Will there be a Hotel Del luna season 2?

Hotel Del Luna season 2
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Netflix has recently become a hub to stream worldly prominent web series, uniquely, South Korean. The audience on Netflix has majorly enjoyed, and binge-watched Hotel Del Luna released in 2019. This television series originally aired on TVN network in South Korea has achieved a worldwide audience for its unique concept and romantic comedy. The series also drops hints of dark fantasies as it showcases the lives of guests who visit Hotel Del Luna. Also known as the Guest House of the Moon. The last episode aired in September 2019, fans are eager to know about the status of Hotel Del Luna season 2. So is it coming anytime soon?

Hotel Del Luna all seasons now available on Netflix
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Hotel Del Luna is a very mysterious guest house in the show. It does not appear in its natural form among humans. However, it masterfully serves ghosts and spirits with all the luxuries. According to the storyline of the show, Hotel Del Luna serves ghosts and spirits that are on their way to their final destination after their death. Not everyone at the Hotel Del Luna finds his/her final destination or reincarnates the right direction. The hotel staff has been working there for centuries and some for decades as they have not settled/found satisfaction with their former life. 

This supernatural tv and web series on Netflix has allowed its fans to witness a potential truth behind the way between this life and the afterlife. The hotel del luna is right in the middle, where a person who dies must dissolve his grudges for other people. So, after 16 mind-blowing episodes, fans are wondering, will there be a Hotel Del Luna season 2?

What is the Hotel Del Luna season 2 release date?

For our reader’s information, the show Hotel Del luna’s creators have not considered the renewation of the show for its season 2. Created by Studio Dragon, Hotel Del Luna has attained fans in millions on the TvN network and later, on Netflix. Hence, there are chances that Netflix may pick up the show for another season. The viewership of Hotel Del Luna in South Korea is highest, I .e.., 12% on TV Network.

Is there a Hotel Del Luna season 2 official trailer?

No. The creators of Hotel Del Luna have officially said “No” when asked about the plans for season 2. Therefore, we are not expecting any season 2 official trailer anytime soon. If you haven’t watch Hotel Del Luna season 1 yet, here’s a glimpse of it:

Who are all in the cast of Hotel Del Luna?

  • Lee Ji-Eun is appearing as Jang Man-wol
  • Kim Gyu-Ri is appearing as young Man-wol
  • Yeo Jin-goo is appearing as Gu Chan-sung
  • Kim Kang-hoon is appearing as young Chan-sung
  • Jung Dong-hwan is appearing as No Joon-suk
  • Shin Jung-Geun is appearing as Kim Seon-bi
  • Lee Tae-sun is appearing as Yeon-woo
  • Pyo Ji-hoon is appearing as Ji Hyun-Joong
  • Kang Mi-na is appearing as the spirit of Jung Soo-Jung

What is Hotel Del Luna Plot?

Hotel Del Luna follows the storyline of Jang Man-wol, who owns a supernatural guest house in the city of Seoul. According to the plot, the Hotel has cursed because of a sin committed millennial years ago. But, there’s more than just a hotel. Jang’s soul has connected with the Hotel. To get rid of the Hotel’s responsibility for 20 years, Jang deals with Gu’s father and borrows his body to live her life for 20 years. In her place, Gu’s son remains responsible for taking care of the hotel del luna.

HOTEL Del Luna all season available
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Hotel Del Luna’s ending explained!

Hotel Del Luna season 1 has 16 episodes in total. The last episode of the show is a perfect climax to the story of Hotel’s owner Jang, Man-wol, and Chan-SUNG. In the previous chapter, the entire staff at the Hotel Del Luna goes on leave. Further, they realize their pasts. Man-wol and Chan-sung resolve their grudges and start their journey as they say their goodbyes. 


In conclusion, Hotel Del Luna season 2 is not coming anytime soon. Hence, You can stream all episodes of season 1 on Netflix. Also, read Where I can watch tv shows onlinefree? In 2019-2020, the Hotel Del Luna TV show was announced as the best OST in South Korea.