Reasons People Get a Brow Lift

Brow Lift

The brow lift has become a popular plastic surgery procedure for both men and women. Also known as a “forehead lift,” the brow lift is a type of cosmetic procedure that reduces the sagging of the browline that often occurs with aging. The surgery is relatively simple and has a low rate of complications. Individuals may wish to have a brow lift performed for many different reasons. 

Effects of Aging on Facial Tissue

age, several changes occur to the skin and underlying structures. The skin thins and fat layers lose their underlying support. The constant movement of muscles beneath the skin creates lines and depressions that deepen with age. Sun exposure, wind exposure, smoking, and poor eating habits can contribute to the deterioration of the skin surface. The forehead may develop a furrowed appearance. Eyelids may begin to droop over the eyes. The eyebrows may settle into a scowling expression and heaviness throughout the eye that contributes to an older appearance. These problems can be helped by cosmetic techniques that lift underlying tissue, remove excess fat and restore a younger, more rested look to the face. 

To Look Younger

Aging itself causes damage to tissues, as the ability to replace cells regularly begins to slow. Also, damage from the sun during outdoor activities can increase the breakdown of tissues. Over time, facial structures begin to sag, which can lead to an older appearance. A brow lift raises the eyebrows and upper forehead for a more youthful look. Looking younger can be an important consideration for working individuals, whose ability to get promotions and higher income may be inhibited by their appearance. 

To Reduce the Look of Fatigue

Heredity often dictates a great deal about how people age. In some individuals, they may develop a tired, older appearance at a relatively young age. Genetic factors can determine the texture of the skin and the ability of muscles underlying the face to remain tight and strong. A look of fatigue can also develop from long hours at work, managing stressful situations and poor sleep patterns. A brow lift can help to counteract this fatigued look, allowing individuals to look more alert and refreshed. It also helps the face to look more youthful. 

To Eliminate A “Scowling” Expression

A sagging browline can result in a constant frown, which makes individuals look angry or sad. Unfortunately, this can lead to misunderstandings in communication and relationships with other people. A brow lift procedure lifts the brows for a more alert and cheerful look to the face, which can help you feel more confident in your appearance and your interactions with others. 

To Lower Your Hairline

Individuals who have a very high forehead may wish to lower their hairline with a brow lift procedure. This procedure can be done by making an incision in the scalp, then raising the eyebrow tissue. The technique creates a better balance between brow and hairline. The incision is made in the scalp and generally heals well, covered by the hair on the head. The result provides an improved proportion to the face, by changing the relationship between the eyebrows and the hairline. 

To Eliminate Eye Fatigue & Vision Problems

The drooping heaviness of the brows and forehead can sometimes lead to chronic eye fatigue. This problem can also cause the eyelids to sag and poor vision, due to the pressure of tissue compressing the eye structures. A brow lift can provide support for tissue above the eye area, “opening up” the eye area to allow clearer vision and relief from eye fatigue. If you are experiencing tired eyes during your workday, the problem may be helped by a brow lift procedure. 

What A Brow Lift Can Do

The procedure is designed to reduce the horizontal lines that develop on the forehead and the bridge of the nose. It can eliminate the vertical lines that form between the eyebrows. The procedure reduces the downward pressure on the eyelids and eyes. It also provides a more open and alert look to the face. A brow lift may be combined with other procedures, such as eyelid lift and skin resurfacing to improve the overall appearance of your face. You must be in good general health to have this procedure, be a non-smoker and must have reasonable expectations about the outcome. 

 Maintaining a good appearance has become even more important for working men and women whose positions require them to interact with the public. Your appearance can affect your ability to connect well with clients and to achieve higher levels of accomplishment in your career. Cosmetic surgical techniques are available to help with safe procedures and good outcomes. Consider a brow lift procedure that can help to improve your appearance, boost confidence and enhance visual comfort.