Battlefront 2 Crossplay: Everything you need to know before you download this Game!

Battlefront 2 Crossplay
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Released in November of 2017, Star Wars Battlefront 2 video game made its combat in the market against other PlayStation-supported games like Nintendo and Wii Games. However, even after a successful release and millions of copies sold, Battlefront’s latest video game, part two, lost the win. The reason being, players, were highly expecting the developers to add the Battlefront 2 Crossplay feature into the Game. 

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To begin with, for those readers who are new to digital gaming, “crossplay” is a term used for the act of players playing together or against each other using different consoles or devices. For example, Xbox players and PS4 players can play together if the same support the “crossplay” feature. However, it is hardly possible for Star Wars Battlefront Two. 

So, without any further ado, we brought you crucial facts that you must know about Battlefront 2, which delivers a perfect reasoning why the Battlefront 2 Crossplay feature is not a good idea. Let’s get started: 

#1: Battlefront 2 Crossplay, is it a possibility for the future? 

The answer is yes. It seems like developers are not ready to introduce the “crossplay” feature in the game just yet. One of the major reasons that come to our assumption is that players love Star Wars Battlefront II due to its multiplayer theme, irrespective of its “crossplay” feature. 

According to Google reviews, only 30% of the audience is wondering about Crossplay. The other 70% are fully satisfied with the current version. Nevertheless, the Game is available for all operating systems and devices, including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, iOS, Linux, SteamClient, and whatnot!

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However, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is also at a disadvantage to some point. For example, games with crossplay features such as Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, Aragami, and Star Wars: Squadrons have much more audience than Battlefront II.

If developers realize this fact as soon as we think, we may have Battlefront II latest version with a crossplay feature to download. So, yes, it is 100% possible in the future for Battlefront 2 Crossplay to launch. To the reader’s surprise, Star Wars: Squadrons is one of the games by the same developers which have Crossplay in it. 

#2: Why are players eager for Battlefront 2 crossplay? 

Do you know why games like Battlefront two-win when it comes to the “multiplayer games” list? The reason being, they become a virtual hole to escape from reality into the playground with a “cop and thief” theme. Sounds like a childhood fantasy come true? 

Now, it is quite impossible for a group of friends to have the same gaming device. For example, a group of 10 friends hardly have PlayStation. Some may have Xbox. Some may have games set up on Windows PC. Therefore, this group cannot play altogether due to no “crossplay” feature. 

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It is rather confusing that Battlefront Two developers didn’t support the crossplay feature for the Game. However, it has multiple multiplayer modes that require teams. 

For example, Galactic Assault requires 20-20 attackers and defenders. Thus, the Game would have created much excitement if all the attackers were not attacking strange defenders on the internet. Nevertheless, virtual or online androphobia is a possibility where a person has a fear of talking to strangers on the web. 

#3: Is there a hack for Battlefront 2 crossplay? 

Without a doubt, everything on the web has a loophole. And thanks to a loophole in Battlefront 2, it is possible for friends & family to Crossplay without having to purchase the same device. How? Let’s find out: 

  • First of all, it is only a theory. However, two players can enjoy Battlefront 2 crossplay Xbox and PC. How? Well! If both players play the game through Origin. Most importantly, both players must be added to each other’s origin’s friends list. 
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  • Similarly, you can also try to play games against or with each other like a crossplay by originating your Game on Steam. But, of course, this is only theoretical. We will try it soon. Bookmark us for updates. 

#4: Why is Battlefront 2 Crossplay Xbox and PC not a good idea? 

For the most part, Battlefront 2 crossplay hasn’t been released yet and may have a proper reasoning behind it. According to our research, one of the reasons may be that Xbox and PlayStation players encounter disadvantages against PC Players. For example, Windows PC allows players to download and add mods to the Game, which hardly happens for players who are using consoles. 

Alongside this, hackers seem to work on Windows PCs and use command prompts to automate the Game. As a result, Xbox and other console players find it difficult to win against gamers with high cyber expertise. 

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One of the most unexceptional examples of this unfair advantage is aim drift. To begin with, “Aim drift” is a term used when a player’s sight sways while aiming, either on another attacker or defender. It is common among Xbox and PlayStation players. But, it hardly happens on other devices like Windows PC. Because, with time, Xbox and PS controllers get affected due to dust or damage. 

Hence, the question stands: do you really want Battlefront 2 crossplay where you are a submissive player? 

Above all, Xbox and PS crossplay for Battlefront 2 would be a fair decision. 

#5: How to activate Battlefront 2 crossplay? 

In the event that you are eager to improvise your power against other players in the Game, Crossplay will definitely help, however, since it is not happening anytime soon. We have a different solution for you. That solution comprises Battlefront 2 mods 2021. 

Nexus Mods and Community offer multiple mods for Battlefront 2 Crossplay which inject excitement, new features, items, and enemies in the Game. So, it’s no harm to play your favorite Game from a brand-new perspective. 

Following are some mods for Battlefront 2 released in 2021 or earlier. Let’s take a glance: 

Battlefront Two Hardcore Mode

Have you exercised all the tactics to win Battlefront Two? Why not make it much harder to win this time? Compete yourself and get ready to break your own record with Battlefront Two Difficulty Mod. 

Battlefront 2 cross play
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To begin with, this mod introduces a “survival” essence to a Game like Battlefield. For example, instead of attacking defenders. Your only motive is to survive. If you are not aware or lose sight of the Game for 2 seconds, it is possible that you will get shot immediately. 

To try it, click here to download

Minecraft items for Battlefront Two

While exploring Battlefront two, you may miss Minecraft, an all-time crossplay game. So, why not combine Battlefront with Minecraft to create something that excites you. Using this mod, you can add the following Minecraft items to your Battlefront II Gameplay. This list includes: 

  • Rey’s Diamond Sword
  • Yoda’s Gold Pickaxe
  • Kenobi and Anakin’s Diamond Swords
  • Luke Blue and Green Saber Diamond Swords
  • Dooku’s Iron Sword
  • Maul’s Big Stick
  • Darth Vader’s Iron Sword
  • Grievous Diamond and Gold Sword. 

With all the special swords in your Battlefront II Crossplay inventory, you can creatively attack any defender or defend yourself against any attacker. To download this mod, click here

100% Sensitive for PC Players

At one point or another, Xbox and PS players enjoy an advantage over PC players. The reason being, console controllers give much more sensitivity in the form of perfect camera aim and zoom features. Whereas, this level of sensitivity lacks when PC players use a mouse to aim in the Game. Therefore, again thanks to Anakin, part of Nexus and Community. A better sensitive mod for Battlefront II is here. Click here to download

  • It improves sensitivity scale up to 150%. 
  • Disabled YAW Acceleration. 
  • Vehicles and straighfires work better now. 

Alongside this mod, you can also download Vehicle Camera Extended Mod, MP Classic Battlefront Camera, and Third Person Mod for best results. 

#6: Will Battlefront 3 support crossplay? 

Recently, the Battlefront III release was postponed to 2022. Players seemed heartbroken by the decision. However, here’s good news: there are chances that Battlefront III will support Crossplay. The decision hasn’t been confirmed yet. 

According to the research, Battlefront II didn’t receive a good response from players upon release. The reason being, the Game had a “microtransactions” feature, which placed poor players’ compatibility at risk. Nevertheless, the Game is still downloaded by 19 million players out there. Hence, it was an overall success. 

Battlefront II Crossplay
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Not only this, but inside details disclose that Battlefront III will be available for Gameplay on next-generation consoles. Apart from this, rumors are that Battlefront III will not follow up the plot left in the second part. Instead, it will be much similar to the game plot of Battlefield: 2042. 


Since developers have already moved on from Battlefront II Crossplay to the development of Battlefront III, chances are this Game will never upgrade itself for Crossplay. Thus, we recommend you to enjoy the second part as much as you can with added mods because 2022 will bring many exciting surprises. Download Battlefront II for Windows PC now. Share your first experience with the Game in the comment section. For additional tips and tricks, get in touch. Thank you!