Best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile 2021: Everything you need to know!

best sensitivity for PUBG mobile app
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PUBG or Player’s Unknown BatterGrounds have become one of the prominent games all over the world. It has been receiving a countable volume of favouritism from action lovers. Do you know? The most significant part is – PUBG is made for everyone. It does not particularize its feature as per the player’s gender, race, or age. Hence, the competition for this online game remains very high. And to be competitive at best, here’s a tip: apply the best sensitivity for Pubg mobile 2021. 

To begin with, in Pubg gaming applications (PC or mobile), sensitivity is a type of setting that improvises the game’s visualization for the player. You may find different visible and invisible elements that impact the players’ capability in the gaming field. For example, if the camera sensitivity is low. It means that the player will not be as activated (by speed) while looking around for the target. Similarly, different sensitivity for PUBG Mobile PCs impacts the performance of the player in different ways. 

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Hence, today, we are here for PUBG lovers who crave to win at their best scores. So, we present the best sensitivity for Pubg mobile settings that will allow you to enjoy the best sensitivity feature. 

Before we go ahead, it is crucial to mention that “sensitivity” in PUBG is used to improve the player’s power. However, the player is recommended to settle or change the sensitivity from time-to-time. The reason is that the sensitivity chart (settings) in the game change as the player changes the weapon’s type. For example, sensitivity settings for assault rifles may be different. So, here we go: 

What is the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile? 

So, as mentioned above, by definition, the “sensitivity” factor in PUBG is nothing but the factors that enhance the power of the player. Regular PUBG players must know that there are four types of sensitivity in the PUBG Mobile app. Hence, let’s learn what the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile based on the four types is. Take a glance here: 

Camera Sensitivity for Pubg Mobile

To begin with, as the app mentions itself, Camera sensitivity means “free look.” Meaning, it decides how well and how fast the PUBG player will be able to observe his/her surroundings in the game. If we go by the term and its meaning, every player will prefer to put camera sensitivity at 100%. However, that’s not how it works! In the event that you activate camera sensitivity to 100%, the player’s speed will transpose, and the initial player would not be able to trace its character behind the screen. 

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Apart from this, camera sensitivity also includes three types of sensitivities: 3rd person, 1st person, and overall camera. So, here’s the best camera sensitivity for PUBG Mobile PC: 

  • Camera: 95% to 99%
  • Third Person: 95% to 100%
  • First-person: 95% to 100%

Often, players prefer not to change Third and first-person default value because they are set OK. Hence, it’s all up to you. If you love to explore and discover new and powerful opportunities, you can go for it. 

“Camera” Sensitivity for Pubg Mobile App

Under the camera sensitivity, you will find an option named “Camera” only. To begin with, this “camera” sensitivity does not only allow the “free look,” but it also allows the player to set up the “scoping” power. It is also noteworthy that sensitivity and scope are always proportional in PUBG. Meaning, if the scope is higher, the sensitivity will be low and vice versa. In that case, the player has to either choose between these two. Or, set up the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile in order to enjoy one factor more than the other. 

On the one hand, the sensitivity decides the free look for the player. On the other hand, the scope decides the power of the assault rifle. For instance, if the scope is 2X, it means that the player’s power to aim the target is low. Thus, here’s the best sensitivity setting for sensitivity and scope combined: 

  • The third-party person with no scope: 95% minimum
  • First party person with no scope: 85% minimum – 90% maximum
  • Red Dot (RD), Aim Assist, and Holographic: only 50% to 55%
  • 2X Scope: 35% maximum
  • 3X Scope: 25% maximum
  • 4X Scope: 18% maximum
  • 6X scope: 13% maximum
  • 8X scope: 10% to 13% maximum
Take away notes: 

For the most part, players are advised to use a red dot or aim to assist in aiming at an enemy that is not very far away. On the other hand, the scope value of 6X, 8X, or 15X (very rare) is utilized to shoot enemies or targets at a countable distance. 

A fine blend of scope and sensitivity will allow you to shoot your target with higher potential. But, it only partially depends on the best sensitivity setting for PUBG Mobile because the other half possibility is set by the players’ skills to shoot. 

Here’s a tip: Players often keep collecting one type of scope throughout the game. However, by keeping multiple scopes (s) in the inventory, your potential of killing or shooting every foe increases. 

ADs Sensitivity or Aim Down Sight Sensitivity

ADS is yet another blend of power for the player. It is no doubt that when the player shoots via a rifle, it recoils. Meaning put a drawback force on the player. Thus, Aim Down Sight Sensitivity in Pubg mobile 2021 allows the player to gain complete control over the recoil factor. To begin with, Aim Down Sight Sensitivity is not related to camera sensitivity at all. Hence, if you change ADS sensitivity from time-to-time, your camera sensitivity will stay the same. However, scoping power will change. Apart from this, Aim down sight change will also create an impact on firing. 

For the most part, if recoil is higher, the player will find it challenging to shoot the targets that are nearby. Hence, here’s the best sensitivity for PUBG Aim Down Sight: 

  • The third-party person with no scope: 95% maximum
  • The first part person with no scope: 85% minimum
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 60% maximum
  • 2x Scope: 42% maximum
  • 3x Scope: 35% maximum
  • 4x Scope, VSS: 30% maximum
  • 6x Scope: 23% maximum
  • 8x Scope: 13% maximum

Here’s a tip: It is recommendable to test the power and sensitivity level of the Aim Down Sight setting in the test room. If you are not comfortable, change it to default for the best experience. 

Gyroscope: Best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

Gyroscope sensitivity setting in PUBG Mobile is most challenging. The reason being, it includes all the factors: scope, firing, FPP, TPP, and so on. Therefore, it impacts the overall performance of the player at a high level. To begin with, Gyroscope decides the speed of screen orientation. Let’s learn it this way. When a PUBG Player changes his/her directions, Gyroscope sensitivity decides how fast or slow the screen view changes. Hence, if the gyroscope sensitivity is low or inaccurate or customized, it will trouble the player every time when the screen orients. Here is the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile for Gyroscope: 

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  • The third-party person with no scope: 100% maximum
  • The first part person with no scope: 100% minimum
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 95% maximum
  • 2x Scope: 125% maximum
  • 3x Scope: 65% maximum
  • 4x Scope, VSS: 55% maximum
  • 6x Scope: 45% maximum
  • 8x Scope: 35% maximum

What are the best graphics settings for PUBG? 

Do you know? A player’s performance can quarterly depend on the graphics settings. How? Well! To begin with, graphics decide how you as a player view your surroundings. For example, if the picture quality is low, you will not be able to aim the foes. Apart from this, extremely complicated graphics settings can also cause your device to overheat. Or, sometimes, hang for hours if it has a low capacity to carry the software going. 

Hence, here are the best graphics settings for PUBG Mobile 2021: 

  • Graphics: Smooth

Here, you will see various other tempting options like HDR, HD, and Ultra HD. However, these high-quality graphics can interrupt your internet speed. And, you may face errors in-between the game. 

  • Frame Rate: Extreme

Frame rate decides how quick the frame changes. Thus, it is set on “extreme” so that the player can react quickly. 

  • Styles or Texture: choose any (classic, soft, realistic, movie)

What are the best basic settings for Pubg? 

The basic setting allows the player to adjust his preferences while leaning, scoping, firing, or shooting in the game. Here’s what top-notch PUBG players prefer: 

PUBG sensitivity
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  • Aim Assist: Enable (because you will have an aiming target from time-to-time)
  • Bolt-action rifle & crossbow firing mode: TAP (meaning, when you tap, the mode will activate)
  • Peek and Fire: Enable
  • Lean Mode: Tap (for activation)
  • Display left-side fire button: Always ON
  • Blocked Sight Warning: Enable
  • Shotgun firing mode: TAP (to activate)
  • Peak and open scope: Enable
  • Scope Mode: Tap (to activate)
  • Gyroscope: Always ON

In the event that you want to change all basic settings, you can simply click on the “Basic” in the right-side display menu. It is recommendable to change or reset settings before you begin the game in order to go longer. Please make sure that your device does not overheat during the game, as it can damage it. 


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