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how to fish in Stardew Valley
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Stardew Valley – an evergreen role-playing game that has been one of the favourites for longer than four years now. And, the fans of this game are unending. But, one task that gets on the nerves of fans is how to fish in Stardew Valley? To begin with, no matter how long you are playing this game, it challenges you each time. At one point in time, you feel like quitting it because you cannot seem to find your way around Stardew Valley fishing. But, do not worry! This miniature guide on Stardew Valley Fishing will help you build online fishing skills and get competitive. 

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Note: SV in this reading is used as an abbreviation for Stardew Valley.

For the most part, gamers always remain excited to fish in Stardew Valley. The reason being, Fishing in Stardew Valley is too hard. But, it helps them to earn worthy rewards. If you are a first-time gamer of SV, you are on the right platform to learn. Fishing in SV is a particular skill. Hence, to learn Fishing in Stardew Valley, you will have to dig deep in the introduction to:

  • What’s Stardew Valley Fishing? 
  • How to fish in Stardew Valley?
  • What instruments will you need?
  • And, What does it reward?

Introduction to Stardew Valley

Now, when you read the name “Stardew Valley,” you may think of it as a game similar to Mario, Minecraft, or Breeders of the Nephilim. But, to the reader’s surprise, the Stardew Valley game has quite a different and homely plot. It indeed allows the gamer to experience the aliveness of life at the farm. Further, akin to Minecraft, the player can also expand its land (in the game) by constructing new buildings and improving facilities. 

In 2016, Stardew Valley earned the Golden Joystick Breakthrough Award. 

Among these facilities, Fishing is one of the tasks that the player can undertake in order to earn rewards and increase revenue. But, unlike other tasks like constructing buildings and farming, Stardew Valley fishing is too hard, especially if you are a beginner. So, let’s begin our journey to learn how to fish in Stardew Valley? 

How to fish in Stardew Valley? 

To begin with, the game Stardew Valley is about tackling the daily life situations at the farm. Here, the player has a small house, farming land, and other facilities. Stardew Valley Fishing is possible through each season. For the reader’s information, in Stardew Valley, the season keeps changing. From Spring to Summer, Fall, and Winter season – Stardew Valley is endless and exciting gameplay to try out. 

how to fish in Stardew Valley
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Indeed, Stardew Valley fishing delivers you with quite a thrill. You can catch/hunt fishes in the pond. Further, you can also breed fishes in order to frame rewards and revenue for yourself. How? Let’s take a glance: 

What would you need for Stardew Valley fishing?

One of the most important instruments that you need to fish in Stardew Valley is a Fishing Rod. Now, again, there are two different methods of Fishing in the game. You can either use the Casting method or the Catching method. Either way, you get to receive rewards. However, it’s not that easy. Both scenarios put a few challenges for the gamer to deal with. 

So, let’s begin to learn both methods and pick what you master at:

Method 1: Casting to Fish in Stardew Valley

In this method, you will require a fishing rod. Now, it is essential to note that each fishing rod has a distance capacity. This capacity decides how far you can cast the fishing rod in the pool. To determine your rod’s casting capacity by distance, you can review a fluctuating bar on the right side of the screen. 

When the bar is full green, it means that the capacity is “Max.” Now, here’s a trick for you: in order to catch Fish quickly, you must not cast the rod when it is full green. Instead, target for the “bubble” in the pool. Here you have 90% plus chances of catching a rare fish. 

how to fish
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In the event that you want to catch as many fishes as possible, you must use the “Max cast” method. It enhances the chances of winning at each cast. 

Note: When the right-side casting bar is red, it means that the distance capacity is low or minimum. Therefore, if you anticipate that a rare type of Fish is near you or at a small distance, then try casting the fishing rod when it’s red. 

Once you cast the fishing rod in the water, you will have to wait for Fish to catch attention on the hook. When an explanatory mark or “!” a symbol appears on the player’s character’s head, it means that the Fish has been caught. At this point, you need to start reeling for the Fish to come out. Once you have done it successfully, you will see a “Hit” term that will pop up on your screen. 

Method 2: Catching fishes in Star Dew Valley

Now, to be honest, this method of Stardew Valley Fishing is quite fun if you get the way around it. To begin with, the first step is to “cast” the fishing rod in the waterbody. Once a fish is on the hook of your fishing rod, and you see the “!” on your avatar’s head, it is time to review your “catching” progress. 

In simple words, during Stardew Valley Fishing, the “fishing” is not considered successful until or unless you reel it to the end of the waterbody and collect it. When you do it successfully, you will see “HIT” on the screen. 

So, how to cover the distance from the pool? Let’s find out: 

When a fish is stuck to your fishing rod’s hook, you will see another progress bar appear on the screen. On this bar, you can see what type of Fish you have caught? And, how far is it? 

On the right side, the bar is called the progress bar. On the left side, the bar is called Fishing Bar. Both progress bar and fishing bar help you to reel the Fish successfully towards the ground. Here are some critical indications:

The Progress Bar: 
  • Green colour remarks that you are very close to reeling the Fish towards the ground.
  • Red colour remarks that you are losing your prey. Try hard. 
The Fish Bar:
  • It shows a miniature avatar of Fish that you have caught. 
  • Now, the Fish’s avatar will continue to move. If it goes down, it means it is easy to catch. If it progresses upward, it means it is difficult to detect. Or otherwise. 
Stardew Valley
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Now, to the reader’s surprise, the player can also control the fishing bar in order to reel the Fish successfully to the ground. How? Here are some instructions: 

  • Tap on the “use tool” button to control the fishing bar.
  • By pressing the “use tool” button, you can raise the bar. I.e.Bring the Fish closer. 
  • Holding on to the “use tool” button, you will see that the bar on the right side pauses.
  • Similarly, if you release the use tool button, the progress bar will drop. I.e., you will lose your hunt. 

Note: If you want to reel fishes successfully to the ground, try to 100% fill the progress bar with green. To do so, continuously press, hold, or release the “use tool” to ensure that the progress bar goes up. 

Things you must know about Fishes in the Stardew Valley

  • When you catch a fish perfectly, the quality of your Fish will improve automatically. 
  • It is essential to track the moving pattern of the Fish you catch. For example, a few types of fishes in the SV bounce continuously. Similarly, some fish move faster or slower. 
  • More often than not, when you are Stardew Valley Fishing, a treasure chest appears on the screen. Some gamers lose their fishing progress while trying to collect the treasure. 
  • In order to collect the treasure using the treasure chest, you must hold on to the chest for as long as the treasure-related progress bar is 100% filled. 

Note: In the treasure chest, you will find much content such as copper ore and expensive artefacts that you can deliver to the museum. 

  • There are a total of ten levels of Fishing in the Stardew Valley. 
  • With each level, the players face new challenges and more significant rewards. For example, on Fishing Level 9, the crafting recipe for magnet unlocks as a part of the reward. 

Types of Rods in the Game:

As mentioned before, at each level of Fishing in the Stardew Valley, new challenges come up. And, to tackle these new challenges, the player requires advanced quality equipment. Therefore, in how to fish in Stardew Valley, the player uses different types of a fishing rod. Here’s a list: 

  • Training Rod: It allows us to cast and catch the Fish. But, it is very challenging to reel the hunt to the ground. 
  • Bamboo Rod: You can purchase a Bamboo Rod from Willy (or he gifts it to you) on Spring’s 2nd. 
  • Fibreglass Rod: This is a particular type of rod. At the end of the Fibreglass rod, you can add a bait at the end of the hook to attract fish in the waterbody. You get it at Level 2 of Fishing in Stardew Valley. 
  • Iridium Rod: Like a Fibreglass rod, you can equip the iridium rood with a bait. But, it is an advanced type of fishing rod that you get at level 6. Because it also qualifies tackle. 
What is tackle?

Iridium Rod allows equipment of tackle. Different types of tackle benefit the player’s performance. For example, the Cork Bobber tackle enhances the size of the Fishing Bar. Hence, you can easily control the progress. Similarly, different tackles come with additional intangible bonuses. 

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Note: You can use a single tackle 20 times. After operating successfully for the given times, the tackle expires. 


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