Stephen King The Stand is coming soon on CBS | Here are all the details!

Stephen King The Stand
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The audience at broad loves miniseries as these small series takes you from one story to another with zero commitment. One of such forthcoming series of mini horror stories is on its way. To the reader’s surprise, it is “Stephen King The Stand” or only “The Stand,” written by Stephen king. To begin with, “The Stand” is a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy series of novels published in 1978. Not only this, but in 1994, Stephen King The Stand miniseries on television aired starring Gary Sinise, Adam J. Stroke, and Robert Hepler Lowe at their best. 

In 2020, Stephen king’s The Stand is once again making its comeback on the silver screen. However, this time, in the modern age, this web miniseries The Stand will attract the audience who takes a significant interest in science fiction and dark fantasy based mini-stories.


Stephen king's the stand forthcoming web series
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Hence, in this reading, we provide our valued readers with some juicy details about the forthcoming Stephen king’s The Stand. From Release date to plot and spoilers, you will find everything in here. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

What is Stephen King The Stand release date 2020?

Up until now, Stephen King, the Stand exact release date is not out yet. However, according to the official update on Instagram, Stephen King’s The Stand was amid production when CoronaVirus pandemic hit. Thus, viewers can, unfortunately, mend their hearts for the delay in releasing The Stand 2020 miniseries. 

But, here’s a glimpse of the first look of Stephen King’s The Stand renewed series by VanityFair. 

the stand by Stephen King
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Is there a “The Stand” 2020 trailer?

Well! No. Indeed, it looks like the director Josh Boone and CBS All Access production is taking its time before releasing the trailer for The Stand 2020. To begin with, in the past few years, the project “Stephen King’s The Stand theoretical” had dropped many times. In the 1980s, George A. Ramoreo dropped it as the novel was too lengthy for movie transformation.

Finally, in 1994, The Stand movie was released. Here’s a 1994 Stephen King’s The Stand trailer for your entertainment. Alert: It will set the viewers benchmark higher for the forthcoming the Stand web series 2020.

What is the expected plot of Stephen King’s The Stand 2020?

Although the plot of The Stand novel is very terrifying, there are no official updates that the forthcoming miniseries called “The Stand” will have the same plot. Stay tuned for further updates. Here are some juice details about its cast.

The cast of Stephen King’s The Stand 2020:

  • James Marsden is appearing Stu Redman
  • Amber Heard is appearing Nadine Cross
  • Greg Kinnear is appearing Glen Bateman
  • Odessa Young is appearing Frannie Goldsmith
  • Henry Zaga is appearing Nick Andros
  • Whoopi Goldberg is appearing Mother Abigail
  • Jovan Adepo is appearing Larry Underwood
  • Owen Teague is appearing Harold Lauder
  • Brad William Henke is appearing Tom Cullen
  • Daniel Sunjata is appearing Cobb
  • Marilyn Manson is appearing Trashcan Man
  • Alexander Skarsgård is appearing Randall Flagg
  • Nat Wolff is appearing Lloyd Henreid
  • Eion Bailey is appearing Teddy Weizak
  • Katherine McNamara is appearing Julie Lawry
  • Hamish Linklater is appearing Dr. Ellis
  • Heather Graham is appearing Rita Blackmoor

What is Stephen King’s The Stand original plot?

To begin with, there is no specific plot when it comes to Stephen king’s prominent horror-based novel “The Stand.” however, here’s a small summary for you. Do you remember the pandemic of Influenza the flu? That’s right! At the beginning of the series, the audience will witness the spread chain of Influenza from the U.S. Department of Defense Laboratory. For the reader’s information, Stephen King’s The Stand is a work of fiction and therefore, does not depict the truth behind the spread of influenza in the earlier centuries. 

The Stand movie 2020
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Furthermore, the actual novel also includes the story of Randall Flagg in Las Vegas who is also known as the “Dark Man.” He holds some supernatural powers and thus, creating his own cult. After doing much more loss to humanity, influenza and Randall come together in the storyline. Apart from this, “Peter,” a newborn in Las Vegas also plays a significant role in the making of “The Stand,” as he holds a strong immune system and fights off influenza. With Peter, a new generation starts-off on Earth. On the other hand, Randall dies. However, in the end, the supernaturally abled man Randall wakes up in the Southern Hemisphere where he further starts another cult of black people. 

In conclusion, the Stand is going to be a big breakthrough for Stephen King, the legend of written art.