How to start a travel blog?


The world is a beautiful place. However, the activity that connects you with the concept of beauty of nature is travel blogs. That’s right! Whenever you feel like you are losing out on the enjoyment factor that the universe offers, you can start a travel blog. More often, the question “how to start a travel blog?” comes to mind. However, it is crucial to first find out why you want to start a travel blog?

how to start a travel blog?

To begin with, the culture of blogging was introduced in 1997 by Jorn Barger. Earlier, it was known as weblog as it describes one’s personal experience on the world wide web. But, we can say that the concept of Travel blog is far more ancient than it appears. For instance, James Boswell had written a Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides in the 1700s. It has not presented on the web, and in particular, however, it was the first-ever travel blog.

Over and above, many travel journals in the form of books had been presented in the past. However, there is one difference between earlier forms of travel journals and today’s travel blogs. This difference is that anyone can start a travel blog online and explain his traveling experience in their own words. However, in the past, travel journals were required to be published in order to reach out to the actual audience.

What is travel blogging?

Before you acknowledge “how to start a travel blog?” you should scoop your feeling towards wanderlust. Not everyone can become a travel blogger as one must have a passion for traveling. For example, you can only enjoy a trip to Paris, if you have in your heart to explore the city of lights. There are various forms of travel blogs. Let’s check out the list of types of travel blogs:

  • Personal Travel Blogs
  • Professional Travel Blogs
  • Advisory Travel Blogs
  • YOLO Travel Blogs
  • Weekend Travel Blogs

Do you know? WordPress travel blogs are one of the most common and traffic-driven blogs in the world. That’s right! From WordPress users who describe their traveling experience to trending locations on personal WordPress profile and make them public. To, YOLO travel bloggers who live for traveling. That’s right! These bloggers are so passionate about traveling that in India, they are known as “Modern Banjaras.”

travel blogger

In the United States, Weekend travel blogs are very famous among celebrities. Indeed, Nomadic Matt Blog has been one of the most prominent. a blogger from New York. His traveling blogs have also contributed to “Times Magazine.”

Aforementioned, there are different forms of travel blogs. Thus, when it comes to “how to start a travel blog?” You must choose a category. For example, if you have a good grip on constructing tips and tricks based on personal traveling experience, you can start an advisory travel blog.

On the other hand, if you are all about the “FUN” factor, you can start a YOLO Travel blog. If you have some professional traveling purposes like commercial stay in Taj Hotel, it can be a part of your professional travel blog page. Hence, this is the way you can pick out a category and get going!

How to start a travel blog?

Follow the steps given below to start a travel blog successfully anywhere around the globe:


When we see free travel blog templates, it gives us a column for “brand recognition.” That’s right! When it comes to starting a successful travel blog, you shall think of a creative, attractive and meaningful name for your brand. This name ensures the reader to come back and read the upcoming blog. Some most attractive Travel blogger’s brands are:

  • Dan Flying Solo by Daniel
  • The Blog Abroad by Gloria
  • My Life’s a movie by Alyssa Ramos
  • Nomadic Boys
  • Backpacker Banter

Here are few tricks to brainstorm for constructing a perfect Brand name:

  • For the most part, you must avoid copying another blogger’s recognition. For instance, Nomadic Matt is a locked brand name. Thus, you cannot make it Nomadic Daniel (name) and expect it to stand out and attract an audience.
  • It is significant that your brand name gives an accurate idea for what your travel blogs are going to be about. For example, “The Blog Abroad” depicts a clear idea that is a blog page on abroad locations. Similarly, Dan Flying Solo parades the idea of the solo traveling experience of the blogger.
  • Again, the travel blog brand name is not simply about creative thinking but also focusing on some technicalities. For example, you come up with the brand name “kenblog.” however, when you finally get ready to set it up on www, the domain “” is taken. In this case, you have to restart the process of “how to create a blog?”
  • Last but not least, your blog brand name must be legitimate. For instance, do not name “heroine and travel” or “cigarettes during travel.” Without a doubt, these brands will attract drug-addictive audiences, however, it’s no good. We suggest you keep it vintage. For example, “I-Spy on Islands.”


Likewise, the concept of rental places and tour vehicles, various high-end hosts on worldwide web rent their blog section to various bloggers for them to grow their brand. For example, DreamHost and “GoDaddy” are two of the very prominent host sites at the international level. It is noteworthy to mention that any hosting site charges a particular amount from the bloggers every month or year based on the package chosen.

If you are looking for a cheap travel blog option, you can always go for Bluehost. This hosting website offers various bonuses from time-to-time. These bonuses and discounts help you to maintain a cost-effective travel blog. Some of these hosting websites contain attractive features such as automatic spelling checker, grammatical error checker, and SEO enhancement option. However, we have WordPress for that. In conclusion, this takes us to the next step.


To begin with your hosting website, you will be asked to install WordPress and set up a user ID and password. It is noteworthy to mention that the hosting website automatically asks you to “create a password” for your WordPress.


A travel blog without a template seems boredom for the reader. Well! Of course, you can share images later, however, the blog’s background still depends on the template. What to do? Well! The good news is WordPress offers various free travel blog templates. You can choose any of the templates for free and start a travel blog.


When you finally select a corresponding blog template and theme using WordPress, you may click on the “Start building” option at the bottom. In this, the site will load webpages asking you to set up profile information. For example, the first web page asks you whether this website is personal or for business. A personal blog limits the audience, whereas, a business blog does not limit the audience.

In the next step, you must mention a Site title (a.k.a brand name) and Site description. Now, your page/blog profile is ready for launch. In the case of the business profile, you shall add other information such as a business address, homepage layout, and contact information.


To start blogging, you will need to log in using your private user ID and password to enter into the hosting website blog section as an admin. After logging in, go to the “WordPress dashboard” and start writing. In this dashboard, you will find options such as add a new post, see recent posts, view all posts and statistics.

how to start a travel blog?

By clicking on the “Statistics” option, you can find out how many viewers have visited your blog platform on the current day, current week and current month. It is an important option if you are maintaining a business travel blog.

Here’s a fun fact, by promoting your travel blogs on various social media platforms, you can also find out how many viewers have visited on your blog from LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest separately.


This is the last step to “how to create a blog?” well! One of the most important factors in travel blogging is that you must not FAKE IT! As a matter of fact, readers only love to read and share the actual traveling experience of adventurous people. Well! It is no secret that you cannot pretend to explore New York City without actually experiencing a weekend there.

Now, when you travel, take one or two hours after a day of exploration and write about it.


Free Travel blogs online help you to build a world-class career as a traveling blogger. You can accomplish a high-end writing style in literature. With this everyday improvement in traveling lifestyle, one can gain much fame online as well. Today, you can examine the tone, writing style and theme of many traveling bloggers online. If you are not much passionate about traveling, these travel bloggers can be your inspiration.

“Pick up your traveling socks and get started. It is time to gain some social fame as the modern age Banjara!”