The Spy Season 2 is likely to come soon on Netflix in 2020

the spy season 2 coming soon
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The Spy season 2: Released on September 6, 2019, The Spy tv series on OCS Network in France and Netflix in the U.S. has brought millions of viewers to come across the real-life story of Eli Cohen. Not only does the series break records of various high-end documentaries such as Bikram Yoga and Ted Bundy on Netflix, but it also received over 85% audience approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

To begin with, “The Spy” has a perfect ending within its six episodes in season 1. Although, its climax has left the audience confused whether there will be a spy season 2 or not! Why so? Well! The answer is, “at the end of the Spy season 1; there was a cliffhanger.” It could be the hint that spy season 2 will be in the making soon.
So, let’s find out everything we know about “The spy season 2” so far!

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What is “The Spy season 2” release date?

According to recent updates on Netflix, several shows encountered cancellation, such as Spinning out and Designated Survivor. However, “the Spy,” on the other hand, seems to end. Although, there are chances that Netflix will pick up “The Spy” for its season 2.

So, will the Spy season 2 follow the after story of Eli Cohen? Well! The answer is No. As mentioned before; the Spy season 1 has given a definite ending to Cohen’s development, the topmost Mossad Spy of Israel. 

Therefore, there are chances that “the Spy season 2” will bring out a real-life story of another hero from the times of War. I am hoping for Hitler! However, there are many documentaries already made.

Is there The Spy season 2 official trailer?

No! Up until now, Netflix has not launched the Spy season 2 trailer. But, for the first-time viewers of the Spy tv series based on the real-life of Eli Cohen, we are presenting the Spy season 1 official trailer 2019:

What is the Spy plot?

The Spy on Netflix follows the story of Eliyahu Ben-Shaul Cohen, a Mossad Spy who died on May 18, 1965. The last five years of Cohen’s life were spent in Syria doing his espionage work. However, the Military Intelligence Directorate came to know about Cohen’s spying work. It led to Cohen’s being guilty under the pre-war marital law. Thus, in 1965, Cohen was executed publicly. 

Although the Netflix original series, the Spy opens in 1967, revealing several intense scenes from the Six-Day War between Israel and Syria. Apart from this, the series also shows the past of Cohen in the Egyptian army. He had built a brand-new identity in the Syrian high society as Kamel Amin Thaabet. It also shows his close relationship with the Deputy Defense Minister of Syria and the country’s upcoming president Amin Al-Hafiz. 

The Spy season 1 list of episodes:

  1. The Immigrant
  2. What’s New, Buenos Aires?
  3. Alone in Damascus
  4. The Odd Couples
  5. Fish Gotta Swim
  6. Home

The Spy season 1 ending explained!

At the end of Spy season 1, Nadia gives her last try to save Cohen from execution. The episode also goes into flashback where Cohen had visited his family for the last time. However, he wasn’t ready to go back to his usual life in Israel. He was not willing to cope up with the dual personality that he has built in the meantime. 

the spy season 1 real life story of Eli Cohen
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Furthermore, Cohen has also seen sitting in a meeting with the Ministry of Defense, where he discussed his plan for Syria’s water diversion operation. Not long after, he had seen returning to Syria where he had been appointed for Deputy Minister of Defense. However, Russian counter-espionage Suidani got to know about Cohen’s plan. In 1965, at Marjeh Square, he was executed. 


In conclusion, “the Spy season 1” has nothing left when it comes to the story of Eli Cohen. Therefore, soon, The Spy season 2 may come back with a brand-new true story of legends from the past. Stay tuned for more information!