Summer Camp Island Season 3 will premiere in 2021

Summer Camp Island season 3
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Summer Camp Island appeared on Cartoon Network in July 2018 with a total of 40 episodes and has now moved to HBO Max. Nowadays, the craze of Summer camp season 2 is going on as the show has recently released on HBO Max with its 20 mind-blowing episodes. The audience is wondering whether there will be a Summer Camp Island season 3 or season 2’s second part next?
In 2 years only, Summer Camp Island has received AFI Fest awards, Florida Film Festival, Provincetown International Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival, and Common Sense Media Award. Without a doubt, the show has become the best cartoon sitcom of the late century. After Spongebob SquarePants, it is time for Summer Camp Island for today’s kids. 

Summer Camp Island all seasons now available on Carton Network
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Here’s a fun fact! Do you know? Summer Camp Island broadcasts on over 12 countries’ cartoon networks including India, Germany, Hong Kong, France, Canada, Austria, and Turkey in their respective languages. So, are you thrilled to know when is Summer Camp island season 3 coming out? Let’s find out:

What is SCI Season 3 Release Date?

According to the recent updates, the children’s show, Summer Camp Island has been renewed for another season after the release of Summer Camp Island season 2 in June 2020. However, there are also rumors going around that Summer Camp Island season 2 will make a comeback with additional 20 episodes likewise season 1. For now, the production has not made any remarks concerning their next move. So, stay tuned with us to know more!

Summer Camp Island S3 Official Trailer 

Summer camp Island season 3 official trailer is not out yet. We are expecting the production to reveal the first look of season 3 not anytime soon, especially, before 2021 as CoronaVirus pandemic is going on. 

For your entertainment, let’s check out former Summer Camp Island official trailer and have a good laugh:

What is the Summer Camp Island plot?

Summer Camp Island follows the storyline of two best friends in their childhood. One is an Elephant named Oscar Peltzer, and the other is Hedgehog, as the show has set in an anthropomorphic era where animals act, live and understand humans likewise. 

One day, both best friends receive an invitation to a summer camp. In the field, they come to a few strange experiences. They get to know that the girls are witches, horses transform into unicorns, sharks are talkative, and there is a haunted cabin where they stay. It gets excessively adventurous when Oscar and Hedgehog decide to know these monsters under the bed from a better perspective. 

Best Summer Camp Island moments you must not miss

First Day at Camp 

As soon as both BFFs say goodbye to the parents and so do other kids, the leader girl expresses her evil intentions via narrowing her eyes. And further, all kids transform into their magical form. Oscar and Hedgehog see all this surprisingly.

Cuteness Overload

When it comes to cartoons, nothing remains appreciated than the cuteness of the premises. But, in Summer Camp Island season 3, the cupcake girl will keep this cuteness up in the haunting cabin as she did in season 1. To the reader’s surprise, it is a trap set up by kids for Oscar and Hedgehog. 

Spooky Swamp

Being among kids with superpowers, Oscar and Hedgehog are eager to know whether they too are somewhat supernatural. In order to know so, they befriend a ghost who somehow forgets his own identity. 

The Secret Door to Hartford

If you desire to relive moments from Harry Potter, the classic when the kids try to find secret doors. Well! Watch Summer Camp Island all seasons. Because as soon as the kids on summer camp enter a secret door behind the bookshelf, things get adventurous. 


In conclusion, SUmmer Camp Island season 3 will come soon. It will bring another action-adventure and comedy-loaded journey of Oscar and Hedgehog to your way. Till then, stream all episodes of Summer Camp Island on Cartoon Network online channel for free.