The Politician season 2 | Netflix announced release date, expected plot, and first look

The politician season 2
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Recently this year, “The Politician” received a nomination for GLAAD Media Award and Golden Globe Awards. Furthermore, this outstanding American series available on Netflix has become one of the greatest comedy-dramas among the global audience. To begin with, “The Politician revolves around Payton Hobart who encounters politician competition from another race each year and thus, laughingly struggles to win at the end. After the successful airing of season 1 in September 2019, the fanbase is eagerly waiting for the Politician season 2. 

Good news! Netflix has finally released the first look of “The Politician season 2.” hence, the readers who are wondering if there a season 2 of the Politician? Well! Yes, there is. Although, you may require to wait for a month or two for the final release of season 2. 

So, Are you thrilled to know when The Politician’s season 2 will first appear on Netflix? Let’s find out what we know:

What is “The Politician season 2” release date?

According to the creators of the show, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan, the production of season 2 commenced in November 2019. In the meantime, Netflix has recently leaked the first look of the Politician season 2 along with its final release date. That’s right! Your favorite Politician’s season 2 is coming on June 19, 2020. 

Are there any chances of delay in season 2? 

Up until now, there are no official updates concerning delay or change in the current release date of the Politician’s season 2. However, COVID-19 is spreading rapidly around the globe. Among this chaos, the team of politicians may come across several challenges. Thus, bookmark this reading. We will update you if there are any possible changes in the current release date of the Politician season 2. 

the politician cast
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The cast of The Politician season 2

To begin with, there are possibilities of new faces appearing in “the politician season 2” as the storyline includes a recollection of political journey and competition with different political races. However, the first look of the politician season 2 suggest that the following cast members will be there:

Cast Member Character name Role in the Politician’s season 2
Ben Platt Payton Hobart St. Sebestian’s student body president
Gwyneth Paltrow Georgia Hobart Payton’s non-paternal mother
Zoey Deutch Infinity Jackson Payton’s running mate/subordinate
Judith Light Dede Standish Senate Majority Leader from New York
Bette Midler Hadassah Gold Chief of Staff under Dede
Lucy Boynton Astrid Sloan Payton’s competitor
Julia Schlaepfer Alice Charles Payton’s Girlfriend
Laura Dreyfuss McAfee Westbrook Payton’s campaign handler
Theo Germaine James Sullivan
Rahne Jones Skye Leighton River’s running mate


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the politician list of episodes
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Apart from this, there will be additional appearances on the show including David Corenswet, Sam Jaeger, Teddy Sears, Benjamin Barrett, Jackie Hoffman, Ryan Haddad, Trey Eason, Joe Morton, and Trevor Mahlon Eason.

Is the Politician S2 trailer out?

No! Netflix has not released the politician season 2 trailer but according to the cast information, the forthcoming series will bring entertainment back to the table. Moving on! Let’s revive our memory of “The Politician season 1” with the list of episodes:

  1. Pilot
  2. The Harrington Commode
  3. October Surprise
  4. Gone Girl
  5. The Voter
  6. The Assassination of Payton Hobart
  7. The Assassination of Payton Hobart: Part 2
  8. Vienna

What is the Politician season 2 expected plotline?

To begin with, The Politician season 2 will bring eight juicy episodes filled with adult comedy and high-end desire for victory. In the former season of The Politician, the audience witnessed Payton Hobart’s compassion and intelligence along with a rage of a teenager at a school level.

the politician
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However, in the second season, the audience is expecting more than the high-school drama. And, of course, will be served the same. In the meantime, During an interview, the creator Ryan Murphy disclosed the fact that in the forthcoming season, Payton Hobart will be a grown-up. Not only this but this next season will be more “Sexualized” in words of Murphy as more often than not, the political plans of Payton and its team encounter an edge from time-to-time where the attraction is everything. 


In conclusion, hold your horses because The Politician’s season 2 is on its way on Netflix. As the viewers see in the finale of season 1, Payton announces that he will be running for senate state. However, Standish is one again plotting against Payton by secretly planning to run for the vice president’s position. In the meantime, Will this bring Standish and Payton together or fall them apart like never before? Therefore, Stay tuned to know more!


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