VRay for 3ds max Crack
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What is VRay for 3ds Max?

Good News!! to all the Editors, Architects, Producers, Graphic designers, etc. who all need 3D computer graphics software for visualizing and computer graphics. Here’s VRay for 3ds max (Vray 3.6) for you all.

It’s basically a plugin for using all those 3d computer graphics software.

Vray for 3ds max (vray 3.6)


With Vray for 3ds max, you can use most of the apps required for editing and creations at ease.

It can be used for the realistic-looking projects for eg. The option for changing the light modes to make the photos look more realistic, etc.

Its new features will help you to make editing easier with the organization of assets.  its easy to used way will also help in using the colors and lighting in an efficient way along with the hybrid engines usage allowance.

With Vray, you can not only make your projects use good but better because it also helps you with the sound.

You can also download GIMP portable for image editing from here.

Vray for 3ds max


Vray is a light plugin which can be easily used in Windows 7/8/10. It requires an Intel Core 2 duo or faster Processor with 64-bit computing.

Which Graphics Software can be used with VRay for 3ds max  Plugin?



4D sketchup
Soft image

You can also download Nuke software from the given link for Nuke Software Free Download

Why VRay 3.6?

VRay for 3ds max (vray3.6)

Both CPU and GPU Engines: Vray supports both CPU and GPU engines depending on your hardware specification.

HIDPI Mechanism: Vray Provides HIDPI mechanism which will help with the clarity in images. It can do so by helping to measure the mechanism clarity.

Noise Removal: VRay 3.6 also helps to eliminate noise and clamors up to 50%.

Realistic looking features(Natural looking grass, wooden floor or wooden texture): The new VRay has color picker opportunity along with light modes which make the scenes and projects make way more realistic Eg. it has a feature to provide real looking natural grass and wooden floor or wooden texture to the scene to make it look more attractive.

Vray for 3ds max (vray 3.6)

Organized and easy to use: It manages our assets in a very well organized way. Apart from this, VRay can simply be used for SketchUp by dragging and dropping.

3D software Friendly: VRay is not only 2D friendly but 3D too. It can easily be used for 3 Dimensional models which help to see all areas of the design hence, making it easy to look with more detail.

Improvised File Manager: The new VRay 3.6 has a new file manager which allows access to any files for managing all types of scenes and designs.

How can you install and activate Vray 3.6 for SketchUp Crack?

  1. Download the setup from below given link.


2. Install the setup by clicking on next until the final dialogue box with finish comes up.

3. Click on Finish and then install the key from the downloaded file to activate the same.

4. Open and enjoy the app.

You can also learn how to use Vray on this free Vray for 3ds max tutorial

Conclusion :

The new Vray 3.6 is a user-friendly plugin which has a lightweight and is easy to use. It’s new features including the clarity and vast color options not only makes the project looks better but also realistic. Its sound cancellation feature helps a lot for more clarity in voices making it easy audible to hear whats required and cancel the unrequired part. Basically, if one needs the finest plugin to use on various 3d graphics software VRay 3.6 is the one.

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