Jade Face Roller – Origin, Benefits And How To Use

Jade Face Roller - How To Use

The world is getting tech-savvy and so is the crowd of both old and new kind. There are a hundred of skincare tools that get designed in the market using the goodness of technology but there are quite a few who do not wish to choose the tech-rich products. Some of them still believe in the natural ways of getting a naturally glowing and beautiful skin. There are a couple of DIYs that are religiously tried out by many women in their teenage and mid-ages and they have been taken through the following generations too.

One of such natural treatment that could be the easiest DIY is the usage of a face massager roller that has a jadestone attached to it. This is a natural stone that has the properties of rectifying the skin. The stone comes in the color of avocado green and has amazing cooling properties. Here is all that you need to know about the jade face roller.

Origin of using a jade face roller

jade massager face roller

The jade face rollers have been a gift that nature has bestowed to us by the earth. This stone has been found in the foot of the Himalayan ranges and the northeastern mountain ranges. The people there – Mostly the Chinese, the Japs, and the Koreans found out the goodness of the stone and inculcated the use of the jade massager face roller every single day. With this, most of their skin issues were cured and they began to look youthful and elegant. The talks about the stone spread and the ancient Egyptians also began using it as their facial tool to fade away all the skin problems.

Benefits you could get from the magical touch of the Jade Face Roller

The benefits of the jadestone embedded in the form of a massager roller are numerous. This is another reason why people call the jadestone as ‘stone of heaven’. A few of the benefits among all are listed out here.

  • Diminishes wrinkles – A jade face roller is a facial tool that is known for its skin tightening properties. As the roller is taken and rolled over the entire face, it triggers the production of the facial skin tightening tissues such as collagen and elastin. These, in turn, reduce all the fine lines and wrinkles that are seen on the face to make the skin reverse aging signs. This is one of the most essential property and women can look younger than what they used to look like.
  • Improves hydration – Jade stone in the massager roller has natural cooling properties. When you apply a good moisturizer on your skin and then roll in outward direction using the jade face roller, the molecules of the moisturizer get trapped into the skin pores and the pores get closed. In this way, the skin stays moist and hydrated too.
  • Ensures detoxification – The rolling action of the jade massager roller on the face triggers the lymphatic drainage to perform its function of detoxification. In this way, the toxins and wastes found in the skin cells of the facial region are eliminated. This is the easiest way of detoxification.
  • Promotes muscle relaxation – Your face is meant to show expressions. All the facial muscles work when you smile, talk, eat and even blink. This makes it very important for you to relax these facial muscles. The best facial tool to give a good massage for your face is the jade facial massager roller. The roller destresses the muscles and promotes good blood circulation. With good blood circulation, your cells receive oxygenated blood that makes it function well and take care of your skin health.
  • Vanishes puffiness and inflammation – The minute you wake up in the morning, your face looks puffy and swollen due to excess water retention in the cells. With the Jade facial roller at your home, one can reduce puffiness very easily. This is one of the best ways to remove the puffiness and also any sort of inflammation in the facial region.
  • Makes skin flawless – When the rolling stone of the jade facial massager roller is taken all over the face, it gently wipes off all the blemishes and dark spots from the skin layers and makes the skin glow by making it look beautiful and flawless.

A step-by-step guide to using the Jade Face Roller

  • The very first step to use a jade roller is to cleanse once and refrigerate it all the time when it is not being used.
  • The jade massager roller has to be used over your face two times in a day – once in the morning when you wake up and the other time at night.
  • The third important step is to moisturize your face before you use this facial tool. You could either use a good cream or a good oil like tht of olive for this.
  • Take the massage roller and role out in the outward direction.
  • Cleanse back the roller and store it in the refrigerator again.