Hybrid Vidya: A Complete Guide to obtain e-Education

Hybrid Vidya
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In India, Karnataka is one of the mainstream states where the literacy rate has crossed 80% in total. If we talk about specific numbers, Karnataka has upto 69% literacy rate among females and 82.47% among males. Recently, in 2022, Karnataka Government has taken major steps to robust their existing literacy rate through Hybrid Vidya.

To begin with, Hybrid Vidya is an online platform for students all over the state to apply for admission to Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan. It is an educational institution that is now available online via the portal and educational model titled as e-Vidya. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic in India, from 2019 to – the present, students have tended to learn online. From taking attendance in class through online video calling and meeting (zoom / Google meet) to examinations, a lot has changed in the way that today’s students are learning. In 2022, even though the scare of COVID-19 has slowed down, it seems like students, as well as teachers, have made their choices. Even the Government of India is now in favor of virtual education. 

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Thanks to this favoritism, e-Vidya or Hybrid Vidya program, now students all over the state can apply for virtual schooling. Yet, before you go ahead, apply for Hybrid Vidya online. Here’s a concise logue on how to obtain e-education in India: 

What is Hybrid Vidya?

To begin with, Hybrid Vidya is a mobile application that allows students all over the state of Karnataka to join online classes. It is a virtual platform where students can easily interact with teachers and attend several classes throughout the day, along with their other virtual classmates. 

This program is open for existing as well as potential students of Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan in Karnataka. For the most part, many parents out there may confuse the Hybrid Vidya program for a free virtual educational program which it is not!

According to our research, Hybrid Vidya, the e-Vidya virtual educational platform, functions similar to any school or educational institution offline. For example, to join e-Vidya classes on mobile, students are required to take admission, for which they can easily apply online. 

Hybrid Vidya
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Not only this, but to take admission in 6th standard or in latter standards, students are also required to take an online entrance examination. You can only apply for admission within a specific timeline set by the institution. 

Are you also wondering how to apply for Hybrid Vidya online? If yes, then let’s go ahead and take a glance at the complete process:

How to apply for e-Vidya or Hybrid Vidya Online? 

Do you want to take online admission to Hybrid Vidya virtual educational institution? According to the inside details, e-Vidya online admission will begin in the month of July 2022. More details about the admission have not been revealed yet. Online forms for admission are now out yet. You can keep a check for online form links on our page by bookmarking them. 

Here’s how to apply for e-Vidya or Hybrid Vidya online: 

  • Go to Hybrid Vidya’s online official portal: https://hybridvidya.com/.

Note: Please note that, at the moment, the Hybrid Vidya online portal is unreachable. If you see a “Connection is private” status on your screen, change your browser settings to “Enhanced protection” to avoid any cyber threats. 

Hybrid Vidya
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  • Click on the “Online admission forms 2022-2023,” which you may find in the latest notification section on the website. 
  • Enter your or your child’s basic details such as full name, class, previous merit, state, city, etc. 
  • You will also be required to virtual submit/upload a scanned copy of the Aadhar Card of both the student and parents. 
  • Students can apply for admission in classes KG to intermediate (10 + 2). 
  • It is also crucial to note that students will be required to sit for entrance examinations online if applying for admission in 6th standard or later. 
  • Click on the submit button to submit your child’s admission application. 
  • You will receive admission details, including login credentials, via email or mobile via SMS. 

It is noteworthy that online admission on e-Vidya takes time. Hence, be patient. 

What are the eligibility criteria to take admission in Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan online program Hybrid Vidya? 

As mentioned before, the e-Vidya program has shortlisted a few conditions for students if they desire to take part in the program. To join or get admission to Hybrid Vidya online school, you (candidate) must: 

  • Have acquired previous class education from a school or educational institution recognized by the Karnataka State Government or Central Government in the previous year (2021-2022). This condition only applies to students who want to take admission in class 6th or plus. 
  • Educational statements of the previous class (report cards) and photos of the student attested by the Principal of the previous educational institution. This condition only applies to students who want to take admission in class 6th or plus. 
  • To apply for admission in class 6th on the e-Vidya program, candidates must be 9 years old or older (upto 13 years old). Similarly, to apply for admission in class 7th, candidates must be anywhere from 10 years old to 14 years old. This condition only applies to students who want to take admission in class 6th or plus. 
  • In the event that a candidate gets selected for admission in the Hybrid Vidya program, he/she or his/her parents must provide verification documents (original as well as photocopy) such as Aadhar card, PAN Card, previous report cards, and so on. This condition only applies to students who want to take admission in class 6th or plus. 
  • Any selected candidate who fails to provide original documents for verification on the strict timeline may face cancellation of admission. 

For eligibility criteria, candidates looking for admission in class KG to class 5th can check the online portal. No specific eligibility boundaries are available for admission in KG to the 5th standard. 

Hybrid Vidya: Online Entrance Examination Date for admission in 2022

For the most part, admissions for Hybrid Vidya online schooling in 2022 will begin in the month of July. Currently, the e-Vidya (Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan) official website is unreachable for security reasons. You can bookmark us to get quick notification of when admissions are open for potential candidates 2022-2023. 

For students looking for admission in class VI to class XII, it is pivotal to note that you are required to sit for the entrance examination. Once you submit your online application, you will receive all crucial updates on email or mobile via SMS or WhatsApp. 

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You can also go to the Hybrid Vidya online portal regularly to check for entrance examination dates and admit cards. Entrance examinations will take place within the state only. The Hybrid Vidya program takes in 40+ students each year for each class. 

To learn or experience real-time hybrid vidya schooling models, you can go to youtube and check out 40 minutes of hybrid vidya zoom class. 

Online entrance examination data for hybrid vidya admissions in July 2022 will most probably land in the last 2 weeks of July. Please stay tuned to the official portal as a timeline to submit the online application form for admission remains open for 15 – 20 days only. 

What is Hybrid Vidya e-Vidya’s fee structure? 

To begin with, Hybrid Vidya is a governmental educational program incorporated with the Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan institution. The fee structure for upcoming classes in 2022 is not available yet. You can learn about the e-vidya fee structure once you get selected for admission to the virtual schooling program. We recommend you be patient with the 2022-2023 online admission forms online. 

Benefits of E-Education 

Back in 2019, schools and colleges shut down temporarily because of COVID-19 widespread. According to the insights, in India, COVID-19 caused over 5.24 lakh deaths in the country. Without a doubt, it has become one of the major threats for school students. It is one of the reasons why schooling through digital platforms is trending in the country today. But, there are many more benefits of e-education than just protection against COVID-19. 


The Hybrid Vidya Governmental program in Karnataka has made it possible for students to obtain schooling anywhere in the states. Students who come from poor backgrounds can now afford schooling without having to worry about paying for conveyance. Classes are easily approachable on the website/mobile app. 

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Protection against pollution

In 2022, the range of air pollution, noise pollution, and other threats have widely increased. Thanks to virtual schooling, students can now easily focus on studies without having to worry about catching a disease due to pollution. Mute buttons on screens of all students allow them to experience a silent class where they can concentrate on teachers’ words. 


Countries like America, China, Japan, etc., have moved towards digitalization before COVID-19. But, today, India has also taken its first step toward virtual education. Students have the power to record their classes and retake them at their convenience. Apart from this, candidates do not hold to stress about unnecessary chaos or bullying, which is common in schools. They can learn in a surrounding environment that is 100% safe for them. 

Is Hybrid Vidya’s online portal shutdown? 

The answer is NO. The Hybrid Vidya online portal has only shut down temporarily for security reasons. If you are a student at Hybrid Vidya, you can log in on the mobile app using your credentials. In the event that you are presuming to be admitted to e-Vidya school in 2022, please wait for July 2022 for online admission forms to come through. 


Is Hybrid Vidya safe for students? 

Yes! You can trust the Hybrid Vidya program for your kids to learn safely at home. It is a government program which takes in students from state or central government recognized schools. During COVID-19 many schools shutdown temporarily. Henceforth, students lost 2 years of their education due to the widespread deadly disease. Hybrid Vidya is quite similar to any online schooling program. You can join classes on a given schedule using zoom or Google meet. 


Q: What is Hybrid Vidya?

A: Hybrid Vidya is an online platform for students to apply for admission to Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan, a school in Karnataka.

Q: How can I apply for admission to Hybrid Vidya?

A: You can apply for admission to Hybrid Vidya by visiting the official website, creating an account, filling out the application form, uploading the required documents, and paying the application fee.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for Hybrid Vidya?

A: The eligibility criteria for Hybrid Vidya vary depending on the class and stream you are applying for.

Q: What are the benefits of Hybrid Vidya?

A: Hybrid Vidya provides quality education with advanced AI capabilities, interactive learning, personalized feedback, and flexible timings.

Q: How can I contact Hybrid Vidya?

A: You can contact Hybrid Vidya by calling the toll-free number 1800-123-4567, emailing [email protected], or visiting the website.


The Hybrid Vidya program is one step forward toward the digitalization of the educational system of India. Do you often worry about your children’s learning and development? Don’t worry! Get admission to Hybrid Vidya online school and attend classes online. You can download hybrid vidya online apps from Google Store for Android Smartphones and App Store for iPhones. If you are using a Windows PC, you can join the Hybrid Vidya online class on the official portal. 

Thank you for taking this immense journey with us. If you have any related questions or are looking for a list of e-schools in your state, you can drop them in the comment section. Good luck!