Download SD maid Pro APK v4.15.5

Going on vacation and clicking photos of different adventures, rides, places is fun. But what if your phone does not have that much storage to store all those precious moments of your life.
 SD maid PRO can fix your issue, but how?
Filled with all the unnecessary apps and files which you don’t use anymore is too a factor which makes your phone so laggy to be used. For this. You need not go to your file manager and look for every particular file size and see if it is really of your use? Or no!
The devices which are on low storage cause various kind of issues to the users like some time they experience their device freezes, Some time they are not allowed to download new apps from play store when they need urgently because of being low on storage these kinds of issues can occur with you too


If you want to fix this cure, then you need some great app like SD maid Pro APK and get som worthless piece of crap in your phone kicked out.


You need to Download the SD maid PRO APK to get this work done for you with a few taps away. SD Maid Pro

SD Maid Pro is that app which will help you to clear all the clutter you got in your phone and comes with a very easy to user User-Interface and has got all options and choices according to your needs. It will help you in deleting some old databases of WhatsApp, which you no more need, some old APK files which were lying in your file manager or your internal storage, and does no work other than making your phone laggy.

It works with bot the rooted and the NOn-Rooted, or in developer language, we say it works with both of the ways When the Superuser permission has been grant or not.


Version Info

Name SD Maid Pro
Version 4.15.5
Size 7 MB
Developer Darken
Android 4.1+

Download SD Maid Pro APK for Android

Everyone works to achieve something other than money. Here I will be sharing you the name of the developer who developed this great app. and WIll ask you if you can afford, then, please support the developer and purchase this app instead of downloading.

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Top Features of SD MAID pro APK 

  • Overview – Shows you each detail about your device.
  • Explorer – Can be used as a file explorer for browsing files
  • AppControl – This option helps you to find the apps and control them over here instead of going in apps manager and then getting confused.
  • Corpse Finding option–  This feature helps you to find out all the obsolete APK’s
  • System Cleaner – Helps you to scan the system for old files.
  • App Cleaner –It clears the waste stuff from the app.

Procedure Install SD Maid Pro APK on your phone?

Have you already installed the Free version of SD Maid, then you have to remove or uninstall the old one to get the pro version app successfully installed on your device?


1. Open your download folder and select the APK file

Step 2. After you tap the file, click on Allow if it asks to allow installation from chrome.

Step 3. next, you have to do is, Install the file on your phone correctly this time without any errors.

Step 4.Once you have installed the app, then you need to Navigate in the options.

Step 5. Select the type of cleanup you want for your device.

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Final Words

SD Maid Pro APK is considered as one of the best apps to get your device storage optimized and will make your phone much easy and lag-free to be used.