How to style short hair with elegance in 2021?

how to style short hair
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Believe it or not: somewhere celebrities have always allured women into settling their hair with a short length and style them as they do! How to style short hair? This question remains a constant among ladies with short hair because it becomes quite challenging to curl or straighten them for graceful appearance in the absence of many lengths. But don’t worry! There are innumerable styles that you can adapt to style your short hair in 2021. That’s right! Begin this new year with a new hairstyle that goes with your outfit and personality like never before!

Wave up your layered bob cut

If you are wondering if you can fancy up your layered bob cut hair apart from keeping them puffed? Here’s a perfect way to do it. Add a bit beachy waves to your layered bob cut. It can change your ideal professional hairstyle to a classic one in just a few rolls at the end.

how to style short hair

How to style short hair with layer cut? Well! It is simple. First, untaint your layered bob cut hair using a comb. Don’t need to dry them using a dryer. Take a curling iron. Now, add voluminous beach waves at the end. It allows them to go from convex shaped to concave-shaped at the end. Thus, changes your hair outlook entirely. 

Tayler Swift’s bang-bang hairstyle

Do you have a hard time setting up your bangs? Well! It is time to drop all the “how to set bangs?” tab. And, go a bit swift with Tayler Swift’s Bloody Mary outlook. In this outlook, she has an amazing cut-short hair up to the jawline. Apart from this, bangs a little longer than usual are giving her a unique appearance. To be honest, this hairstyle helps to relax and avoid the trouble of ironing short hair.

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Slightly puffed bangs are allowing her hair to allure all the attention. If you want to go fancier than Tayler Swift, you can try changing no hairline to side hairline for a messy hairstyle that goes for an informal party or occasion. 

Elite headband addition to your pixie cut

To begin with, a pixie cut is one of those hairstyles that don’t offer many options rather than just combing. Indeed, pixie cut hair is so short, it is nearly impossible for curling or straightening iron to catch them.

hairstyles 2021
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What to do? Well! Instead, invest in a shiny or studded headband like you are the queen of the world. That’s right! Without a doubt, it is difficult to come back home with pixie cut hair as styled as you left. However, with a criss-cross headband, you get a perfect opportunity to keep them in place for the entire time you are out. And, never have to face the self-conciousness of ruined pixie hair when the wind blows hard. 

Moisturized your natural curls

In the event that your face is small, even with short hair, you can look elegant and cute. How? It is straightforward. Just make up your natural curls, and you are good to go. Moisturizing your curls using a pearl of conditioner. When you apply conditioner to your natural curls, use your palms to tighten them from down to up.

how to style short hair 2021
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This technique will allow you to puff up your curls to match with your small face. Puffed up curls define your short hairstyle with simplicity and elegance. You can also try out different products specially made for puffling curls such as curling defining cream, intense curl cream, etc. 

If you don’t have time to buy cream, you can simply wet your hair under a sink and puff them up for a graceful styling. 

Braid your hair: upside down!

This section of how to style your hair is perfect for women with short hair but a countable length. All you need to do is settle a french braid upside down. Meaning, bring all your hair down to your face side. Bend your head downwards and start braiding from the neck-end. It will create an elegant back look.

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You can also create bangs at the front to fill up your head and bring out cuteness to your face cut. It is recommendable to use bobby pins in the middle to set up the braid perfectly. If bobby pins are not available, you can also use hair spray to keep your hairstyle in place for a long time. 

Gel up your hair from back to front!

Do you remember the Harry Potter series? Well! The one thing that I liked about the villain Lucius Malfoy is his hairstyle. Not only this but after a decade of Harry Potter, Malfoy’s gelled up hairstyle has become prominent among some women celebrities in Hollywood. Julianne Hough also tried out Malfoy’s blonde hairstyle in one of the international ceremonies in Hollywood. And, without a doubt, she nailed it!


One of the biggest boons of this hairstyle is that you don’t have to go through any extra trouble. After setting your hair in the backside using gel, you can try a non-chemical hair spray to keep them in place for the time being. Above all, this hairstyle looks best if your hair is blonde or bleached. 

Choppy Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircuts are of many types. A usual pixie cut can bore you in a while. However, a choppy one keeps you going like Teyana Taylor. This haircut is ideal when you want to give your personality a strong impression of independence and strengthen. Not only this if you want to go a little overboard for a special occasion, but you can also colour your choppy pixie hair to heighten up the classy appearance. More often, rarely women choose a choppy pixie haircut because there are very few hairstyles to go with it. 

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how to design short hair
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However, we think differently. That’s right! A choppy pixie cannot bore you if you get creative. You can use a different side hairline at times to give yourself a different look each time you go out. Additionally, you can either bring them forward to cover your forehead. Or, set up spikes for a refreshing look. At last, puffing up your choppy pixie hair is one of the most preferred short hairstyles among celebrities. 

Finger Wave Weave

To begin with, black women often go through the trouble of dealing with short hair. It is often seen that black women have thick hair. However, the length is seemingly compromised. But don’t worry! Here’s an ideal hairstyle for 2021 – Finger Wave weave. That’s right! As the name suggests, finger wave weave appears like a group of clean waves weaved on your head. This hairstyle is ideal for women with an on-going office routine, especially for older women. 

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To create finger wave weave, hair clips are the best equipment. You need to set up hair clips on your hair to make curls and then use hairspray to set them in the set waves. It is an easy hairstyle that you can give yourself overnight. 

Afro Mohawk

In the past few decades, black women short hairstyles have been adopted by women in different nationalities. The reason being, hairstyles like afro mohawk look simple and elegant on faces with small features like the nose. Indeed, afro with blond highlights and end hair with black highlights as well as a trimmed line can create a ready-to-go outlook for you. 

how to style short hair
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Afro mohawk is of several styles. Thus, you can choose wisely to set up your afro at front, side, or back. To give an elegant and modern outlook, you can also get trimmed on the side, in the event that you don’t want to trim the sidelines. You can also style 3-4 braids for a stylish appearance. 

Spiral Curls for short hair

Are you not sure of what to do with your curling iron if you have cut your hair short? Well! Get it out of the box and begin to give your hair some spiral curls. To begin with, spiral curls look best whether you have dark black natural hair or coloured with red. Not only this, but several celebrities have adopted this style to go with their red carpet gowns. 

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For the most part, when we discuss about how to style short hair with spiral curls? You have uncountable choices. That’s right! You can leave 2-3 curls on your forehead for a cute outlook. For a messy outlook, you can draw fingers through spirals to give your head a puffed and curled appearance. At last, you can also try out – two hair colour spirals for a modern appearance. 


So are you ready to go crazy for short hair outlooks this 2021? Get your Instagram reels ready for some newest dancing hair videos. Now, you don’t need to disburse hours finding a perfect guide for style short hair? Above-mentioned short hairstyles can get you ready for any occasion with minimum equipment. Check out “Miami Vice” fashion trends. It proves all our short hairstyles are coming back from this early 90s show. You can also use castor oil to keep your short hair growing by the day

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