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civilisation 6 cheat codes
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In 2016, Firaxis Games launched Civilization VI or shortly known as CIV 6 of the Civilization game series for Microsoft Windows. In the next series of years, the game has been updated in the context of support. Now, you can play it on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac Os, Linux, and iOS operating systems as well. But, for those gamers who have attained enough skills to skip some of the levels of Civilization VI, there is a rather countable demand for CIV 6 cheats. Well! Fair enough…

Today, in this reading, we are presenting a brief of Civilization VI gameplay along with some high-end effective cheat codes that will help the gamer to get his/her way. So, are you ready to update your regular gaming skills to applying cheat codes and whatnot? Let’s begin!

What is CIV 6 cheats Gameplay plot?

Civilization VI gameplay is a TBS, i.e.., a Turn-based strategy video game that allows gamers to control every moment by turns and strategize the game at the real-time level of excellence. To begin with, developers have introduced Civilization VI as the continuation of CIV 5 with additional features, newly formed missions, and a brand new plot called “city unstacking.”

In the gameplay, the gamers are required to do some improvements in order to untangle the hex-based grid in the city, but the twist comes in when the improvements cannot be placed in the hexes within the city, but only in the bounds of the city. If you find it confusing anyhow, you must check out the CIV 5 Gameplay tutorial for a comprehensive understanding of the CIV 6 plot. 

CIV 6 cheats
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Without a doubt, there are many other factors to the game. Let’s learn by example. For example, there is an encampment district in the city that shares a training military unit. Furthermore, if you are building an encampment center right beside the heart of the city, it will not gain you any points as the gamer. The reason being, the game requires improvement in the hexes in the bounds of the city only. Thus, if you build the same encampment center in an outlined forest, it will gain your bonus points. 

To the reader’s surprise, this game comes in both single and multiple player mode. Hence, it is a treat for gamers as you can enjoy your weekend amid COVID-19 with family by indulging in the best building-skills game of all times: Civilization VI.

Now, here’s an interesting plot in the theory of CIV 6 cheats. For instance, if you have bought the Civilization VI expansion pack, you will need different sets of CIV 6 cheats. There are two versions of civilization VI. These are:

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

“Rise and Fall of Civ VI” has published by 2K Games and Aspyr in 2018. Although, it is not yet supportive of third-party players such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In this expanded Civilization VI Gameplay, the gamer experiences society’s rise at a swift rate, however, a random fall. Hence, this expansion pack presents challenges such as new leaders, the return of Queen Seondeok leading Korea, and Robert the Bruce leading Scotland. 

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

Introduced in 2019, Civilization VI Gathering Storm is supportive of all third-party players as well. It is also published by 2k Games. As the name suggests, this version of the CIV 6 cheat chart demands cheats on how to deal with various weather conditions. 

Well! For the most part, Gathering Storm gameplay revolves around various climatic situations including rising sea levels, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, dust storms, hurricanes, and so on. Thus, gamers’ every turn demands a turn that fits in such a climatic situation. Hence, it is a very interesting version of CIV 6. 

Top CIV 6 Cheat codes

For Quick Victory

This CIV 6 Mod is presented by IGN Staff. It is actually a very easy cheat code that helps the gamer to skip a level that is not interesting. Or simply, if the gamer somehow loses his record. Here’s what to do:

  1. Pick a Civilization of your interest.
  2. Now, customize your game to “Score Victory.”
  3. Pick turn limit to 1.
  4. Wait for the game to load
  5. Furthermore, select “found city.”
  6. Quickly end your turn (if possible).

Congratulations! You have successfully led to the next level without playing. However, it is noteworthy to mention that in some expansion packs, “end your turn” option may not appear the next minute. Hence, be patient with this CIV 6 Cheat.

CIV 6 Map Cheat

To be honest, it is quite frustrating that the map does not reveal in the civilization VI game quicker. Hence, here’s a loophole to it:

  1. Enable the Debug Console.
  2. Now, to do so, open your Civilization 6 in the installation folder/configuration form.
  3. For your information, it may look like this “Sid Meier’s Civilization 6/config.ini”
  4. Furthermore, open Config.ini.
  5. Now, change DebugPanel = 0 to DebugPanel =1. 

For the most part, you have successfully activated the Debug Console. Now, let’s move to the “Reveal Map code.”

  1. Press [‘] tilde. 
  2. Debug window will appear on the screen.
  3. Click on the “Reveal All” option.
civ 6 cheats list
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In conclusion, Civilization 6 Cheats are an amazing way to achieve more in the game. However, we understand that revealing the map and quick victory is not enough. There are some additional CIV 6 Cheat codes on our list. Check out our list below. Write to us in the comment section and we will come back at your request. Till then stay tuned and enjoy some additional CIV 6 Cheat codes for Civilization VI Gathering Storm.

Rename cities CIV VI cheat:

  1. Open Civilization VI installation. 
  2. Follow this series below:

Programs > Steam > Steamapps > Civilization VI > Base > Assets > Text > en_US > CityNames_Text.xml

3. Change “Text” to “<name>”

4. Click the Enter button.

5. Save changes.

How to disable Auto unit cycle CIV 6 Gathering storm cheat code?

Follow the given steps to disable Auto Unit cycle:

  1. Open PC and go to User.
  2. Documents > My Games > Civilization VI Gathering Storm.
  3. Further, click on “UserOptions.txt”
  4. Observe “line60” in the text line.
  5. Now, select “AutoUnitCycle 1” 
  6. Enter Text “AutoUnitCycle 0”
  7. Or, simply change digit 1 to 0.

You have successfully disabled the Auto Unit Cycle.

“Come back to this article for more cheat codes.”

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