What fashion trend did “miami vice” help make popular?

miami vice

Maimi vice is one of the most popular American TV Series from the 1980s. First premiered in September of 1984, this show vastly impacted the fashion industry of America with its high-end dress up of characters including James Crockett, Tubbs, Gina Navarro, and Trudy. Not only did this show make its characters iconic on the American television but its cast members also attracted fan-following at global level. Well! The main question stands, does today’s generation know what fashion trend did “miami Vice” help make popular?

Miami Vice Popular Fashion Trends
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To begin with, today’s generation barely knows about fashion. That’s right! In this modern age, every man and woman drools over New York Fashion Week Spotlights but the real fashion had put on the screen by the fashion department of Miami Vice. 

Hence, before we go ahead, it is an honour to remember the television fashion legends that changed and upgraded the fashion world forever for not only American but also worldwide – Miami Vice. 

So, are you ready to check out the most outstanding fashion trends raised by the Television series Miami Vice that will probably come back soon to the hit ramp again? 

Linen Suits – Detective Duo Special 

Have you ever wondered who had worn the first Linen Suit on Television? Well! It was our one and only Detective Duo from Miami Vice in the pilot episode of the show. 

What fashion trend did "maimi vice" help make popular?
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In the beginning of the show, Detective Crockett first appeared in a White Linen Suit with a classic mint textured t-shirt under it. The detective gave an exclusive shot during a car bombing event in the show. And to be honest, 80s’ girls fell in love with Crockett for his dirty scuffs after the event, yet his attitude remained high. 

So, if you ask what fashion trend did “miami vice” help make popular? – It is sexy men with dirty Scuffs on Linen Suits. We hope this trend soon will come back so women can enjoy the sexiness of strong men in Linen Suits with secretive jobs – fantasizing enough?

Rolex – Tribute to 80s fashion

Today, you may have come so far from the 80s fashion. But can you forget that moment when Sonny’s Rolex made it to the Television screen during the show? Well! The brand Rolex afterwards itself grasped a lot of attention from the youth of the 1980s. 

Miami Vice Popular star James Crockett
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James Crockett played by Don Johnson had given us the vibe of James Bond when seen playing piano in the series wearing Rolex complimented with a two-tone datejust jublie bracelet style.  

However, criticism in the television industry has remained constant for as long as you can remember. On Crockett’s rolex, fans reacted in a “Wow.” But, some keen fashionistas declared his watch as an imitation of the original Rolex. Moreover, a few James bond’s fan find his look as a lowly classified look of James Bond which is quite offensive. 

Tubbs Blazer 

Moving on from Crockett to Tubbs, there is nothing similar in the fashion sense of respective characters in Miami vice. You can definitely announce Tubbs’s blazer as Old-school in the 21st century, but can your woman? 

Miami Vice Fashion trend by Richardo Tubbs
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Yes! You heard us right – from Miami Vice, Tubbs’s Blazer has been taken as an inspiration for designing professional yet classy blazers for women. Some of the largest clothing brands today are designing blazers for women by taking inspiration from both Richardo Tubbs and Crockett. 

So, if you want to carry yourself to your workplace with class and stature of Fashionista – take us for our words. Buy a pastel t-shirt along with Tubbs’s lookalike blazer with matching high-waist trousers.  On your way, you can expect a lot of upcoming compliments and of course, self satisfaction. 

Padded Shoulders 

Thanks to Miami Vice reentering the American Fashion Industry and bringing back shoulder pads. Those smooth and flexible shoulders were driving the Americans crazy for the past few decades. 

Miami Vice Gina and Trudy with Fashion trends
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To begin with, around the 2000s, smooth and straight shoulder designs made it into the Hollywood Industry. Not long after, off-shoulders and no-shoulders didn’t take long to commence. These trends went on for years and one day – Boom! Everyone is bored and it is time to bring back the classic Shoulder pads back from the 1984 Miami Vice. 

In 2020, from ASOS to Balmain are recreating their red carpet designer dresses with padded shoulders and frills. That time is not far when Hollywood Actors and Celebs will appear on the Red Carpet with Miami Vice copied Pastels just for the trend. What a soothing thought it is!


Nowadays, Hoops are back into the fashion industry. And likewise in Miami Vice,  there is no limit to the size of Hoops. Yes! From smallest rings to bangle-sized Hoops, Miami Vice has promoted all of them. And to be honest, hoops were also the personal favourite of the cast – Saundra Santiago and Olivia Brown.

Miami Vice Dective Duo popular
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Blonde and Backless in Bar – BBB with Class 

Image Credit: NBC Washington

In case you are having troubles deciding how to dress for a night out at Bar. Then, take inspiration from Belinda Montgomery from Miami Vice.  Yes! The very popular actress from Brother’s Keeper – Belinda had given a hike to a special Bar look for women. During the 1980s, the look might be questionable as women used to get a lot of judgement based on their clothing and of course, hair color. 

However, check out Belinda’s look from 1984 when she went backless and strapless with her blonde hair curled uniquely. If you are a fashionista, you will definitely be not willing to resist what Miami Vice  has brought to our wardrobes. 

Say No to Socks Display!

You as a fashionista cannot be thankful enough to the sockless shoes trend that the Miami Vice started in the 1980s. Can you imagine going out in the 21st century wearing Loafers or Boat footwears with socks fully displayed? We hope not because it is tacky in today’s American Fashion World. 

Here’s how the go-socks-less trend started – In one of the Miami Vice’s posters, the Detectives Crockett and Tubbs posed in white and pastel blue loafers with no socks. To be honest, Crockett’s visible ankles had given a great hike to the poster among the public. 

Not long after that, keen-length socks disappeared from the market and ankle-length socks made a commencement. From that time till today, everything is about Feet-fashion! To be true, knee-length socks weren’t so bad; except Hollywood couldn’t accept them anymore after Miami Vice success. Anyways, socks or no socks, it is all good if you feel good about yourself!

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Ray Ban Wayfarers

If you are still into Wayfarers memes, sadly, you have never known fashion like Miami Vice’s Crockett and the legend, James Bond. Played by Don Johnson, in one of the scenes from the show, James Crockett had become the ultimate Hero for his Ray Ban Wayfarers look while his Ferrari explodes in front of his eyes. THAT LOOK! It is what some fans live for.

Even in 2020, Ray Ban Wayfarers are running wild in the markets all over the world. Do you know? Ray Ban Wayfarers’ price range starts from 100 USD in the United States. In other countries such as India, the lowest Ray Ban Wayfarers price range is 6, 000 Inr that is a lot. But when it comes to dressing up like Miami Vice’s stars, RBW is a perfect choice. 

Bangs, Curls, and Short Hair

Yes! We women love long hair to no limit. But, if you see Trudy and Gina from Miami Vice in the 1980s, you will go mad over Bangs, curls, and short hair styles that are apparently coming back in 2020. 

Not only did some actresses modify and carry short hair classically in prominent shows but also encouraged women to do something different with their hair. Rachel Green and Monica Geller from Friends also recreated Trudy and Gina’s look from the Miami Vice.

What fashion trend did "miami Vice" help make popular in 2020
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Played by Olivia Brown, Trudy Joplin in this television series had amazing natural curls. On the other hand, Gina Navarro from the show also got a lot of compliments from the fans for her multiple step cut hairstyle with curly bangs. 

And without a doubt, every viewer of the show was drooling over Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox. But today’s generation would be more interested in Gina and Trudy for their strong personalities, mixed races, and mind blowing chemistry as friends. So, who would you prefer? Let us know in the comment section.  

Bold and Beautiful Detectives

If you think what fashion trend did “miami vice” help make popular? Is all about clothing, brands, and styles… well! It is not. The American Television series Miami Vice by Micheal Mann and Anthony Yerkovich on NBC Network also helped to encourage women in focusing on their careers in the field of Crime protection and law. Yes! Trudy and Gina, two beautiful cops from the show breakdown several stereotypes of the real world concerning women. 

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Today’s generation must watch the Miami Vice original series and witness the characters as the true examples of Bold and Beautiful, the metaphor. And even, “Beauty with Brains,” which is a bit sexist in the 21st century. 


So, we hope that you are ready to restore your wardrobe with these silently upgrading fashion trends in America from Miami Vice. For more information concerning fashion and television series like Miami Vice,  stay tuned with us!