Video Editing Tips Every Beginner Needs to Know about this

Video Editing Tips

Video plays a key role in contemporary marketing with nearly 90% of online marketers leveraging it. Add on to that the people who now make their living on outlets like YouTube and it’s clear that video is here to stay and get some Video Editing Tips.

Of course, the volume of information can prove overwhelming for anyone just stepping into the world of video. Right at the top of that list for many is the issue of video editing. Video editing is a full-blown profession in its own right which means there’s a lot of info out there.

If you’re just starting, keep reading for five video editing tips that will help you avoid some of the more common pitfalls.

1. Find the Right Software

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Despite what many people might think, the most expensive software isn’t always the best software for your needs. Top tier editing software offer tons of features built around professional needs. For the beginner, all of those options end up a distraction.

Instead, learn the editing lingo so you can figure out what you need from your software. Then, go find software that does those things.

2. Start with a Plan of Video Editing Tips

You don’t need a complicated plan, but you should know the core edits you want to make before you ever open your editing software. If the video has a script, you can use that as a foundation for your planning. At the very least, you’ll know where you need transitions or cuts.

For your first few videos, just scratch out some essential steps on a sheet of paper. You build more complex checklists later.

3. Save Your Work Often

You can’t save work in a program that crashes or a computer that dies. That means you must save your work on a regular basis.

Just as importantly, save your work in more than one place. Files on a thumb drive or in the cloud let you keep working even if your computer dies.

4. Don’t Overdo Effects

This is just another way of saying you should keep the audience in mind. Will an effect add something meaningful to the video or do you just want to play with that feature?

If it’s the former, add the effect. If it’s the latter, don’t add it.

5. Explanatory Text

A lot of videos will need at least some explanatory text. In a documentary, for example, you’ll add people’s names, community membership, or academic positions.

Don’t get overenthusiastic with text. A good interviewer will get that info on tape. You can learn more about how to add text to your videos here. 

Leveraging Video Editing Tips

Leveraging these video editing tips means starting where you are now. If you need software, start there. If you’ve got raw footage, start your planning. Those who are on a budget and don’t have a powerful computer can select the best video editor for low-end PC to quickly solve basic tasks.

Don’t let all the steps in the editing process overwhelm you. You take the steps one at a time. If you keep taking them one at a time, you will eventually finish editing the video.

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