Work from Home Tips: How to Sit With Back Pain

Back Pain

Have you been working from home? 

Throughout 2020, many people have migrated from working at the office to working in their residence because of Back Pain. This often meant they went from sitting or moving about a workplace to hunching over a laptop at studies or kitchen tables.

Quite a few workers also noticed new or worsened back pain. Still, you can’t just stop working because your back is in pain. So you need to know how to sit with back pain.

Want to learn how to relieve your pain and keep it from getting worse? Keep reading to learn more!

Back Pain and Sitting

Did you know that back pain can be a result of sitting for too long, especially at laptop computers?

Many people experience back pain when they sit at their laptops for a long time. This type of pain can sneak up on you. After all, hunching over at first feels comfortable, and the back pain doesn’t show up until you’ve been doing it for a while.

Still, when you bend over, the weight loads on your spine and muscles disperse incorrectly. Your spine rolls forward, and your shoulder muscles extend themselves to compensate. In turn, your abdominal muscles tense, and your lower back becomes tight.

Over time, this becomes more than your back is built to bear. Then, the pain begins.

Other Postures that Cause Back Pain

Sitting at laptops isn’t the only way these types of back pain come about. But what other postures cause back pain? 

Any type of posture that causes your back to remain improperly supported by your spine prompts pain. So, you might experience back pain while bending over to garden or landscape, wash dishes, or lift heavy objects. You may also get it if you lie on your stomach while reading a book or working on your computer. 

In addition, back pains might arise if you stand with your weight shifted onto one leg or if you vacuum with one arm consistently extended. If you don’t regularly do any of these activities, you might have bad posture while you’re walking, supporting your head and neck in an insufficient manner.

Do you work at your laptop or desktop computer that supports your back and keeps you comfortable? Whether or not you use your device for gaming, a fabric gaming chair might be for you. It will give you the support you need while allowing you to work for long periods of time.

An Important Note

Other types of posture don’t stem from your posture.

Sometimes, if you experience an injury, fall, or car accident, your back might undergo damage, and you need to see a doctor. If your back pain is sharp or becomes truly unbearable, you should consult a physician. You may need the treatment of a medical professional.

If you have a back-related injury, you will want to talk to your doctor before stretching or trying to rectify your back pain in any other way.

How to Sit with Back Pain 

But if you just contracted your pain from doing everyday activities at home, you probably want to know how to relieve it.

So, do you want to know how to sit with back pain?

First, take note of your current sitting posture. If you notice yourself slouching over, straighten your back and lean against your chair. You can also put a pillow or rolled up towel in between your lower back and the chair if desired. Place your feet flat on the floor. 

Make sure that your neck remains upright. Don’t look down, as this adds pressure to your neck and upper shoulders and encourages slouching. 

This is the best sitting posture, as it keeps your body in the proper position and primed for work.

Check in with Yourself

Every once in a while, check on your posture.

Often, people become so used to slouching that many don’t notice that they’re doing it until their back starts to hurt again. So, make it a point to check in with yourself every few minutes to make sure you are maintaining the proper posture. Set a timer if you forget.

If you notice yourself slouching, simply follow the advice above to reset your posture and note whether or not it alleviates your back pain. Should you need to relieve inflammation, take over the counter anti-inflammatory medications or use a hot compress.

Purchase a Computer Stand

Do you want to know how to encourage your body to naturally have better posture while sitting at your laptop?

Purchase a computer stand. These devices sit nicely on your tabletop and allow you to raise and lower your computer until it’s situated at eye level. Viewing things at eye level keeps you from straining your neck and keeps you in the proper posture. 

Get Up and Walk Around

When you work from home, you might think it easy to get caught up doing your work and forget to take a break. 

In truth, though, getting up and walking around helps your mind take a break and gives you the chance to straighten your shoulders and back, alleviating the cause of your pain.

So, try to get up and take a break at least once an hour. Stand up, get a drink, stretch, and do whatever you need to do. Then, return to your work with your back pain feeling better and your mind refreshed.

Want More Lifestyle Advice?

Now that you know how to sit with back pains, you’re better equipped to work well from home.

Back pain constitutes an awful distraction from your work. It leaves you in pain, and the distraction can even lead to you being less productive. If you want to relieve the pain and go on to live a full working lifestyle, follow the advice above to lessen or eliminate your pain.

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