Setting up an ECommerce Business? Why Not Relocate to Thailand?

Setting up an ECommerce Business

When we think of Thailand, we imagine beautiful sandy beaches and clear blue water, yet there’s a lot more to this unique kingdom. In case you didn’t know, Bangkok is the number one destination for digital nomads, people from all over the world who run their online business from their state-of-the-art condo, enjoying a luxury lifestyle for a lot less than such a lifestyle would cost in the West.

Thai Registered Business

Why not go the whole nine yards and register the business in Thailand? Talk to a Bangkok-based English-speaking lawyer to discover the many benefits, which include long stay working visas, plus there are attractive tax concessions offered by the Thai Board of Investment to encourage foreign investors.

Digital Marketing

Luckily, you have the best digital marketing agency in Bangkok and they can create an aggressive digital marketing plan that will deliver results. The leading agency would carry out an online audit to determine the strength of your current online profile and with your input, an on-point marketing plan can be put together and that will result in you carving out a niche in your chosen market.

Top Rated IT Infrastructure

Bangkok is not some backward third-world city, far from it; indeed, 5G is already up and running in some parts of the city and there’s free Wi-Fi everywhere in the many shared working coffee shops, where most digital nomads go to meet up and manage their platforms. The ISPs are cheaper than in Europe and offer true Broadband speeds, while you can even get 5-bar reception in remote parts of the country. If you choose to rent a poolside villa in Phuket, a fast Internet connection is available and there are no installation charges; set up a wireless router and you’re good to go! Outsourcing is the way to go and there are many small local companies that can provide you with essential services.

Cheap Source of Products

Whatever you are selling, you won’t find cheaper prices than in South East Asia and Google can quickly hook you up with an established wholesaler, plus you can have your packaging made here in Bangkok, which is another bonus! Many of the expats who live in Thailand buy their products from Thai manufacturers, which increases their mark up, as they have no importing.


Of course, relocating to Thailand and running a business means you have to be fully compliant with local laws and commerce regulations and the best way to ensure 100% compliance is to seek out the services of a Thai English-speaking lawyer. The tax you’ll pay will be much lower than in your home country and with Thai business registration comes long-term visas and a work permit.

Come for a Holiday

If you’ve yet to experience the wonders of the Royal Kingdom of Thailand, start with a holiday and this should be enough to persuade you to take the leap. You can rent a condo for a few months and when you are ready to purchase real estate, it can be done in your company’s name.

There are many reasons to choose Thailand as your new destination and once here, you’ll wonder why it took you so long!