How to clean iPhone Charging Port? iPhone Not Charging

How to clean iPhone Charging Port
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The dust and debris collected inside your iPhone charging port can cause charging issues on your new iPhone. What to do? Learn how to clean iPhone Charging Port safely in this concise guide. 


Have you ever received a shock down your spine when your iPhone does not charge? It is rather horrifying because one conclusion that pops into every user’s mind is that their iPhone is damaged. Without a doubt, iPhones are quite expensive when it comes to getting them repaired. For example, in the event you do not have AppleCare, it may charge you at least 199 Dollars to get its motherboard or any other hardware replaced. 

Thus, when you observe that your iPhone is not charging, we strongly recommend you not jump to conclusions. There are many reasons for an iPhone or an iPod to not charge even if you have connected it to the Apple MagSafe Charger. 

How to clean iPhone Charging Port
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Among many reasons, one of the most common reasons for an iPhone not charging error is – your iPhone’s charging port is full of dust particles, debris, or lints which may prevent your charger from supplying power to your device. As a result, your iPhone may not respond to the charger when plugged in. 

To confirm if debris or dust particles are causing charging issues on your iPhone, take the following test: 

  • Take another Smartphone and turn on its “torch” feature so you can view dust inside the charging port easily. 
  • Carefully get hold of your iphone and hold it horizontally. 
  • Now, point the torchlight towards the charging port. 
  • With left eye closed – the right one open, look into the charging port from blackened dirt, dust, debris, or lint particles inside. 
  • If there is any dust, use the following guide to remove or clean the iPhone charging port. 

My iPhone is not charging. Why? 

But, before you go ahead, if you do not see any dust or dirt inside the charging port, it may freak you out. Again, don’t jump to the conclusion that there is something seriously wrong with your iPhone. Instead, check out the following list of causes of iPhone charging failure errors. 

Apart from dust inside the charging port, other potential reasons for non-responsive iPhone are: 

How to clean iPhone Charging Port
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  • USB Cable has cuts, burns, or other signs of damage. 
  • You are using an unverified locale charging device for the iPhone, which Apple does not recommend. 
  • Your iPhone has a hardware crashing problem. 
  • iPhone is freezing amid charging because of malware or virus attacks. 
  • Your iPhone does not have sufficient storage to run startup programs. Thus, severely harming its functionality and responsiveness. 
  • The iPhone has been exposed to liquid substances. Water or liquid substances can enter your iPhone through a charging port which protects the iPhone from charging. 
  • Last but not least, your wall outlet is either damaged or not supplying sufficient power (in watts). 

Hence, if you are entirely unsure of why your iPhone is not charging? We recommend you begin resolving the problem by cleaning your iPhone charging port. In 60% of the cases like this, dirty charging ports are the mainstream reason. Let’s learn: 

How to clean iPhone Charging Port? Two easy ways to clean out your iPhone Charging Port without damaging it any further!

To begin with, when it comes to cleaning electronics like the iPhone, you cannot be more careful. However, some iPhone users out there are fooled by 5-minutes hack videos where the iPhone charging port is cleaned using rubbing alcohol. 

Please note that such methods do not do any good to your device. For example, if you use rubbing alcohol inside your iPhone charging port, your phone may catch on fire while connected to the charger because it is a bad conductor of electricity. 

Similarly, use of any professional cleaning products like sanitiser should not be used. Check out the best and easiest way to clean iPhone charging ports

#Method 1: Pick out dust particles using a toothpick wrapped with cotton

This is one of the harmless ways how to clean iPhone charging port. Some readers may question, why not use earbuds in place of toothpicks? Well! Earbuds are thick and wide. Thus, they do not enter the iPhone charging port that easily. 

Checkout and follow-up the Logue given below to clean iPhone charging port:

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  • Carry a clean and sharp toothpick. 
  • Take a small bunch of cotton sheets. 
  • Now, wrap cotton on the toothpick’s edgy end. Make sure it is not too big to enter the charging port of your iPhone. 
  • Next, carefully roll the toothpick wrapped with cotton inside the iPhone’s charging port. 
  • It will begin to remove dust particles and debris. 

Now, you will notice that there is still some dust and debris stuck inside the charging port. To remove stubborn particles of dust and dirt, use the instructions below: 

  • Remove and throw away the cotton sheet wrapped on the toothpick. 
  • Now, use the toothpick’s edgy end to unglue stubborn dust and debris inside the charging port. 
  • Using outer motion, take the debris and unglue dust out. 
  • Once it is done, roll your mouth to blow some air on the charging port. 

Now, wait for five minutes. Then, connect the iPhone to the Apple Charger again. 

Note: Please make certain that you use a very light hand to handle the toothpick as it can break and stick inside your charging port. Also, do not try to push the toothpick too deep in the port because it can damage it. 

#Method 2: How to clean iPhone charging port using compressed air? 

You may be wondering, what is compressed air? Well! As the term “compressed” suggests, compressed air is a type of air compressed into a liquid form to fit in a can. It is a combination of nitrogen gas and oxygen. Thus, it does not do any type of harm to your iphone if used once in a while. 

You can easily purchase a small can of compressed air at a nearby chemist’s store. Check out the following instructions to clean iPhone charging port using compressed air: 

  • Remove the charger from your iPhone. 

    How to clean iPhone Charging Port
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  • Now, shutdown your iPhone. Make certain it is not overheating. If it is, then wait for it to cool down first. 
  • After it has downslided to room temperature, carefully lift it and hold it in a horizontal manner. 
  • Take hold of the can of compressed air and hold it at least 2-3 inches away from your iPhone. 
  • Now, target its spray pressure pipe towards the iPhone port. 
  • Spray one time and wait for 20 seconds. 
  • Spray again. 
  • Two sprays are sufficient. 
  • Now, wait for the liquid (substance) to vaporize. 
  • After 20 minutes, plug your iPhone into the charger again. 

Disclaimer: This method is only for the knowledge of iPhone users. Neither Apple nor our website promotes the use of liquidized substances on electronics like iphone. Apple suggests that compressed air can potentially harm the iPhone. And if used, AppleCare Protection or warranty may not cover it. Therefore, please practice #method 2 at your own risk. 

I have cleaned the iPhone charging port, but it is still not charging. What to do? 

As mentioned before, it is not necessary that your iPhone is encountering a charging error because of an unclean port only. In some cases, it is common that one’s iPhone has been exposed to water or liquid substances. As a result, the iPhone automatically does not charge in order to protect itself from any potential internal damage. 

Apart from this, corrupt files, hardware collapse, or insufficient storage are also common reasons behind the iPhone not charging error. 

To help our readers, we have brought to you a group of solutions you can try at home to fix this issue with your iPhone. Let’s take a glance: 

#Solution 1: Let liquid substance soaked by rice

Rice is a natural edible ingredient that soaks in water at a speedy pace. In the event you think your iphone has been exposed to a water or water-like substance, the following tip will help. 

Please place your iPhone in a bowl or closed food container full of raw rice. Make certain that it covers your iPhone entirely. After 48 hours, take your iphone out. Use how to clean iPhone charging port guide to clean out any rice particles inside the port. Connect it to the charger again. 

#Solution 2: Clean out junk files to make some space on your iPhone

Again, the iPhone not charging problem often occurs when your iPhone is persistently freezing. Corrupt files and low space on your iPhone can cause it to freeze many times a day. To resolve this issue, please manually delete any corrupt files, unwanted files and folders, and an application to free up space on your device. 

How to clean iPhone Charging Port
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You can also download an iPhone cleaning app. It will fix your iPhone’s freezing problem right away. 

#Solution 3: Replace your USB Cable if damaged!

Please notice your USB Cable with a close eye if you notice any cuts, scratches in the end, or loose ends. It means your USB Cable is not supplying power to your iphone properly. You can absolutely replace it with a new one. 

#Solution 4: Restart your iPhone

Is your iPhone not charging? Apart from cleaning the iPhone charging port, do you notice any functionality changes in your iPhone? If yes, then it is possible that your iPhone is acting strange because of malware or virus attacks. To do a hard reset on your iPhone, please restart it. Also, scan it using an antivirus program. It will resolve the issue. 

How to clean iPhone Charging Port
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We hope that this guide has rescued you from the iPhone not charging error. Share your experience with us online. If your iPhone is still not charging, please contact Apple Support via live chat or call on Apple’s official website. If necessary or urgent, visit the nearby apple service centre. Thank you!