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As mentioned above, the first season aired in February 2016. But it was originally planned to hold the first season of the tournament back in 2013. But due to lack of time and inconsistency in logistics, the organization of the tournament had to be postponed for several years.

In the first season of the PSL League, only 5 teams took part. The champion in 2016 was the Islamabad United club. At this stage, the Pakistan Super League consists of 6 franchises representing the 6 largest cities in Pakistan. 

The Pakistan Super League is played according to the Twenty20 format. Each team will play against each other twice. After that, 4 best teams will be determined, which will take part in the playoff series. The winners of the playoff matches will fight in the final match, which will determine the new winner of the season.

If the ball flew not far, then, as a rule, the batter manages to make one run, if the ball left the field, surrounded by a rope, then the team can be awarded up to six runs. The maximum number of points can be obtained if the ball left the field without ever touching the ground.

The nature of cricket is such that a match that lasts between two and five days (the so-called test match) can end in a draw. In five-day matches, in which only teams from different countries participate, each team gets two opportunities to serve and hit (two innings – two rounds of wicket shots). In the championship of England, where the national teams of the counties compete, the matches go on for four days.

As with most fielding games, the object of cricket is to score more runs than the opposing team, which are earned by getting runs from one point to another before time runs out or you are run out by the fielders, called the fielding team. “. The batting team is called the batting team.

In cricket, each team consists of 11 players. An additional 12th player can be in reserve in case of injury, but cannot be used in any other way. At any given time, the fielding team must have 11 players on the field, while the batting team must have two players called batsmen. To earn points, batsmen try to hit the ball after it is served by a bowler from the fielding team, and then exchange places without being out.

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