40 elegant ankara styles for ladies to try in 2021 – Get Fashionable!

Ankara Styles for ladies
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Ankara Styles trend started from the United Kingdom and has now taken over the wardrobe of ladies globally. From grasping the attention of black women in the UK, Nigerian women have also re-adopted this beautiful dressing style which expresses their elegance and culture. To begin with, Ankara styles for ladies, this clothing style has originally come from Africa. Indeed, its initiation goes back to the colonial age. However, in 2021, fashion experts and designers have created a new Ankara-based clothing style for ladies. And it’s fantastic! 

ankara style trending
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 For the most part, if you view closely, Ankara dresses are made of wax-printed fabric. However, the unique feature of the latest Ankara styles in 2020 for ladies is its symbolic patterns. They create beautiful body shape illusions that bring out the best curves of ladies. This style appreciates women of all sizes and all colours. 

Today in this reading, you will get a perfect presentation of diverse and elegant Ankara styles for ladies that you can adopt in 2021. Let’s begin your journey of a makeover with Ankara style. 

Ankara styles for ladies: Ankara Outlook for Office

Don’t have time to explore your love for Ankara Style daily? Well! Ankara is an all-inclusive fashion material that you can turn into a flared long skirt, gown, or even an overcoat to go with your office shirt. Check out the beautifully designed Ankara styles for ladies who work. These fit your personality as a professional worker ideally and give you confidence. 

ankara for office
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Black Ankara dresses for couples as well as singles

Often, colourful outfits put you into the spotlight among a silent crowd. Thus, it becomes highly challenging to appear playful and elegant with only the colour “black.” but, don’t worry! If black is your all-time favourite, then, Ankara in black should be a win-win for you. Check out the beautifully styled black Ankara dresses that women and men appreciate. Whether you are going out for a couple’s date at a fancy restaurant or with your friends – these dresses will be hard to turn down. 

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Ankara styles for Brides

The wedding industry caught onto the Ankara style instantly. To begin with, Ankara styles for ladies who are soon going to be a bride is spine-chilling. You wouldn’t be willing to take your eyes off some of the most beautiful brides who embraced the Ankara style on their wedding day. And, became globally recognized for their guts to try out something entirely different, traditional, and classic. 

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ankara styles for ladies
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ankara styles for ladies
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Ankara for Bridesmaids

If you can’t figure out what would fit your bridesmaid’s best, who is different in shape and size. Well! Ankara is a non-discriminating fashion style. So, why not try it out? Here are some beautiful bridesmaids in Ankara style wedding dresses expressing the real value of elegance and tradition within a single outlook. Save these looks for unique dressing experience and colourful wedding memories. 

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Ankara for pregnant women

To begin with, Ankara style clothing is very comfortable. The fabric feels amazingly soft on the skin and creates a fantastic outlook of women of any size. It does not make you feel unnecessary revealing but embrace your visible skin with its bright colours.

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ankara styles for ladies
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Ankara gowns have also become prominent among pregnant women. Specifically, because these gowns are not as heavy as they appear. But, are always ready-to-be-worn at noteworthy occasions like baby showers, mocktail parties for the ceremony of an upcoming newborn, etc. 

So, if you are pregnant and a special occasion has come up like your sister’s wedding or festival – don’t worry! Ankara styles for pregnant ladies is the best to go for in 2021. 

Ankara prom dresses

Prom is definitely one of the first most special occasions in every girl’s life. On this day, she is accompanied by her friends, better half, boyfriend, best friend, or any male family member for the high school dance. Hence, every lady dreams of dressing up at her best for this day. Nothing can be more beautiful than adapting Ankara style for 2021 Prom night. 

ankara style for prom
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These beautifully patterned dresses bring out your girlish look. Whether you desire to wear cornrow hairstyle, or go with shuku, or zigzag; an Ankara dress corresponds with your hairstyle and gives you a brand-new personality outline. 

ankara styles for ladies
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Red Carpet Ankara dresses

For ladies, a red carpet can be anywhere. That’s right! Whenever a lady is looking good and confident, she walks with an ideal ramp walk. So, if you also want to try out some red carpet walks to real-time premiers and shows, Ankara style can serve you a lot of attention with zero efforts. Nigerian celebrities like Tonto Dikeh are one of the major fans of Ankara styles for ladies. 

ankara styles for ladies
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High-end celebrities, including Rihanna, Nicky Minaj, and Kardashians, have also embraced Ankara style for ladies on various occasions. 

Off-shoulder Ankara Styles for ladies

Occasionally, you may come across women who love to modernize everything. So, why leave the Ankara style out of the race? That’s right! Ankara summer gowns with off-shoulder variety have been trending all over the internet. Indeed, during festival season, so many Nigerian women adopted new shoulder styles with their Ankara dresses that created a jaw-dropping moment for all the viewers. Do you want to take a look? Here it is: 

ankara styles for ladies
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You can also design your Ankara into an off-shoulder Ankara dress. Now, off-shoulder comes in numerous patterns. So, whichever makes you feel comfortable, go with it!

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Ankara short gown styles

More often than not, you may get fed up with all the long and flared dresses in your wardrobe. If you are not displaying and embracing the beauty of your legs once in a while – you are losing the diversity in your fashion sense. Hence, it is time to redo your Ankara wardrobe with some short gown made using Ankara fabric. 

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To add the latest fashion style to your short Ankara gown, you can beautify it with a creative shoulder manner, flared skirt style, or even a divider style at the bottom. 

ankara styles for ladies
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Ankara infinity dress

To begin with, the Ankara infinity dress is one of the top picks among women who crave for a sensual makeover. If you are one such fashion lover, Ankara infinity dress type should be first in your list. These infinity dresses come in different styles, colours, textures, and designs.

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You can pick your close-to-heart neck design, back design, and shoulder design. For extra grace, you can choose an Ankara infinity dress that demonstrates your female chest as per the occasion demands. 

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Ankara Crop Tops

After talking to women of different taste and fashion sense, it came to our knowledge that not all women love to wear gowns. Indeed, some ladies out there love to style everything with their jeans. And, there’s nothing wrong with it. Because jeans give your buttocks the best attention that they deserve after long hours at the gym, so, let’s not forget to explore some options in the Ankara style to go with your jeans. 

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Ankara crop tops come in different styles and colours. You can choose patterns as per your comfort. For example, an Ankara tube top is a perfect pick if you are going to style it with an overcoat. Ankara off-shoulder tops, Ankara balloon tops, and tunic tops hold the spotlight in the market currently. 

ankara styles for ladies
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Ankara Overlap dresses or Gowns

Overlapping gowns are the winner in 2021. One cannot get in the mood to wear anything but Ankara overlapping dresses or gowns for every occasion. Overlapping dresses create an illusionary pattern for your body. Thus, it gives you grace with every move. Ankara overlap gowns come with a tight fit, flare, or jumpsuit style. You can choose any style for the best outlook. 

ankara styles for ladies
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Do you know? A few Ankara overlapping dresses come with a pencil skirt with an overlap of flare skirt that ties at the front. Apart from this, fish-cut overlapping dresses also embrace ladies’ curves. To accessorize your bosoms with elegant clothing, carry a shimmery jacket with a bow at the front. 

Accessorize your Ankara 

When it comes to Ankara styles for ladies, you cannot just wear an Ankara dress and go out. However, other than hairstyle, you can light up your Ankara dress with some beautiful accessories that other people cannot overlook. You can wear Ankara fabric headband with the dress. If your Ankara dress embraces an off-shoulder outlook, you can wear bangles made using Ankara fabric to go with your dress. 

ankara styles for ladies
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In the event that you want to create an appealing look for the summer season – buy an Ankara fabric hat with a Chinese fan to go with your dress. Carry a handbag if you are wearing an Ankara pencil dress for the office. 


So, are you ready to welcome some Ankara styles for ladies to your wardrobe? Check out the best Ankara dresses online and bring out the colours that suit you perfectly. 

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