How Do Cloud-Based Solutions Benefit Law Enforcement


Keeping up to date with technology is paramount in the IT division of law enforcement, and the use of cloud technology means that all data and applications stored virtually are kept securely and privately. Cloud solutions are forever upgrading to meet the demands of privacy and security, meaning that those who work in law enforcement can work productively without the worry of missing digital evidence or corrupted data. Listed below are other reasons using cloud-based solutions is advantageous for law enforcement. 

Advantages of Cloud-Based Solutions For Law Enforcement 

  • Operational Cost Minimisation – Installing and maintaining an onsite IT infrastructure is a costly endeavour as it requires ongoing physical maintenance, software and hardware upgrades, and a slow turnaround time when recovering data. All these things add up which is why more and more enforcement agencies are turning to cloud-based solutions to offset the expenditure. Many law enforcement agencies use cloud solution providers, chiefly because of the security and low cost compared to onsite server setup. Cloud platforms are systematically and constantly monitored and maintained offsite, freeing up time and resources that can be used to work more effectively within whatever law enforcement department has chosen this route.
  • Secure Backup Recovery – Losing important data is a major concern when it comes to law enforcement and if data is only stored on an onsite server, there is a higher risk of lost data due to any number of scenarios, whether it is fire, flooding, or hardware failure. Cloud-based solutions such as Amazon servers in Australia provide clients with several backup and retrieval options depending on their specific needs. Data is stored online and is generally backed up on several different servers in various locations which is an enhanced security measure as well as a safety protocol. Data can be backed up manually or it can be set to backup at a specific time, be it daily, weekly, or monthly and is easily retrieved if need be.
  • Protection From Cyber Attacks – The risk of unwarranted and illegal access to sensitive data is of high concern for law enforcement agencies and the costs of maintaining a secure virtual environment can be very expensive. The current estimated cost of cybercrime in Australia is $1 billion per year, which has a significant negative impact on the economy. Cloud-based solutions providers strive to keep the cost and occurrence of cybercrime to a minimum by implementing the most effective safeguards to keep data safe. It is not a fail-safe system, but cloud solutions provide the best protection against cyber-attacks, and technology in this area is advancing every day. 

All departments of law enforcement need to know that their data is secure, backed up, and able to be retrieved at a moment’s notice. This is why so many law enforcement agencies across the world have opted to migrate their data to cloud platforms as it guarantees security and privacy for both the staff and the general public. Law enforcement is an essential part of any working society and the general public hopes and expects that the people that are in this line of work have the necessary means to help keep their data safe. Cloud-based solutions provide a level of security and are implemented every day in the workforce, and it means a safer and more secure future for us all.