How to Create an Email List with Pinterest Marketing?

Email List

Building an email list is not that hard for people who know what they are doing and possess the knowledge about the right tools.

Howbeit, many marketers struggle because of not using the best email list-building strategies.

Did you struggle too?

Then you might be missing Pinterest marketing and a couple of freebies in your email search process.

An easy way to find a person’s email address is by using the email lookup tool such as As you read ahead, we will see this in-depth.

How to find email addresses? Well, use an email lookup tool!

As mentioned above, you may use an email lookup tool like to find a person’s email address quickly and accurately.

It would take a few seconds to find email addresses with this fantastic tool.

You can use this tool for free with limited features and search numbers. Once you reach the monthly limit of ten email addresses in the free plan, you have to wait till the next month or go for the paid version.

The tool is top-rated for the best customer support and accurate result.

How to grow an email list on Pinterest?

Like I said before, it isn’t hard to grow your email list on Pinterest. You have to ensure that your pins rank higher in search results.

It is pretty easy to rank higher on Pinterest than on Google.

Here are some steps you can follow to achieve this;

  • Optimize your Pinterest business profile (Make use of keywords).
  • In your boards, use keywords in both title and description
  • In the description and title of your pins use keywords
  • Enable rich pins
  • Create attractive, beautiful pin images with clear titles.

Why you must build an email list with Pinterest?

Now, let us see why you shouldn’t ignore Pinterest.

  • It’s easy to rank higher on Pinterest than on Google
  • You can build your email list at zero cost
  • You can connect with the right target audience easily
  • Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest is a search engine; hence your pins would rank higher for a long time.

Now, let us see how you can generate the email list with Pinterest;

Create a valuable Freebie

Before you offer anything to your prospect, you must understand their needs.

If you are not aware of their struggles, you cannot fix their issues.

With a good understanding of your audience’s problem, you can come up with the best offer that will help them solve their problem.

First, you can offer a freebie that solves a part of their problems and then offer them your product that completely solves their problem.

It may sound simple. But, there is no surety that your prospects will buy right away from you.

Hence, focus on providing more value; this will help you to sell your products.

Make use of relevant keywords.

As mentioned before, Pinterest is a search engine; hence you need to use keywords everywhere to rank higher.

Share your pin to relevant Pinterest boards.

Many users commit the mistake of sharing their pins everywhere. This is not a good practice because it will not make sense when you share a pin on an irrelevant board.

It will not help in ranking higher.

Create eye-catching Pinterest images that would convert

When you use attractive images, you can easily ensure clicks. When you create pins, include an eye-catching title, easily readable fonts, and have your brand colors.

Final Thoughts

With attractive pins, you can drive traffic and encourage them to sign up for your email newsletter.