How to Make Sure You Get the CBD You Paid For

Get the CBD Paid For

With recreational and medicinal cannabis becoming more popular (and legal!), that leaves plenty of space for confusion. Let’s see how to make sure you get the CBD you paid for.

After all, just with any other product, you buy, how can you know 100% that it is as advertised? 

The cannabis-related business market is booming to keep up with consumer demand. And this leads to yet another issue. There are plenty of fraudsters out to rip people off.

Put these two issues together and you have a potentially dodgy situation on hand. Since most of us are not highly cannabis literate, we often believe what we see.

But you can avoid purchasing the product. Here’s how to ensure you get the CBD you paid for.

Only Purchase From Trusted Vendors

If you’re buying a CBD product online, be sure it’s from a website you know. Even if you never purchased CBD from it before, your prior experience should inform your next one.

The same goes for in-store purchases. Although let’s face it: people are more apt to purchase digitally these days. And, it’s easier to hold brick-and-mortar stores accountable.

If the website you’re about to purchase from is new to you, trust your instinct first and foremost. If it looks dodgy, it probably is.

Follow these simple steps to verify a website’s legitimacy. 

Opt for Organic When Possible

If you’re shopping for an organic CBD product, you may be more likely to have an authentic item on your hands. Why? Because certified organic products must pass through more rigorous third-party testing examinations.

Also, if a company goes through these added steps of sourcing organic ingredients, you can better assume they’re honest about other aspects of their product and its labeling. 

There are lots of wonderful organic CBD products out there, so finding these shouldn’t be an issue. But for a lot of people, the higher price of organic products puts them out of reach.

But this actually brings us to our next point …

Remember: You Do Get What You Pay for

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD products, they won’t come cheap.

You can be certain that CBD claiming to have all the bells and whistles you want but with a super low price is likely not legit. 

If you want the best CBD, you’re going to have to pay higher prices. For those who aren’t too concerned with quality as long as the price is suitable, be careful. 

We know, a huge price tag doesn’t ensure quality. But a mysteriously low purchase amount may signify you will not be getting what you paid for. 

It’s the perfect risk for scammers to take. They know lots of people are too busy to demand a refund for only a few dollars. And then they end up scamming countless people, netting lots of money.

So again, just be sure you feel comfortable with the set price of a CBD product in relation to its features before purchasing.

Keep Your CBD Post-Purchase Behavior Game Up

Now that you have the CBD you paid for, it’s time to take care of it and other shoppers! 

If you found a wonderful CBD product and retailer, be sure to leave a positive (and honest!) review. Genuine feedback will help guide other purchasers who have the same apprehensions you once did.

Your words and any tips you can share can make a huge difference to potential shoppers. And of course, it will help the business stand out from the CBR crowd as the real deal.

Also, take the proper steps to take care of your CBD. Sure, there are tons of different CBD products out there, but there are specific tips that work with them all.

If you are new to cannabis overall and are not sure how and where to store it, you can read more about that here.

It’s a smart way to protect your investment, after all!


Shopping for new products is always risky.

We have to feel safe in putting our personal details, for one thing. 

And then, we have to wait and hope the precise product we think we bought appears on our doorsteps!

But if you follow these simple and effective tips, you can ensure you get the CBD you paid for.