7 Tips for Kolkata Vloggers Looking to Vlog with Their iPhone

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Kolkata vloggers seem to be in love with iPhones. Every top iPhone store in Kolkata has some loyal vloggers as customers. Whenever Apple launches a new version of their signature creation, they are some of the first to book and purchase the freshly launched product. However, what’s disheartening is that only a handful of these iPhone fanatics know how to vlog with the device.

Do you also prefer using iPhone to shoot video clips for your vlogs? If yes, the following tips will make the job easier for you. The tips will introduce you to some crucial dos and don’ts.

7 Tips for iPhone Vloggers

The tips are divided into two segments, do’s and don’t’s and shooting guidelines. Keep following:

The Dos and Don’ts

Here are a few do’s and don’t’s that vloggers should consider:

1. Never Use the Selfie Camera of Your iPhone

The video quality the selfie camera of an iPhone offers is not up to the mark. It can record only at 30 FPS and thus is good enough only for video calls. The main cameras, on the other hand, can seamlessly record 4K videos at 60FPS.

Here, you must note that you should never try to go hybrid. Don’t commit the mistake of using both camera types for shooting different scenes. If you do so, the clips will not match, making your work look amateurish.

2. Always Shoot at 60 FPS

When you create vlogs with an iPhone, you must always shoot at 60 FPS. You must understand that you are not recording videos for a film. Viewers love to see vlogs featuring smooth POV shots, which you can achieve only by recording at 60FPC.

The default settings of iPhones will allow you to create optimal video files. Thus, you must change the setting to shoot at 60 FPS whenever you start vlogging. However, if you opt for the best mobile dealer Kolkatayou will get detailed guidance on such intricate camera features of popular iPhone models.

3. Trust the Wide-Angle Lens

No other lens type can deliver such outstanding results when establishing shots. Once you start using the wide-angle lens, you will fall in love with it for many reasons. The foremost one is its ability to produce magnificent landscape shots. Consider using the device’s wide-angle camera and main camera together. It will produce the best results.

Shooting Guidelines

A few shooting guidelines include:

4. Shoot B-roll

The term “B-roll” signifies all the recordings that don’t feature the real action. However, those recordings might end up making a vlog more exciting.

When vlogging with an iPhone, don’t miss any chance of shooting. Such is the power of the cameras of this Apple device that even the most unplanned clip might bring in maximum views for you. So, as a vlogger, you must record different kinds of clips, medium shots, wide-angle shots, close-ups, etc.

5. Shoot All Vlogs in Landscape

You must be investing a lot of time to create some attractive shorts. That’s good because shorts are generating significant views these days. However, you should not use your short-making skills when recording vlogs. While shorts require vloggers to hold the camera vertically, vlogs require them to get landscape shots by holding it (the camera) horizontally.

6. Choose the Right Platform and Software for Editing

You must arrange the video clips perfectly to create a meaningful and interesting vlog. For that, you will have to edit the clips. When editing, you can resize and crop clips. You can also use transitional effects to make the vlogs more watchable.

You can use the iMovie app to complete the edit directly on the iPhone. If you are uncomfortable working on a small screen, you can do the job by airdropping the clips on your iPad or MacBook. Avoiding iPhone for edits will also be a good idea because of iMovie’s limited editing capacity.

If you don’t have another Apple device, transfer the files to your Windows PC and edit them there. There will be no compatibility issues if you use the right editing software.

You must use good video editing software regardless of which platform you pick. There are plenty of options available. If you are editing on a MacBook, you should not use any other software besides Apple’s iMovie. The best editing software for those using an iPad is Luma Fusion. For PC users, the best available option is Davinchi Resolve.

7. Use the Right Accessories

You must invest in certain accessories to make vlogging more enjoyable. For instance, when going out to record clips, you shouldn’t leave your home without a microphone and tripod. A tripod will ensure you don’t need to hold the iPhone whenever you have to record something.

The tripod will also eliminate the problem of shaky videos by stabilizing the iPhone. Conversely, the microphone will allow you to record clear audio even when you are shooting in a crowded place. A microphone is particularly important for Kolkata vloggers, as the city is almost always busy.

Final Words

Indeed, iPhone is one of the best vlogging phones you will ever encounter. You can speak to the best mobile dealer in Kolkata to learn about them in detail. However, ensure you are following this guide and getting the most out of your iPhone vlogging to become a pro in using the hi-tech features.