of pair programming and collaboration. The formatting feature of Komodo’s code is useful in making the code look readable, consistent and maintainable.

Hence, it is possible to maintain consistency of the shared work with the aid of auto-formatting and version control system integration.


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