All You Need to Know About XR Development as a Corse of Study

All You Need to Know About XR Development as a Corse of Study

XR is a field that is rapidly developing and turning around a lot of industries in the world today like entertainment and media, science, marketing, education, healthcare, visualization, and so on. It, therefore, does not come as a surprise that more and more people are interested in this field. Industries interested in XR around the world are in constant demand for proficient developers of this technology. In reality, XR Development is not just the present, it is the future. But what is exactly is it? What does it entail as a course of study? These and many more are what will be discussed in this article. 

What is XR Development as a Course of Study

XR Development is a form of technology education that is focused on teaching students the practical skills that will make them proficient in every aspect of XR. It is a professional higher education degree that prepares students to become XR developers. But what is XR to even start with? 

Definition of XR

Fully known as Extended Reality, XR is a term that comprises 3 immersive technologies. While other immersive technologies may still be created, we presently have just 3. These immersive technologies merge the virtual world and physical world, creating new and endless possibilities. 

The technologies which Extended Reality covers are Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality. As a student of XR Development, you will be trained extensively in all these technologies. Therefore, we will briefly explain each of them. 

1. Virtual Reality 

VR involves immersing its users in a digitally simulated environment. To get this experience, the user has to use a VR headset that would display the artificial world and make them believe they are truly in this setting. 

The early adopters of VR are the entertainment and gaming industries. You can click here for more information on how VR has improved the gaming industry. However, other industries like construction engineering, the military, healthcare, and so on use this technology as well. 

2. Augmented Reality 

AR is different from VR in that, in this case, users can still relate to their real environment. This is because, with AR, virtual objects and information are simply laid over the real environment. That is to say, the real environment can be enhanced with virtual details like texts, animation, images, and so on. 

To get this experience, users have to use AR glasses or enjoy the experience via screens. A typical example of AR is Snapchat filters, where virtual objects like glasses, hats, and so on are put on the users. 


3. Mixed Reality 

This is the newest immersive technology. MR is like a bridge between the real world and the virtual world. Objects from both worlds can be placed together and also interact with each other. Due to its ability to make both worlds coexist, people have taken to referring to it as the hybrid of this technology. 

The processing power required for MR is more than what is used for AR and VR. A good example of MR is Microsoft’s HoloLens which allows users to place virtual objects in their real environment and even interact with them.

What to Expect in the Course of Study  

As someone studying Extended Reality, you would be required to explore user behavior and experiences. This will enable you to create user-centric and optimized applications using immersive technologies. 

You would be trained to develop skills that would enable you to use Extended Reality technologies to program and develop applications. 

Courses Under XR Development

The courses you would be required to take under the program are usually based on the institution. However, some common courses people studying Extensive Reality are required to take includes: 

  • XR foundations 
  • Programming foundations
  • VR development
  • AR development 
  • Programming 
  • UX foundation 
  • MR development 

At the end of the study, the student is expected to have become proficient in the field. Professionals in this field are usually referred to as Extended Reality developers. 

Job Opportunities for XR Developers 

The job opportunities available to people who studied XR Development are endless. An Extended Reality developer can work with companies that deal with developing products and applications for AR mobile platforms and VR. 

Also, as we already stated, several industries are interested in this technology. You can visit to learn how Extended Reality is used in healthcare. So, a person that studied this technology can also offer their services to these industries. 


Extended Reality is so much in demand these days and is projected as the future. So, what better way is there to be at the helm of affairs of this promising field if not to become a provider of this service? You can become an Extended Reality developer by taking up a higher degree program that trains people on immersive technology.