Live dealer casino: Check out 10 interesting facts about it


In today’s age, technology has no limit and anything and everything can be done sitting in the comfort of your own house using a laptop. Online casinos are fairly popular and live dealer casino is a brand new addition which calls upon and attracts a large and fresh consumer base, improving the business and reach of the online platform

So let us dive into the details of the platform and explore it in great depth. 

  1. What does a Live dealer casino even mean?

A live dealer casino is a replication of the official and real proceedings of an offline casino. It is a live stream of the proceedings of the offline casino. The player can watch all the action right from dealing with cards to the spinning of wheels. The regulations and wage requirements of the game remain the same

2. Betting and wages

Betting in online casinos happens for certain games such as roulette, baccarat, and HoldEm’.  Roulette is one of the oldest and thrilling games in the world of casino and its enthusiasts and is relatively fast-paced. Bets are placed, the wheel is spun, and it decides the fate of the players. Blackjack live is one of the all-time favourites and has the same rules and regulations but allows the facility to interact with the dealer just like the offline setting. Baccarat is a game with simple bets and has various versions available. 

HoldEm’ is a type of poker game, which is a classic and is now available in the online format making it more popular.

3. Functioning

The incredibly unique and comprehensive experience casino experience giving it the real-life feel bringing the casino to the player through the screen. Live dealing facilitates as the bridge and catalyst to taking the online casino feel to another level, making it ‘live dealing’ instead of just a casino game being played online. The compatibility of the game is great and can be played or streamed across various platforms. This works as there is a set time limit within which the dealer deals the cards and spins. 

4. What is the live casino exactly?

The gaming format generates a unique experience, makes it interactive and lively, bringing about an amalgamation of the best parts of the offline setting along with the comfort of an online one sitting in your home’s comfort. The reactions are gauged, everyone can express themselves as it were present with each other despite the geographical constraints.

5. How to play?

The process and play of the live casino is very much similar to that of an offline one. Just a few more technicalities are added to ensure that all the players are genuine and not a false scam to dupe the game or the rest of the players. Thus an account is needed to start and can be easily facilitated by filling up a form. The interactive nature of the game allows a chat feature to be enabled where all the players to interact with each other. The table is laid out in the exact same manner as the offline setting and one has to wait according to the seating arrangement to place his or her bet.

In order to win, the player has to observe and keep an eye out for the card the dealer draws in the casino setting to see if he or she has hit the jackpot. 

6. Bonuses acquired in the online setting

The bonus offers can be selected by the player and is received usually after the first deposit is made. Wagering requirements that the player needs to fulfil before he can receive his wins are present.

7. Biggest pay-outs and rewards

The online sites are equally as rewarding as an offline setting and this has been the general statistic. The biggest wins of all time in casino history were recorded online by a popular site in Finland. Just a beginner and amateur player of Helsinki trying out his luck for about 30 minutes, won about 18 million euros at a mega fortune game.

8. Online interaction facilitated by OCR software

The game begins by the live dealer who shuffles the cards, of course in real-time, and the OCR software is used to identify the dealt cards where the data is transmitted to the players through a code.

9. Live dealing is profitable

The live dealer casinos are paid a handsome amount for what they do, enjoying perks of life insurance as well as discounts and meal coupons. The requirements demand the dealer to have a sound educational background as well. Thus you can be assured of the quality of dealing.

10.  Live dealer casino skills

The live dealer casino is the backbone of the online casino game and thus is carefully recruited based on his or her vocational skills and personality. They need to engage the audience and keep their attention for long periods and thus are scrutinized in their recruitments to provide the players the best experience.

An online live dealer casino @ is exciting and comfortable all at the same time. It is a must-have experience for anyone who wishes to partake in adventure and feel a rush but inside the comfort of his or her house.