What is social media marketing?

social media marketing

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing, as the name suggests, refers to marketing on social networks, or the promotion of goods and services through digital media. It is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks to achieve desirable marketing and branding goals.

The twentieth century is also known as ‘The world of technologies.’ The internet is a part of technology which has reached even the smallest element in the world. With innovations, internet is just not confined to computers or laptops but also in mobile phones and tablets. Social media has become one of the most exciting parts of the web. Any internet-based tool that allows people to exchange, share information, ideas, videos, pictures, etc. are referred to as social media. The popularity of social media has reached its peak. Thus, taking advantage of it, people have started marketing their business on such social media. Anything (be it products, services, brands, campaigns, social causes, contests) that is marketed i.e., sold, or promoted for awareness, action, purchase, or publicity, using social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. is Social Media Marketing. Social Media Marketing is one of the best modes in the area of Internet Marketing. It seems to be a tremendous opportunity to market the products and services through Social Media. Through SMM, one can create and manage social media networks for all kinds of business. Through SMM, companies can gain high consideration and active leads that can be easily converted into sales opportunities.

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SMM provides companies as well as individuals a way to reach new customers, engage existing customers, and promote business. It involves publishing great content on profile, engaging followers, running social media advertisements, and analyzing results. It is the process of marketing through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Facebook: Facebook over the years has proven to be one of the most commonly used social media across the globe. With over 1 billion+ active users, Facebook has grown beyond anyone’s imagination and has today successfully reached almost every household. This creates an enormous opportunity to build and market your business on this platform.

There are various methods of promoting your business on Facebook, for instance, creating a page and a dedicated group for your business where you not only improve your products but also share relevant information which your followers. Addressing consumer queries and collecting their valuable feedback can help you better your outcomes.
Facebook can help in creating a dedicated set of followers and creating a platform to interact with each of your consumers.
There are many ways in which one can promote their business on Facebook:
By creating relevant and informative posts
Adding images and videos promoting your business
Running surveys and collecting consumer feedbacks
Following pages and groups which share similar interests and bring them back to your page
Running contests, giving away complimentary samples, etc

Instagram: A picture is worth a thousand words. And this cannot be anything but a complementing statement while observing the growth of Instagram in recent times. Instagram is mainly targeted towards millennials who enjoy sharing their selfies and posts.

It can be beneficial to grow an instant following with high-resolution images and acts as a great medium with branding. Usually, Instagram is a go-to platform for cosmetics, clothing, cars, and bikes, beauty products, fitness products, etc. kind of businesses, mostly consumer-oriented BtoC companies.

Instagram marketing works on many levels:

Influencers promoting your brand
Sharing good quality images
Responding to comments and DM every day
It can help you create a separate stand apart identity against your competitors.

Twitter: A microblogging site where short messages can be shared with a broad set of audiences. While you sell and talk about your business, it is equally crucial for one to keep track of global trends on twitter. The beauty of Twitter is that it can help you reach a global audience who are actively following one particular topic via the usage of hashtags.

Advantages of Twitter:

It is useful to communicate short and precise messages across the globe
Allows becoming a trendsetter truly
Talking with global leaders, addressing issues of concern is relatively easier
It is highly useful to grab people’s attention via some original tweets, and retweets can help in growing followers.

YouTube: One mostly used to watch videos has to be YouTube, and it certainly has its perks when it comes to marketing on YouTube. Sharing videos of your creative ad campaign, review of your consumers, creating live sessions to talk about your business YouTube has it all.
It will help in creating an enormous following
Sharing video content can help in conveying messages much effectively which might have lost in words
Using other popular YouTubers to promote your business in between their videos can help reach a wider audience
Assists in creating a separate brand identity for your business.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional social network for people to connect with colleagues and business associates. It also offers a job search, event information, special interest groups, and messaging facilities.

LinkedIn is particularly useful when job searching, reconnecting with ex-colleagues and showcasing experience. There are currently over 239 million members worldwide.

Quora: An intellectual platform to share knowledge. Here people come seeking answers to their questions. In other words, a potentially interested customer comes knocking on your doorstep, and only converting them is your task.

Quora has much evolved since its inception and has become an excellent platform for business promotion
Studies suggest more consumers are likely to make a sale when a product is indicated by other person be it a stranger as opposed to a company promoting their products
Quora provides an efficient platform to showcase skills and share knowledge and personal experience, talk about one’s business journey, and this could help in connecting with clients deeply than any other platforms
Writing detailed answers, addressing queries, replying to messages helps in creating brand awareness and in increasing popularity
By these social media platforms, nowadays, people do business for better growth.

Social Media Marketing: This is a great way to engage your market and show your expertise and find out what they (your market wants).
SMM breaks down to share value, engage, and build relationships. 93% of companies have used social media as a marketing tool. A direct link exists between the number of years and time spent on social media for marketing. The more the number of years spent on social media marketing, the more the time spent. It is found that the time spent by my young generation is more than compared of other age groups.

Every coin has two sides. In the same way, social media online marketing also has pros and cons. The main disadvantage is the lack of face to face communication. The emotional connection between customer and seller is missing. Hence, people find it difficult to develop trust and faith in the company. Resources are needed to build and manage social media marketing. The investments made in online marketing cannot be quantified easily. Hence, one cannot say the exact amount of profit made from it. The risk of negative publicity also beholds. It can lead to lousy branding and, ultimately, to losses.

In spite of the disadvantages, I believe that the future of marketing lies through social media. I firmly believe problems can be quickly taken care of. A company needs strong planning, resources, skilled people, and attention seeker advertisement to attract customers. Services and responses provided by the company in the future will help in developing trust and faith in people. Finally would like to end my essay by saying that social media online marketing can be a boon to the companies.

Thank you for reading my post.