World of Warcraft and 10 Lesser Known Facts About It

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is probably one of the most popular online games that have existed for a while now. This game is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and is developed by Blizzard Entertainment and was released in the year of 2004. Since then, World of Warcraft has gone on to become one of the top selections for online gamers, with players striving hard to procure the coveted WOW Classic Gold. The game revolves around a fantasy-themed world in the continent of Azeroth and is inspired by the authentic culture of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien. 

Over the years, World of Warcraft players have come across everything that is developed in the game, be it the hundreds of different characters, new updates or trying new tricks and cheats. But when it comes to knowing about some cool facts about World of Warcraft, the players lag behind. Sure, they know that it is one of the most popular games in the world and that it was released in 2004, but that is not enough. 

We bring you the ten lesser-known facts about World of Warcraft that you may have never heard before. Keep on reading! 

1. Female players will most likely choose attractive characters in the game

When it comes to gender, the Daedalus Project had put out a survey for 1,069 females and 3,360 males who loved playing World of Warcraft, the survey proved that real-life females were more inclined towards picking beautiful characters, and on the other hand did not have a specific choice while selecting their character. 

The survey proved that about 64.4 percent of females chose the gorgeous characters in World of Warcraft, while males, on the other hand, showed a preference for a variety of characters which have an average level of attractiveness, according to the project. 

And now coming to the height, male players of World of Warcraft said that they would rather seem to select characters on the basis of their height and go for the taller end of the spectrum and on the other hand females, preferred their choice of characters with an average of more than average height. 

2. Playing World of Warcraft benefits the cognitive function in elderly people

World of Warcraft has proved to improve the cognitive functions that elderly people possess. A 2012 study that had been released in computers in human behaviour had published this study. Researchers started the study with a bang, by calculating the attention span and spatial orientation between two groups of senior citizens who were aged 60-77 years. In the process, one group was given the task to play World of Warcraft for a total number of 14 hours over the next two weeks.

The study proved that group one, who played World of Warcraft for two weeks had not only an improvement in their test scores but also the participants who at first scored the lowest in the test at first, went on to improve the most.

3. World of Warcraft addiction can be catastrophic

Although World of Warcraft has many pros, it can also turn into a con if the players are not responsible while playing. In 2015, a 24-year-old boy died because he neglected water and food for 19 hours straight without even a stretch break! Many other death-related incidents have happened over the period of time. This is why one must always play responsibly. 

4. Raiding in WOC can make you look more appealing in interviews

As crazy as it sounds, a 2015 study has proved that players who are great at raiding in World of Warcraft are considered more tech-savvy than other interviewees. This personality study has proved that if you mention your experience of the World of Warcraft raids during the interview, then you are most likely to land the job because interviewed consider this trick to be the perfect set of qualities which are essential for a job. 

5. World of Warcraft characters can give away your actual personality. 

A study conducted in the year of 2011 at the University of Iowa, has proved that the players’ character, demographic and behaviour of the character while playing the game may give insights into the personality of the player in real life. The study found that introvert players were more likely to conduct their activities alone, and on the other hand, extrovert players would rather go for dungeon raids instead of being alone. 

6. 5.5 million lines of codes make up WOC

It may come off as a surprise, but a few years back, Blizzard Entertainment had put out that about 5.5 million lines of codes had to be written to put together World of Warcraft. Precisely these 5.5 million lines amount to 99,000 pages! It took the 51 programmers about five years to complete writing these codes! 

7. Azeroth is equal to 80 square miles in real life

World of Warcraft players have for years adored the world of Azeroth and considered it as their second home. If Azeroth had to be turned in a real town, it would only amount to about 80 square miles which is an exceedingly small place for millions of residents to live! 

8. The downfall of WOC

World of Warcraft rose to popularity a few months after its release, and in 2005 it was the best game in the world. But, after a decade when a study was released to calculate the number of players who were still hooked to World of Warcraft, it only amounted to 5.5 million. 

9. A gold mine of research

People wonder why so many researches have been conducted on the players of World of Warcraft, but they do not seem to know that WOC is a gold mine for researches and mostly, sociologists who have conducted a number of surveys on the players to test their brains and other skills. 

10. Humans prefer human characters

Humans are complicated creatures, but when it comes to WOC, it is observed that humans generally prefer human characters, than any other characters in the game. The most popular being the Hunter and the least favourite is the monk. 

Now that you know of these interesting facts about the game, time to go on and start building your empire.