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room on Netflix
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Room on Netflix: Room is one of the most classic movies based on sexual assault, unwanted pregnancy, and hostage situations. To begin with, in real life, a pregnant woman requires all kinds of comforts, from a healthy diet to time-to-time checkups. However, Room had initially released in 2015 based on Emma Donoghue’s “The Room” novel. The movie showed the dark reality of the world where a woman was kidnapped, raped, and later got pregnant. Not only this, but she also gives birth to a baby boy. But, she reaches a point where she must escape herself and her five-year-old boy from the “room” where she had been trapped for years. 

Up until now, the movie has been forgotten and wasn’t available on many platforms for streaming. But, now, Netflix is releasing the “Room” 2015 film for all viewers. Let’s take a glimpse of some important details and facts about the movie that will leave our readers stunned!

When is “Room” coming out on Netflix?

As mentioned before, Room had released in 2015 in Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Earlier, the movie had banned in several countries. Now, Room is coming on Netflix on 25 May 2020. The movie will be available in every country on Netflix.

Who all are in the cast of Room?

  • Brie Larson is appearing as Joy “Ma” Newsome
  • Jacob Tremblay is appearing as Jack Newsome
  • Joan Allen is appearing as Nancy Newsome
  • William H. Macy is appearing as Robert Newsome
  • Sean Bridgers is appearing as Old Nick
  • Tom McCamus is appearing as Leo
  • Amanda Brugel is appearing as Officer Parker
  • Joe Pingue is appearing as Officer Tom Grabowski
  • Cas Anvar is appearing as Dr. Mittal
  • Wendy Crewson is appearing as Talk Show Hostess

What is Room on Netflix 2015 plot summary?

The story of Room film released in 2015 revolves around Jack (5 years old boy), Jack’s mother: Joy Newsome, and Old Nick: Jack’s father. The film starts in Akron of Ohio, where Jack and his mother live in a shed. They call it the “Room.” There is nothing in the Room that connects both mother and son to the outside world but only a television. But, they are not just hiding in this room. To begin with, Joy and Jack go through horrible and inhumane behavior consequences of Old Nick. 

The Room film 2015
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Jack sleeps in a closet. Old Nick rapes Joy when Jack is asleep. But, the major question stands will Joy Newsome ever tell his little boy about the outside world? Spoiler Alert: She does! Jack does not believe joy at first. Furthermore, the movie parades Joy’s struggle and her capacity to go out of her way in order to escape the room with her child. 

Of course, after the final escape from the Room, Joy struggles to fit in her family again. Her father is not willing to accept Jack (a rapist’s son) as his grandson. Not only this but the movie also depicts the impact of long mental harm and torture on one’s health. Joy diagnosed with depression attempts suicide and leaves Jack all alone in the world. 

Without any surprise, the movie holds an emotional rage and somehow paints a picture of the dark world that exists between us. 

Room: The Award-winning Box-office Hit of 2015

On the one hand, the critical response to the “Room film 2015” was immense. On the other hand, it also became one of the top-leading movies of 2015. It received awards for best performances. Not only this, but it had also nominated for 88th Academy Awards. Above all, in 2015, over 50 film critics mentioned Room as the best film of the year.

Room on Netflix coming next Monday
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