James Franco Wife: Is this true or a mere rumor? Read this

James Franco Wife
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The famous actor James Franco has always been in the spotlight because of his successful career in Hollywood. James has been the apple of the public eye since he was a teenager. He has done famous roles like Harry Osborne in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and stains on the cult TV show Freaks Geeks. But, James Franco wife has been the hot topic of the hollywood! Read all about it in this article.

As he grows more and more in his career, people become more and more interested in his love life.He has also won many awards, including Gotham Independent Film Award and the Best Actor in Golden Globe Award. In total, he has won 112 nominations and 33 awards. 

Fans love to know about the personal details of their favorite celebrity, especially if he is someone like James Franco, a Greek god and an extremely hot man. 

Do you also want to know about James Franco’s wife, relationship history, and love life? If yes, then read this article till the end. We have shared some juicy and exciting details about his personal life. 

James Franco wife, Sexual Misconduct, Accusations, and Lawsuits

James Franco Wife
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Do you know James Franco has been accused of sexual harassment case 5 times? Yes, you read it right.

James Franco has been charged with sexual abuse by FIVE women. Nonetheless, James Franco escaped all charges and seemed to lead a comfortable and regular life. 

It all started in 2014 when a 17-year-old girl shared screenshots of her chat with James on Instagram. Franco asked her to meet in a hotel room in those messages. Franco was 35 years old at that time. He has also shared his pictures with that girl to make her believe his true identity. James Franco accepted that he had sent those messages in a live session with Kelly and Michael. In New York, the consent age is 17; therefore, his actions were legal, but the public was against this because of the age gap between the girl and Franco.

Later in 2018 when James Franco wore a Time’s Up pin in solidarity with the Me Too Movement at Golden Globe Awards to show his support for women who have been sexually harassed. His pin caught the attention of the famous actress Ally Sheedy. She criticized him on social media. She said she had left her acting career after working on a play with James Franco.

A famous actress, Violet Paley, a former girlfriend of James, also alleges that while she was dating James, he forced her for oral intercourse in a car. 

Later on January 10, on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, James Franco denied all the allegations against him. He said that all the accusations against him on Twitter were lies.

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James Franco: Sexual Harassment case

Later, Five women accused James Franco of sexual harassment on January 11, 2018. These women claim that when James Franco taught them acting, he tried to exploit them sexually. One student said that James would constantly lead people to believe that there would be roles available if we engaged in sexual activity or removed our shirts for his projects. Another claimed that during a lecture on sexual scenes, Franco took off the vaginal guards of the students and engaged in oral sex with them while doing so. Later, Michael Plonsker, Franco’s lawyer, refuted the claims made by the women. 

Busy Philipps wrote in her biography from 2018 that while they were filming Freaks and Geeks, Franco yelled at her and brutally shoved her to the ground.

It was announced on February 21, 2021, that the litigation had been resolved and that, by paperwork submitted on February 11, both students had consented to withdraw their separate grievances. By March 15, 2021, the agreement was submitted for preliminary court approval.

When the settlement’s terms were made public in June 2021, it was revealed that Franco would be subject to pay more than $2.2 million to settle two separate legal cases: one brought by the two women who claimed sexual exploitation (for which they will receive $894,000), and another class-action lawsuit brought by roughly 1,500 Studio 4 students who claim they were exploited and defrauded. 

James Franco wife: To be continued

James Franco Wife
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During a press conference in April 2021, actor Charlyne Yi, who co-starred with Franco in The Disaster Artist, alleged that the directors offered them a more prominent part when she tried to leave the movie over the claims. She interpreted this offer as an attempt at bribery and charged Seth Rogen, Franco’s longtime co-star, for encouraging his actions.

James Franco accepted having sex with students on December 23, 2021. He also stated that he had been receiving treatment for sex addiction since 2016. However, he did not mention any other instances of sexual exploitation.

After knowing these facts about James Franco, you might have become more excited and curious about James Franco’s wife and love life. So now let’s discuss it.

James Franco Love Life and Relationships: Five Years dating Isabel Pakzad

In 2017, Isabel Pakzad and James Franco started to date each other, and luckily, they still share a powerful bond.

So the big news is that James Franco is not married and has no wife. But he is in a severe relationship with Isabel Pakzad. 

We can see in their pictures how much they love each other. James Franco is a dream boy for many girls as he has a powerful and attractive personality. However, his vast base is still waiting for their marriage plans. There is no doubt that James Francisco has a character but is currently in a severe relationship with Isabel Pakzad. There are many rumors in the market that they are goint to make their relationship official, but there isn’t any official commitment. Moving further, they both like to explore new places and especially hiking. Their picture of walking together in Southern California was viral for some time. During the lockdown, they both became even more romantic and posted photos of each other to update their fans.

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All the fans are still waiting and hoping for the official date to be announced by them for marriage. 

Were James and Lana Del Rey a couple? 

He also was in a relationship with a beautiful and sexy girl Lana Del Rey. She was very protective of her image in society, and that’s why she has never revealed that they are dating each other. It all started when they both mentioned each other on social handles. Lana posted a picture of James, whereas James asked all his fans to buy the album and promote her as much as possible. 

Also, James Franco showed how much he loved her by writing a book. Unfortunately, that book remain unpublished, but fans can still read it as it is available online.

If we talk about Lana, she wrote many songs about a playboy, and most fans believe that she wrote all those songs for Hanes Franco. But as usual, Lana has never accepted this and said nothing to the public about her relationship status. All in all, they were not officially in a relationship, and they have always said they are just good friends. 

Breaking Up Five Years of Relationship with Ahna O’Reilly

As we mentioned earlier, he was in many relationships; however, the longest relationship he ever had was with Ahna O’Reilly. She is an actress by profession. Surprisingly, James Franco was able to give her commitment to their relationship. They started to date each other in 2006, and unfortunately, they broke up in 2011. They used to be the couple goals for the youngster. Moreover, Teenagers used to follow them and their style. Also, Every couple wanted their relationship to be as good as James and Ahna’s.

Initially, it was so beautiful to see both of them together and having a healthy relationship for so long, but what was the reason for the breakup? 

Some people believe they were living in a long-distance relationship which was the reason for their breakup. They both went to different schools to complete their studies. James went to Yale for his Ph.D.d. Program, but before that, he graduated from Columbia university school. Undoubtedly, it is hard to have a good and long relationship in Hollywood. We don’t know the exact reason behind their break up, but their fans were heartbroken when they learned that James and Ahna weren’t together anymore.