Address Verification – Mitigating The Risks of Misplaced Deliveries

Address Verification

The skyrocketing fraudulent activities have raised major concerns for multiple industries. Upsurging chargebacks and misplaced deliveries disturb the customer experience which puts the business in a negative aspect. With scammers getting smarter with time, experts anticipate that these crimes are going to increase in the upcoming years. Imposters insert fake addresses to commit illicit crimes and utilize products that they do not own. It is significant to imply an online address verification service before any transactions are made to save the company from facing any reputational and monetary damage. By verifying the addresses of the individuals, companies can foster better marketing campaigns and will ultimately keep fraudsters at bay by detecting false addresses. 

Performing the Effectual Process of Adress Verification

Verifying an address is essential for deterring fraudsters in the best possible way. Changing dimensions of companies have opened new opportunities with the emergence of new technological trends which have optimized the business functioning but have triggered major crimes being conducted on online platforms. By executing the process of verification of address of the users, several companies are saving the consumer’s time and reaping profitable benefits. Consumers are required to upload their identity documents consisting of their address details such as utility bills, driver’s licenses, rental documents, etc. The electronic extraction tool of OCR scans the relevant information and compares the data to provide results about the verification. Any minor dubious act of spoofing can get caught as the system is based on automated encrypted technology. The client consisting of authentic addresses are categorized as verified individuals making them reliable for companies to establish relationships with.

Profitable Benefits Helping Businesses By Implying an Address Verification Service

To validate addresses of the individuals, many organizations are vesting trust in address verification services like Shufti Pro Fundings to mitigate the risks of identity thefts. Many exceptional benefits have been obtained by various firms who are utilizing the service to address verify their clients digitally which are listed below:

Mitigating the Risks of Chargebacks

Customers putting in repititive requests for product returns can be categorized as a suspicious act. Every organization is striving hard to provide its consumers with a seamless experience. Businesses that are providing the services of delivering the products at the user’s provided location need to validate address of the users to incorporate authentic information before proceeding with the shipment. This will enable organizations to reduce the ever-increasing number of online scams while making the company secure.

Reducing the Cases of Returned Shipments

For a business to run smoothly, it is significant that the product and services are reaching the right audience without generating a ton of complaints. Mistyping an address can cause severe troubles for companies leading to an uprising in the number of returned shipments. Moreover, to deal with this situation an address verification online service needs to be maintained along with an active customer care service handling all the suggestions and objections a client is having regarding a particular product. This will help the company to cut costs for sending the parcel back to the right customer and will also not delay the delivery of the product while uplifting customer satisfaction. 

Checking Compliance

Multiple jurisdictions of various countries have designed several regulatory laws according to which businesses had to function to protect them from the disastrous cases of money laundering and corruption. Therefore, it is mandatory to verify the identity of the users for enabling a secure digital onboarding process. As per Shufti Pro News, the ID authentication system will permit the companies to register only legitimate customers without any potential risks of adverse consequences in the future.

Complex Checkout Procedures Affecting Businesses

The primary goal for a business is to provide quick and safe service to its customers to retrain them to become loyal to the firm for a longer period. Complicated checkout procedures asking for long detail can disrupt the interest level of the customer and they may pursue to move towards another brand providing a similar product while abandoning the whole purchasing process. This will not only lead the company to lose a potential customer but will cause them Monterey loss. Thus, implementing the digital service of verification of address will automatically fill in the correct address in the right fields saving the time of the user.

Wrapping it Up

To control the ever-increasing frauds of chargebacks and transaction scams, it is feasible for companies to execute an online address verification service. It will enable the delivery of products at the right locations which actually exist in the real world. Mitigating the risks of returned shipments, reducing chargebacks, and being in compliance with the regulatory authors are the basic checklist for an online address verification system.