Good Witch Season 6 Finale is near: Will there be a Witch?

good witch season 6
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Inspired from the film series “Good Witch,” in February 2015, Good Witch first appeared on Hallmark Channel with the brand-new American-Canadian Television series form with well-known faces from before, a.k.a Catherine Bell. Recently on May 3rd, 2020, Good Witch season 6 aired its first episode, which led to excitement among millions of viewers. But, after nine persistent events, Good Witch Season 6 Episode 10, ie. The finale episode is due for its release next week.

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What is all the fuss about it? To begin with, there are rumors that Good Witch season 6 will be the finale of the series. Although, there are no such official announcements made yet. Therefore, just relax and enjoy 7 outstanding episodes of Good Witch season 6 recently released. Here’s the list:

  1. The Anniversary
  2. The Chili
  3. The Clock
  4. The Dinner
  5. The Mandala
  6. The Dream
  7. The Tableau

When is Good Witch season 6 last episode coming out?

According to the Hallmark channel’s fixed schedule, episode 10 of Good Witch season 6 is due for its release on July 5, 2020. The last chapter is titled “The Bird.” Moreover, the previous two episodes, aka, episode 7, and 8, are scheduled to air on June 21 and June 28, 2020, respectively.
Till then, check out the most-inspiring Good Witch season 1 official trailer launched by Hallmark:

Now, are you thrilled to view some behind-the-scenes interview at Good Witch’s set? Here’s a glimpse of it:

For the most part, Good Witch has set the benchmark for supernatural and sci-fi web series very high as in series like The Vampire Diaries and Peaky Blinders; witches are a part of vo-do. But, there’s so much more to Good Witch. Indeed, the show Good Witch is not about Witch, but it follows the storyline of a mother who recently lost her husband. Further, she is trying to make up with life in a very positive way.

Who are all in the cast of Good Witch Season 6?

  • Catherine Bell is appearing as Cassandra “Cassie” Nightingale
  • Bailee Madison is playing the role of Grace Russell, Cassie’s daughter 
  • James Denton is appearing as Dr. Sam Radford, who is a family doctor as well as lives Cassie’s next door.
  • Rhys Matthew Bond is playing the role of Nick Radford, Dr. Sam’s son who is not at all happy about moving to Middleton.
  • Sarah Power is appearing as Abigail Pershing who is Cassie’s cousin, she is passive-aggressive when it comes to her witchy nature. 
  • Catherine Disher is playing the role of Martha Tinsdale who is Middleton’s mayor.
  • Kylee Evans is appearing as Stephanie Borden, a nearby coffee shop owner.
  • Marc Bendavid is appearing as Donovan Davenport
  • Gianpaolo Venuta as Vincent, Cassie’s foster brother who is also an adventurist. 
  • Anthony Lemke as Ryan Elliot
  • Peter MacNeill as George O’Hanrahan
  • Katherine Barrell as Rejoyla “Joy” Harper

What happens in the last episode of Good Witch?

In the 7th episode of Good Witch season 6, Martha recognizes Nathaniel Merriwick’s 200 years old portrait. Thus, the idea of recreation on the tableau featuring Merriwick descendants strikes her. On the other hand, Cassie’s cousin discovers Priscilla Connelly’s painting with a furious past. 

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Cassie’s brand-new focus is an influencer in Middleton who blocked her wi-fi. She is not ready to believe her influence on anyone. Carter and Cassie hit-it off a blindspot on their destiny once again. The tableau revealed a newly added fact that may lead to the acknowledgment of curse. 

What may happen in the upcoming episode of Good witch?

In the next episode, “The Chocolates” of Good Witch, Cassie and others will unite to host a chocolate fest at Grey Residence. But, stay tuned to see what happens when Cassie invites and welcomes Kenny to the festival, also known as the Chocolate King of Middleton. 

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