Mi Drop for PC: Beginner’s Guide to download Mi drop for PC

Mi Drop for PC

Mi Drop for PC: Mi is one of the most prominent Smartphone series introduced by Xiaomi in August 2011. It comes with an advanced MIUI user interface. Mi has become a comprehensive device/smartphone among the youth as well as the elderly.

To begin with, Mi Drop is one of the most unique features of Xiaomi phones. More often than not, various other exclusive smartphones are not flexible enough. Smartphones such as Samsung, Oppo, iPhones, and Micromax. They ask the user to download additional software. You can download the same from the play store to activate online sharing. Thus, to share files from the phone to another device. But, Mi Drop has eliminated such high-end download action in Xiaomi Smartphones. It is because now Xiaomi or Mi Phone users receive in-built ShareMe mobile apps on the phone. This app is known as Mi Drop. Not only this, but Mi drop is also willing to set up in motion for laptops, I .e.., Mi Drop for PC.

For the most part, the readers must acknowledge the fact that Mi Drop is a brand-new feature. Hence, it is not available in Mi Smartphones with user interface from MIUI 7 and further. Do you know how Mi drop works? Are you thrilled to activate Mi Drop on PC Windows? If Yes, you are on the right platform to assimilate the downloading procedure and so.

What is Mi Drop App?

As mentioned before, by definition, Mi Drop is an in-built mobile application. It comes in Xiaomi Mi-series Smartphones with advanced user interface version MIUI 7. For some percentage of users, it is a perfect replacement for “Share it.” To summarize, Share-it is online mobile software available on the play store. It allows users to share content from one smartphone to another device. Furthermore, this content can be a document, image, graphic, audio file, video files, or more.

How does this app work? Well. To share files via Mi Drop or Share-it, two devices must be nearby. Further, these devices connect via hotspot-wifi connectivity. Once the devices generate a connection, the files start to transfer. Indeed, users can also view the duration left to complete the transaction.

mi drop

How is Mi Drop better? This question arises more often than you think. However, there is a logical explanation behind this. Yes. Mi drop is better than any other sharing software. It is because unlike other software, Mi drop generates a hotspot-wifi connection between devices. This non-distributed connection allows the device to isolate all other devices nearby. But, this does not happen when it comes to Bluetooth connection. The reason being Bluetooth keeps scanning for other devices. Thus, it does not matter even if a single connection is already present.

What is Mi Drop for Laptop?

It is time to celebrate! Now, you do not need pen drives to transfer files from mobile phone to computer system. That’s right! Today, we are introducing you to Mi Drop for PC for Xiaomi users. It is time to hold your investment horses in laptop accessories. Mi Drop for PC windows 10 free download is one complimentary investment you need.

To the reader’s surprise, Mi drop comes with the “connect with computer” option. This allows the user to connect a smartphone with a computer. Further, users can transfer high-storage data from smartphones to PC on a shorter time scale.

Thus, now you can manage files and documents by creating a connection between Android smartphones and PC. Let’s get started with the beginner’s guide to how to connect mobile to PC using Mi Drop?

How to activate ShareMe Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Macbook?

To connect your Xiaomi Smartphone Mi Drop with PC, follow the given below instructions:

Note: Mi Drop was formerly known as ShareMe. Hence, if you have not updated the “ShareMe” mobile application, you must do so before connecting it with the computer. Apart from this, in the latest modeled Xiaomi smartphones, Mi drop is an in-built software. Hence, such users do not need to update.

  • Update or install Mi drop in your Smartphone.
  • Open it.
  • Select whether you are receiving or sending files to the computer.
  • Click on the “Allow” button.
  • Now, touch the display picture on the top-left corner.
  • Click on the “connect with computer” option.
  • On the bottom of the screen, a network address will appear.
  • Now, open either the address bar or chrome.
  • Search the network address by entering it in the address bar or chrome tab.
  • The screen will show “Do you want to allow this page to open “my computer?” or “finder” for MacBook.
  • Click on the “allow” button.
  • Further, connect as a “Guest.”

Congratulations, you have created a connection between your SmartPhone and Mi Drop for PC.

How to download Mi Drop for Windows?

To download Mi drop web for PC in Windows 7/8/8.1/10; follow the instructions given below:

Note: Direct mi drop for PC Windows 10 free download is not available. But, users can download a Windows emulator to add Mi Drop in Windows computer. Furthermore, an emulator allows the computer to act as an android device. Hence, it allows the users to activate Android-only software such as Mi drop or Kinemaster for PC.

Check out the list of Emulators for Windows 10:

  • BlueStacks
  • NoxPlayer
  • Andy
  • Phoenix OS
  • MEmu


  1. Download any emulator best-suited for your PC.
  2. Install the emulator.
  3. Now, add mi drop apk for PC pure format in the address bar.
  4. For example, Mi Drop 1.28.17. https://mi-drop.en.uptodown.com/android
  5. Further, click on the download button.
  6. Download and install Mi Drop for PC Windows 10.

You can follow the same procedure for Mi Drop for PC Windows 7 free download.

To begin with, users usually question, whether or not, Mi drop for PC version charges for sharing files. Well. It is our team’s pleasure to inform you that this is only a myth. ShareMe or Mi Drop latest version does not charge the users. It is a free-of-cost and in-built mobile software.

How to download Mi drop for Macbook?

To download the Macbook Mi drop version, you must need an emulator. In the address bar, add “Mi drop 1.28.17.” Download and install the software. You Mi drop for PC is ready to use. If your Mi Drop apkpure fails, you can also connect your Macbook and smartphone via ShareMe (Mi drop).

To do so, follow the instructions given above for Windows 10 and Mac. Some substitutes for Mi drop for PC mac are:

  • FileZilla for Mac
  • OneDrive for Mac
  • CyberDuck
  • Adobe Flash Player

Do you need an internet connection for Mi Drop to PC?

To this, the answer is NO. Mi Drop for PC is also an offline mobile software. But, it is noteworthy to mention that users will need a high-speed internet connection. This is to download an emulator. Further, online status is also demanded to add, download, and install Mi drop apkpure via the emulator.

Therefore, once the app has activated on your PC, either Windows or Mac. You can proceed for online file sharing with offline status.

How to share files from Mobile to Mi Drop on laptop?

Do you want to create a connection between your mobile phone and PC using Mi drop? Well. It is very easy. You do not need any pen drive or data cable. First, install the Mi drop (ShareMe) mobile app on your Smartphone. Further, open it and go to the “connect with computer” option. This Mi Drop for PC version is only available in UI version 7 of Mi phones.

After selecting the “connect with computer” option, copy-paste the network address into my browser. You can also use “my computer” or “finder address” in Macbook. Check in to your Smartphone as a guest. The connection has created. Now, select all the files that you want to transfer to your PC from your Smartphone. Press the Enter button. Files have shared successfully. Now, to eject Mi Drop connection. Go to the desktop and select “[smartphone name]”, go to files, and click on Eject [smartphone name.]

In this way, you can easily distribute your mobile content to your PC and vice versa. To protect any distribution of malware, it is recommendable to run a malware test after a successful eject of connection. Furthermore, Mi drop for PC creates a new network address for connection each time. Thus, there is no “pairing” system. It protects you from “automatic connection” trouble whenever you open Mi Drop in your Smartphone.


Are you ready to activate Mi drop in your laptop? Follow the above guide to process Mi drop download Windows 7 and Mi drop download Windows 10. Upon any errors, you can connect with us in the comment section. Our tech experts will help you to recover from the issue. It is time to go advanced and administer your PC and mobile connection at an enhanced level. Mi Drop for PC delivers 100% privacy of users’ data.

Thus, it is time to run some cyber errands for your computer. Put the burden of storage down with Mi drop for PC. Drop all the pen drives, now, go wireless with Mi drop PC version. We wish you good luck, Stay connected for more!!!