What is a good programming language to learn for 2020


As we all know the Internet is growing day by day and development is at a very fast rate that no one can even imagine what would happen in the next year. Let’s see which Language to learn for 2020. Many of us are willing to try our luck in Web development, App development,p and many other things related to the development area.

Are you Confused? Today I’ll clear your all confusions which Language to learn in 2020

  • Language selection
  • Field to work
  • Job Opportunity
  • Approximate Wages for beginnerLanguage to learn for 2020
  • And many more…

So let’s get started with Language selection

We have many options like 

  • PHP
  • JAVA.
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Web Development
  • NODE.js
  • C++

Q-What is a good programming language to learn?

Ans-Your question is a too vague man. It depends on what you’re trying to do. A programming language is just a tool in your toolbox. All languages have their pros and cons hence why you see a lot of them.I’d recommend everyone who’s into coding to learn python though, it’s one of those tools everyone should have in their toolboxes

Q-What for Website Development Language to learn for 2020?

Ans-If you want to create just a website you can’ use HTML and CSS but it’s not very useful because everybody knows how to do a web site. It’s just for your personal experimentation and knowledge.

Q-What is The scope of C++ Coding Language to learn in 2020?

Ans- I personally think that C++ is a good one to learn first. I learned it through Arduino (an open-source programmable micro-controller), I highly recommend Arduino if you haven’t heard of it. And once you learn C++ the rest of the C languages are quite similar and won’t be too hard to pick up.

Q-What about Visual basic net Coding Language to learn for 2020?

Ans-If I was you I would start with visual basic net, it’s the easiest program language to do with windows, simple forms that do the groundwork for you and it’s easy to find tutorials, they won’t be complex.

As the name says: it’s the basic, enough to do some Okayish software. To download it you need to get visual studio community and download visual basic forms (inside from the down-loader)

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Q-What are your views for C++ as the first Language to learn for 2020?

Ans- I wouldn’t recommend C or C++ as a first language. Yes, they are powerful languages but they require greater skill and knowledge from the programmer (development environment, compilers, memory management, pointers, etc.)

I suggest taking Python for a test drive using an interactive tutorial-like Codecademy. This will quickly give you a good idea of what programming is like. If you enjoy the experience and understand the concepts, then, by all means, jump into C or C++.

Interested in Learning Python? Follow these courses.

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  Code Academy

   Learn Python▲

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You have a great thought if you are thinking to start some good coding language but make sure which one you are opting for as later on interest remains the same else you will end up wasting your precious time. This will surely help you in the future and also can help you earn enough good amount to run your expenditure. Just the right decision and you are good to go.