Gaming requires speed: Let’s see how can you improve it


In the past decade, we have seen online games taking over the world. The first-person shooting games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends have taken the world by storm. There is no age limit to play these games. Even the millennials are loving strategic gaming. Secondly, the physical discs are losing their share in the market. People prefer buying digital games as they are more convenient. 

Therefore, the internet has become an important utility in every household. It powers our social media, IoT products, and gaming consoles. Without high-speed internet, online games are good for nothing. You need high-speed internet to download digital games. Conversely, you will have to wait for days to finish your downloads with a slower internet as games require more and more data, TvFix Caster. 

The internet prices are hiking up every day. Therefore, they leave a dent on your monthly budget. It is still normal to get poorer internet speed than expected even after paying a high price every month. You can blame your internet service provider all day long but there are little things you can do to make sure you get good internet speed. 

We created a comprehensive guide on all things you could do to improve your online gaming experience. 

Check for your Internet Speed 

Many people don’t research properly while signing up for internet service. Most of us are unaware of the concept of download and upload speed. We don’t even know how much speed we need for our daily use. Insufficient speeds can lead to a poor internet connection. We try to put the burden on our internet service provider but the truth is that our plan is not right for us. 

Therefore, you must understand your internet speed requirements. Different activities require different speeds. If multiple people are downloading, streaming, and gaming on a connection simultaneously, everyone is going to suffer if the download speed is not up to the mark. Investing in a higher-tier plan with ultra-fast download speed is a good way to turn things around. If you have less than 50 Mbps, you will not be able to have great gaming experience. 

The internet providers in the US are setting the standards of high-speed internet with 100 Mbps, 400 Mbps, and 1 Gig connections. For example, Charter Spectrum has a maximum of 940 Mbps with unlimited monthly data. 

In many cases, you might have the fastest possible speed in your area but you are still getting slower speed than promised. In situations like these, you should call your ISP.

Use an Ethernet Cable 

Many people don’t know this but if your console is connected wirelessly to the internet, you are committing a cardinal sin. Although the gaming experience will be just fine, you will still experience connectivity issues, lag, and packet loss. Using an ethernet cable gives you a steady connection. You will notice a considerable difference in speed. The games will run a bit more smoothly and you will experience less latency. 

Your Wi-Fi network does not perform well because of the signal loss due to physical hindrance. If you still want to use a wireless network, it is better to sit in the same room where your wireless router is placed. 

Play games on the local server 

The closer you are to the gaming server, the better will be your online gaming. You will experience latency or lag during the game session if you are playing on a different server. I understand that the temptation of beating opponents worldwide is hard to let go of. However, if that temptation stands in the way of a smooth connection, it is not worth it. 

Replace your router or modem 

Your worn-out modem or router might be the reason why your online gaming suffers. The old modems have outdated networking technology. Therefore, you must invest in a new modem or router that has the latest networking technology for a smoother gaming experience. 

Close any background apps or websites 

You have to make sure that all the bandwidth is allocated to your game. Close all the background apps, pages, or programs running. Clear as much load as you can. For households having multiple people using the internet simultaneously, it might be difficult. Therefore, it is better to get a separate line for uninterrupted gaming. 

Get cable or fiber connection 

If you are using satellite or DSL connection for the internet, it is time to switch to cable or fiber. The coaxial cables used in the cable internet gets you a faster internet with a steady connection. Similarly, the glass wires can handle more bandwidth than DSL or satellite. Therefore, it is better to get the one available. 

Final Verdict 

Following these simple steps will surely improve your internet speed for gaming. After all, seamless connectivity is a must for a good gaming session.