Power Lift Chair Recliner: What Are The Mistakes To Avoid While Buying?

Chair Recliner

A power lift chair recliner is mostly medical equipment looking very similar to a reclining chair and can be upright or bent backward just with the click of a button. The chair can be triggered for tilting the base and back in a standing position with the life chairs operating on buttons. These are available in different shapes from large to small widths one.

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People benefiting from lift chair recliners

Power lift chair recliner is for anyone having difficulty in transitioning from a seated position to a standing position due to mobility issues. It offers therapeutic benefits to all those seniors suffering from joint pains, back pains, arthritis, or any other types of problems. These chairs can be used even when watching your favorite television shows.

Many people also love sleeping on these chairs because of the presence of so many positions where many models come to the flat position whereas, in most, the modification is done to various angles and elevations for providing maximum support.

Mistakes to avoid while buying these lift reclining chairs

  • Wanting to fit the body shape

Recliners fit according to the size of your body and it is quite essential to note that the larger the chair, the deeper is the cushion. Choosing a chair that is too large will end up not good for you as you won’t be able to put your feet on the ground. A small chair is also not good for your back. Buy a chair perfect for your height and lower back pain also.

  • Covering type

Are you a person sweating a lot? Then leather might not be a good option for you. Are you facing the problem of incontinence? Then using cloth material is not good either. You can see in many cases that leather is expensive and it doesn’t come with many discounts, preferably not good to buy.

  • Positions

One of the important features to consider while buying these recliners is the number of positions you are intending like 2 positions, 3 positions, or infinite positions. Infinite model positions have two motors for helping your footrest independently in the back portion. 

Position 2 and 3 has a single motor for the back-rest part. Position 3 allows for full recline which is not available in Position 2 as they can only recline up to 45o

  • In the Living area

Do you not have much space in your living room? Or your recliner is inclined against a wall? Models are starting from the wall and sliding forward without banging to the wall behind. The standard models slide both back and forth which causes a problem if you don’t have a large living room.


Professional power lift chair recliners are the best choices as it comes in varying sizes and patterns choosing whichever you wish.