Birdman Net Worth: How much does American Rapper earn? 9 Facts about Birdman and Net Worth 2020

Birdman Net Worth
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Wondering what Birdman Net Worth is? In this reading, we put the spotlight on Birdman’s highest-paid albums, personal life, controversies, and more. It is going to be 2021’s best treat!


In today’s music industry, the scope of American rappers is skyrocketing. From broken inside rappers like Eminem to Forbes’s 5th ranking highest-paid rappers and hip hop stars, Birdman, it seems like America’s music industry has done pretty well. Popularly acknowledged as Cash Money, the rapper went viral for his contribution to Rich Gang: Flashy Lifestyle on Young Money Entertainment’s show Young Money Cash Money Billionaires by Lil Wayne. Having Birdman on the show, the public simply assumed that Birdman Net Worth had crossed 100 million USD. Has it? Let’s find out. 

Here are 9 facts about Birdman that crafts a perfect portrayal of his wealth and lifestyle. 

#1: What is Birdman Net Worth 2021? 

Born in 1969, 51 years old Birdman holds a net worth of $100 million. Not only does it make him one of the wealthiest American rappers after Lil Wayne and Eminem. He has also been on Forbes’s cover for being the top 4th ranking richest American rappers in the world. However, the latest media portals say Birdman net worth is only $100 million. But, as per Forbes’s ranking, his net worth has crossed $125 million in 2021. 

#2: Cash Money Records doubled up Birdman’s income

In 1991, Bryan Birdman Williams and his brother Slim founded a record label company by the name Cash Money Records. The silver lining here is that Cash Money Records hires elite musicians and rapping artists to record music for the company. Cash Money Records provides a percentage of profit to the hired musicians, and the rest of it goes to Birdman’s pocket. Thereafter, improvising his net worth to no end. 


During one of the interviews with significant media portals, Birdman revealed the secret behind his persistently improving net worth. First, he cleared the rumours about Cash Money Records bullying rappers like Drake. Further, he went on to reveal that CMR company’s annual profit income is $30 million. 

Since the establishment of the company, multiple American rappers and musicians have signed a contract with Cash Money. To name a few, there is Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Kylie Jenner’s ex-partner Tyga. 

Cash Money inside conflicts are no longer under the bridge. 

#3: Birdman faced lawsuits from Drake and Wayne

In 2015, Birdman and Lil Wayne (oldest friends and business partners) encountered each other beefing for money and profits. According to the real-time beef story behind the lawsuit, Wayne sued Birdman’s company Cash Money Records for not returning his profits on one of the music albums. 

The conflict between the two was seemingly unsettling. When Birdman’s company refused to pay $51 million in profit, Lil Wayne ended up threatening Birdman. He told Birdman that he would take away Nicki Minaj as well as Drake with him. Finally, in 2018, Wayne and Birdman’s conflict came to an end when Wayne settled for monetary compensation. 

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However, it seems like time is not good for Birdman and Cash Money Records. In 2017, Drake lifted his weapons and filed a lawsuit against CMR for withholding Drake’s profit from the latest album. According to the deal, Drake was entitled to 33% of the profit. Unfortunately for Drake’s lawsuit, it hasn’t reached a settlement yet. We hope both singers come together on a single stage once again. 

#4: Birdman talks about his sexuality to clear the air

Since Birdman Rapper Net Worth has touched $100 million, the talk about Birdman’s money has become boring. Thus, a few months ago, the internet raised a new rumour about Birdman. And, this time, it was to target his sexual preferences. As cool as this controversy sounds in the 21st century, it clearly pissed off the famous rapper, and he walked out during a television interview. 

birdman net worth
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Later on, the rapper cleared the air during another interview by saying that he is no gay. However, it is okay if the world thinks so. And, it doesn’t matter to him if Birdman memes give his black friends out there a BIG Laugh!

To be honest, Birdman is quite a calming person. 

#5: Massive Florida Mansion – SOLD!

In 2012, Birdman showed his interest in Russell Wiener’s Massive mansion in Florida. After back-and-forth negotiation deals, the parties settled for $14.5 million. And before you know it, the mansion was Birdman’s. However, only after four features, the mansion once again went up for sale in the market. And to your surprise, Birdman only quoted it for $13.5 million. Quite a loss, right? 

But, again, 2020 came and went, disappointing Birdman because no perfect deal for the mansion knocked his doors. There are hearsays going around that a few months ago, Bryan sold the mansion for only $11 million approximately. 

Sounds like a great loss in Birdman net worth 2021. 

To take a glimpse of this beautiful mansion, you can check out Birdman’s Breathe music video. It has been featured there. Spoiler Alert: It is breathtaking!

#6: Birdman’s Girlfriend walked off 

Toni Braxton, Birdman’s current girlfriend, had been engaged to Bryan Williams. However, in 2019, the couple unpredictably broke off. There have been rumours about Toni breaking up the engagement. To the reader’s surprise, Toni is also an American Singer and a television personality. During one of the public interviews, Toni Braxton confirmed that she and Birdman haven’t broken up the engagement. Indeed, it was only a rumour that out-of-blue hit them. For the sake of the public’s pleasure, the couple didn’t open or say anything about the rumour. 

Toni also revealed that she also lost her engagement ring in a Louis Vuitton bag that she left somewhere. It could be one of the rationales why the paparazzi thought that the engagement was off. 

Here is a fun fact: Toni Braxton’s engagement ring bought by Birdman was worth 1% of his total net worth. That’s right! This precious yellow-cut diamond engagement ring cost $1 million. 

#7: Birdman has 11 tattoos on his body

Have you ever wondered what is up with artists and tattoos? Well! Here’s an assumption, Artists like Birdman seem hardcore from the outside, but they often publicly say their internal feelings through tattoos. Does that sound right? 

Bryan Christopher William is widely known for having tattoos. He has one on the face, neck, hand, bald head, upper eyebrows, and other places. So, what do these tattoos mean? Let’s find out: 

  • Five Stars on his bald Head (Symbol of being one with God and prosperity)
  • CHIB and MAMA Tattoos about Eyebrows and Cross tattoo in between (signs of religious beliefs)
  • “Rich Gang” tattoo on left cheek shows his love towards the show YMCMB. 
  • BMW Tattoo on the right cheek. 
  • BABY in Chinese tattoo on neck-side. 
  • BM Junior and Cash Money Tattoos on both Palmar. 
Birdman net worth
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Apart from these elite and visible tattoos, Birdman’s entire body is filled with them. Imagine the pain! For the most part, tattoos are the signs in the 21st century to spot world-class singers and rappers. Indeed, today television celebrities like actors also get tattoos to say the things they are not willing to say directly on the camera. It’s our assumption. What do you think?

#8: Who inspired WHOM? Of Course, not Birdman Net Worth

Talking about tattoos, Birdman’s companion Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s ex-partner, recently got a “broken-heart tattoo” on his face. During one of the interviews, Tyga said that he had got the inspiration to get face tattoos by Birdman. He liked his infamous 5-star tattoos and wanted to have a unique tattoo for himself as well. 

Thereafter, out-of-the-blue, during a live interview, Birdman talked about having a laser removal surgery to get rid of his tattoos. For such a bold decision, he thanked 50 Cent Jackson. 

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Not only this, but Birdman also opened up about why he has so many tattoos? And, the head is definitely a sensitive place to have one. He opened up his emotions concerning his dead sister, who deceased in a car crash. In order to contribute to her pain and feel her pain during the end moments, he had tattoos done. 

#9: Bryan Net Worth and feud with Mountain Dew and Reebok

Dropping Rick Ross and Lil Wayne for brand endorsement was a big mistake made by Reebok and Mountain Dew. The reason behind the drop was controversial lyrics. According to Reebok’s side of the story, Rick Ross’s lyrics suggest an imagination of a rapping scene. Upon such conflict between Rick and Reebok, all the prominent brands gathered for the team Reebok and rappers came up to defend Rick. As a consequence, Pepsi-Co breached its contract with Lil Wayne. Was it fair? 

Birdman net worth

But, Birdman came to the rescue of his partners in crime. Further, launched an album including the same lyrics. This caused the world of brands to go up against rappers and endorsement deals. In one of the interviews, Birdman also said that if anything such happens again, he would care but get Mountain Dew and Reebok brands boycotted by the public. 

And, today’s generation sure loves its rappers. 


With that being said, Birdman Net Worth is not as controversial as he himself is. Next time, we will talk about some highest paying albums of Birdman’s company Cash Money Records. Bookmark us, so you don’t miss it. We will get back with more spicy news and facts. Till then, have a good day!