How to make Gunpowder in Minecraft? TNT Minecraft Recipe

how to make gunpowder
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Minecraft is never off the gamers’ table. From amazing user-interface to real-time graphics and unending compatibility, Minecraft delivers an incomparable gaming experience. Gunpowder TNT Minecraft is one of the latest and solid block explosion features in the game. However, fresh Minecraft players can’t get their heads around how to make gunpowder in Minecraft? So, today in this reading, we present a simple interpreting guide on how to make TNT in Minecraft? But, before we go ahead, let’s journey a brief down on TNT Minecraft and its prominent elements. 

What is TNT Minecraft? 

To begin with, TNT Minecraft is an explosive agent in Minecraft online games. It is a solid block by the appearance that the gamer breaks using different tools in order to initiate an explosion. According to various gamers, a TNT Minecraft agent explodes and damages up to 0.5 meters surrounding in a circular motion. Meaning, a TNT block’s explosive radius is 0.5 meters. Thus, Minecraft gamers often focus on collecting major TNT elements like solid blocks, equipment, and Minecraft gunpowder to attack monsters and mobs. 

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TNT vs. Gunpowder

For the most part, TNT and Gunpowder are two different elements in Minecraft. As mentioned before, TNT is a solid block. By attacking or damaging this block using an additional tool – the TNT block explodes. However, the gamer requires to collect gunpowder and combine it with other ingredients to create TNT and other explosive elements like Fire Charge, Firework Rocket, Star, and colored firework. 


For example, if you combine blaze powder, charcoal, and gunpowder, it will create a fire charge. You can use this fire charge whenever you want. But, the major question stands, where do you get this gunpowder? And how to make it? So, let’s begin to learn:

How to make Gunpowder farm in Minecraft? 

If you are a fresh Minecraft player, it can be challenging to get hold of the features of Minecraft. For example, what action leads to what? Such as, by killing a witch in Minecraft, the gamer gets up to six pieces of gunpowder. On the other hand, if the gamer loots mobs and witches, he/she gets up to 15 pieces of gunpowder. However, it also depends on the game as it is unpredictable. For example, by killing or looting a creeper, the gamer gets 0 – 2 or 0 – 5 pieces of gunpowder. Thus, there’s a possibility of getting nothing or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 pieces of gunpowder, depending on your score. 

Therefore, here are the three best methods to get gunpowder in Minecraft Bedrock (latest version of the game):

Method 1: How to Kill? 

This is one of the most complex ways to get gunpowder in Minecraft. However, if the gamer once starts killing witches, creepers, and Ghasts, he will get to enjoy major benefits. The player receives a number of gunpowder pieces, which he can use ahead in the game. Thus, here’s a small guide on how to kill creepers, witches, and ghasts in Minecraft?

Creepers: How to kill them? 

If you want to understand how creepers can help you with making a gunpowder farm in Minecraft, imagine this! You kill a creeper. Then, he drops into pieces of gunpowder. However, there’s a twist. To begin with, a creeper may or may not explode before dropping the pieces of gunpowder. Thus, the player has to make quick moves in order to collect the gunpowder from the creeper. Therefore, you must ensure that you kill the creeper in a way that it does not explode but dies. Here are top ways to kill creepers in Minecraft: 

how to make gunpowder farm in Minecraft
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Cactus Injury

To begin with, this method is highly praised by experienced Minecraft players because you do not need many tools. By giving a creeper consistent cactus injury, it becomes easy to fight it off. For example, if a creeper is following you, it is recommendable to run away from him. Additionally, you shall position cactus blocks between you and the creeper. Hence, when a creeper runs after you, the cactus block between you and him will harm him and give you bruises. Enough cactus injuries will cause creepers to fall down, so you can kill him with final sword action. 

Underwater Action

One of the amazing parts of this strategy is that it has logic to it. When a creeper is underwater, he has less potential for explosion. Therefore, if you dive into deep water with a creeper and steal his precious gunpowder as it dies after the fight, you have your mission completed. 

Direct combat

Just in case that you are in a Minecraft surrounding which is an open ground with no cactus field or deep water lake; you can get into a hand to hand combat with the creeper. It is definitely entertaining, yet, consists of risk. The best tools to kill creeper without it exploding are: 

  1. Multiple Sword Strikes
  2. Constant retreat towards a closed surrounding
  3. Iron or Diamond sword – non-stop three hits at a time. 

Create a burning territory

This is an exciting way to kill the creeper without explosion. How to do it? Well! First of all – collect enough flint and steel to keep going. Now, it is recommendable to run in the forward direction while the creeper follows you. Furthermore, as you move forward, set voluminous branches, grass, and planks on fire before you. Since the creeper will be unwilling to jump, he will have to go through the fire. After 3-5 burns, he will die. But, it will not explode. So, you can collect precious gunpowder that he dropped on his way.

The Warrior Action

At last, you can give the creeper the best kill-retreat by attacking him using a bow and arrow. Here are ways to make bow and arrow in Minecraft: 

  1. Collect bow and arrows from skeletons killed. 
  2. Take 3 sticks and strings. Bring them together. You get strings from spiders (kill) and web (damage with swords).
  3. Take a flint, a feather, and a stick. Bring all three together. You can collect flint from gravel (drop) and feathers from chicken birds. 

Witches: How to make gunpowder by killing witches in Minecraft?

Witches are one of the wealthiest envy in Minecraft. They usually drop gunpowder, spider eyes, and golden stone, which deliver many advantages to the player, if collected right! However, it is very rare and challenging to find witches. You can usually seek them around witch hunts. Here are ways to kill witches in the game: 

Trap the witches in the hut

To begin with, there are lesser chances that you will find witches outside their hut. Thus, if you find one outside, kill it using a bow and arrow. If not, then you have to set up a trap in order to enter the hut. However, witches are dangerous evils who throw potions that can harm you in many ways. 

Shoot continuously

When there is a witch at your target, you must shoot it with a bow and arrow continuously to ensure that it dies. However, if you stop shooting, the witch gets the chance to fight back. Apart from this, a bruised witch can use a healing potion to recover itself. Therefore, make certain that you do not give her that chance. 

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Use a sword

Sword works best on witches as it kills them right away. But, there are some complex scenarios under which this method may fail. For example:

  1. Witches sense you coming from eight blocks away. Thus, she will be alert. 
  2. They have poison potions that may make you weak. Thus, you will need healing potions to recover. 
  3. Potions can lead up to six types of damages. But, if you have a worthy armor, you will survive. 

Note: Witches drop up to six pieces of gunpowder (including other items). However, the potential for dropping elements is only 16%. Whereas, creeper’s possibility of dropping gunpowder is up to 66%. Make a wise choice!

Ghasts: How to make gunpowder by killing ghasts in Minecraft? 

Who is more dangerous in Minecraft – Ghasts Vs. Witches? Well! A skilled player will say Ghasts. The reason being, they can sense the player coming from sixteen blocks away. Hence, they shoot fireballs from such a long distance already. Apart from this, it is worthwhile to fight with a Ghast as they shed Ghast tears. These are used for preparing healing potions. Also, the potential for dropping is 66%. 

Shoot with a bow and arrow

For the most part, nothing works more dangerously on Ghasts than bow and arrow. You must shoot a ghast continuously for it to die. Alert: attack while standing at a distance to make certain that Ghast fireball does not harm you. 

Minecraft loot

Fireball backfire!

Ghast fireballs in Minecraft can do wonders for you if you get the hold of backfiring. That’s right! When you are at a countable distance from the Ghast, and he shoots a fireball. You can use a bow and arrow to fire it back to the ghast. This will earn you extra items, including gunpowder TNT. 

Method 2: Looting Chests for Gunpowder

In the event that you are not so feisty – here’s another easy method for you to make gunpowder in Minecraft. That’s right! Explore your skills as a looter in the game. All you need to do is – find or locate one of the following items/places, loot them, and collect all gunpowder available. However, the chances of getting gunpowder in the chests are not 100%. They vary from 22% to 57%. 

how to make gunpowder
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  • Dungeon
  • Woodland Mansion
  • Desert temple
  • Shipwreck 

Method 3: Craft Gunpowder

Presuming that the above-mentioned methods did not work out for you. Well! Don’t lose hope because there’s a simpler method to do things. That’s right! If you can’t collect gunpowder from enemies or chests, you can simply craft it yourself. Here’s how: 

Combine – coal/charcoal + Bone meal + Sulfur. Following are the small descriptions on how to get coal, sulfur, and bone meal: 

  • Sulfur: It comes from thermal explosions. 
  • Charcoal: It comes from melting or burning wood.
  • Bone meal: it comes from the bonemeal farm in Minecraft.


So, are you ready to uplift your performance in Minecraft and attract an online audience to follow-up your Minecraft guide? For more details, you can summon us online in the comments section. If you have more methods to collect gunpowder, entertain our audience!