How is Dakota Johnson the real-life Anastasia Steele?

Dakota Johnson on a red carpet

It is nowhere near doubtful that, recently, in 2015, Fifty Shades of Grey broke the theatre industry records. From being a best-seller to the premier box office, this movie’s success highly credited Dakota Mayi Johnson with a lifetime of fame.

In the movie, Dakota Johnson starred as Anastasia Steele, a simple-life living girl who experienced her first romantic encounter with Christian Grey during an interview. The high-end American Actor Jamie Dornan plays the role of Christian Grey in the movie. Aforementioned, the film was a big success and so are the controversies that followed the actor and the actress behind the scenes.

Today, we present you with an insightful comparison between Dakota Johnson and her screen personality in Fifty Shades of Grey, a.k. Anastasia Steele. The following facts reflect the light on the attribute that Dakota is a real-life Anastasia. No uncertainty on the choice of the director of the movie, Sam Taylor Johnson.


While counting the not-so-private factors of Dakota’s life, she was born with a silver spoon in Hollywood. However, success did not come easy for Dakota as she worked hard to fit in with Anastasia’s character. Or, we can say that Anastasia fitted in the name of Dakota.
As shown in the movie, Anna (Anastasia) was a not-so-rich girl, but her successful businessman, Grey, came easy in a click. Similarly, before the Fifty Shades trilogy, Dakota wasn’t known to such a level of success in Hollywood. It was only in a single CLICK! Today, the actress has majored in playing royalty roles in movies and TV series such as the Fall, How to be available, and Crazy in Alabama.


In the movie, Anna’s personality delivers a girl that lives to stalk a guy she likes on social media but she also loves to remain to conceal her obsession. In one of the scenes, Anna waits for Grey’s text for hours because of her fixation on the fact that she desires him to come to her and meet her.

Similarly, in the life of Dakota, she holds a big compulsion about her social media and her habit of stalking. As long as Dakota Johnson Instagram remains active, she stalks her enemies to her latest crushes. In one of her exclusive interviews, she also mentioned that the Dakota Johnson official Facebook is closed as she wants to gain some control over her social anxiety and compulsion of “what’s going on the internet?”


Well! In the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, Anna, and Grey, a.k.a Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were not in a wedlock situation until the second part. However, they were quite on the rail of “on and off” relationship till the ending of the first part. Indeed, after displaying a romantic and explicit relationship between the two characters, Anna leaves the man at the end of the first part of the Fifty Shades trilogy out of self-respect.

In real life, Dakota has been through such a bumpy relationship herself. Dakota and Chris Martin have been together since 2016. Indeed, Dakota has been in many bumpy relationships in the past. In 2011, Dakota was dating Mattew Hitt and later in 2013, they both came out clear about their romantic relationship. However, after 6 months of coming out, the couple split up without making a FUSS about it. That’s sad!

Well! We can say that such inconsistency in the context of a relationship may come from Don Johnson to Dakota. Yes! Father of Dakota and her mother, Melanie Griffith, married back when they were young lovers. After a few years, the couple divorced. Again, they married (to different partners) and divorced. Seems like Johnsons live in a lot of confusion when it comes to their partners.


In the second part of the Fifty Shades of Grey, I .e.., Fifty Shades Darker, the movie has explicitly displayed Grey’s abusive relationship with her stepmother and how he became addicted to the concept of BDSM. Well! One may think if Jamie is real-life Chris Grey. But, no! We are talking about Dakota. She has experienced having a stepfather that used to hurt her mother.

Yes! Melanie Griffith married Antonio Banderas after divorcing Don Johnson. They remained in the wedlock for 18 years, until Antonio became violent and caused harm to Melanie. They divorced and Dakota refused to keep any contact with her beloved stepfather. However, our readers would love to acknowledge that Dakota has a melting heart as when Antonio went through a heart attack, she reached out and played the role of a beloved stepdaughter by standing by his side.

Somehow, Dakota managed to pull someone she loves out of an abusive past as Anna did in the movie for Christian Grey. If that ain’t a big coincidence, we don’t know what is!


In the movie, Anastasia holds no passion for higher studies. Dakota also holds such mutual feelings in real life. Our readers’ would be stunned to acknowledge that real-life Anastasia was a back-bencher. Don’t believe it? Well! Dakota says that among the chaos of moving from father’s house to mother’s house throughout every week, Dakota lost interest in studies and accomplished a first-rate career interest in movies. For which she also gives full-credit to her mother.

As shown in the movie, Anastasia is a young woman with a dream of becoming a writer but she has no interest in going for a high-end degree in school. Similarly, Dakota likes to focus her energy on becoming a high-end actress without putting much thought into higher studies.


According to the theme of the Fifty shades, Anastasia is a girl that dreams small. Yes! She dreams of a small house and her lover who has a usual job. But, Christian Grey comes her way. That’s the actual story of Dakota Johnson. As per her dream life description, she wants to pursue a country life where she can live with her husband, children, and animals. Surprised, aren’t you? Well! In the movie, Grey comes to Anna as a life-changer, in the real-life of Dakota, the Hollywood stardom has come to her rescue.

Dakota Johnson with a costar


As a struggling writer in the movie, Dakota has also struggled to become an exclusive actress in Hollywood. According to an interview, Dakota happily accepted the fact that she was rejected for Juilliard, however, she didn’t quit on her dream.

Well! Unlike in the movie, Dakota is solely credited for her outstanding performance in the Fifty Shades trilogy, however, in both character’s lives, Christian Grey is a rescuer on the watch.

Dakota Johnson With HANDS-CUFF ON

In the life of Christian Grey on the screen, the urgency of Anastasia didn’t come into visible until she was cuffed. Well! We can say that the same thing happened to Dakota Johnson in the context of her Hollywood name and fame.

Do you know? 50% of the audience didn’t recognize Dakota from her old shows while watching Fifty shades in the theatres for the first time. You would be stunned to acknowledge that the actress has been in the industry since her childhood such as Ben & Kate. However, awareness of her beauty and recognition to her name came when the audience watched her Hand-cuffed on the screen just like Anastasia and Chris!

Dakota Johnson in a movie scene


When it comes to BFF-studded friendship, Anastasia and Dakota, both are the real masters. In the movie, Elios Mumford has played the role of Anna’s best friend, a.k.a Kate Kavanagh. They both look pretty close in the movie as per its theme. However, in real-life Dakota holds such a close BFF relationship with Riley Keough. Our readers’ would be surprised to acknowledge that Riley is the granddaughter of Elvis. Yes! THE ELVIS PARSLEY.

As per the web, these BFFs hold a pretty old and close gossip-full relationship with each other. Well, likewise the movie, they doubtedly would not share life partner.


Anastasia Steele and Dakota Johnson reflect various similarities between their personalities. Yet, let’s end this amazing discussion about stunning actress Dakota with a big-big secret. That’s right! The secret is “in the movie, Anastasia’s body is a clean-slate with no marks but only beautiful freckles. However, Dakota has majored in her body features with a few winsome tattoos.” Indeed, the actress confessed in an interview that her makeup artists spend hours covering her tattoos for movies. Further, she added that she feels uncomfortable and annoyed with such a waste of time.

We are sure that you must have enjoyed these Fifty shades of Grey facts that make Dakota Johnson officially Anastasia. But, we would also recommend you to embrace their differences. Differences allow a person to build a unique personality and stand out among the crowd. As much as we love to become an Anastasia, you must try to accomplish becoming a Dakota for change. She is a perfect example of an independent woman with her dreams as per sword.

“Meet you tomorrow with more Hollywood drama!”