7 Tips to Get the Best Price When Selling Your House


Selling a house is not as simple as putting up a ‘For Sale’ sign and waiting for buyers. Well, it can be, but why not sell faster and get a better price with just a bit of effort? Selling a house is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most people, so it’s better to do it right.

To get the best price when selling your house you need to understand your local market, pick the best time to sell and know the total cost of selling a home. Moreover, making simple renovations and enhancememnts to your house can increase its value. However, be aware of contingencies. Let’s dive into details!

Understand Your Local Market

Selling a house in one of the best cities to live in Orange County is easy, but not so much if the real estate market is not as hot in your location. The real estate market is constantly changing, and even on a local level, it doesn’t stay the same for too long.

When there are more buyers than houses for sale, it usually increases the prices as buyers compete for fewer homes. That’s a seller’s market. Conversely, when there are more houses for sale than buyers, it decreases the prices as sellers compete for fewer buyers, and that’s a buyer’s market.

To find out which market you are in, look at the average Days on Market for houses alike in your region. DOM is a real estate statistic that reveals how long houses are actively posted on the market. If homes similar to yours are selling faster than the average DOM for your region, it can mean a high demand.

Also, take a look at the rate of home appreciation for houses in your market. That will show you how fast home prices are rising. An abrupt rise can mean buyers are paying more.

All of that will influence how you price your house. Moreover, they can help you know how long it will take to sell it, as it can affect your costs.

Another option is to find a great real estate agent who will do the work for you.

Pick the Best Time to Sell

The best time to sell isn’t the same for everyone. While spring typically brings the most buyers, each seller’s matters also affect choosing the right time to sell. Whatever those matters might be, don’t base your decision only on the weather, but choose wisely. 

Also, understanding whether it’s a seller’s or a buyer’s market is essential in determining the price your home is likely to sell for.

Adjust the Price

You want to make as much money as you can but also sell your property fast. For this step, you might want to consider getting a good agent. He will complete a comparative market analysis (CMA) and show you what comparable houses in your area have sold for lately.

If you list your house too high, you risk scaring off buyers. However, if you list it too low, you risk not getting as much as you could. That’s why it’s crucial not to get too emotional when selling a house. Sellers who overprice them usually take much longer to sell.

Know How Much It Costs to Sell a Home

There are several costs related to selling a house many sellers aren’t aware of. These costs can alter the profit once the property sells. Some of these include legal, moving, marketing, repairs, maintenance, and cleaning expenses.

While the goal of selling a house is typically to make a profit, forgetting about the actual cost can surprise you with the amount of money in your hands after the sale. So, keep that in mind when deciding on the price.

Make Essential Renovations that Add Value at Minimal Cost


All home renovations aren’t equal. The influence of a project varies depending on your current home value and the market you’re in. For example, adding a pool will likely increase value for more expensive houses, while projects like a kitchen or bathroom redo add more value to economical homes.

Consider the costs and expected increase to your home value because substantial renovations can lead to unexpected expenses. The best way to boost your home and secure broad appeal to buyers is to focus on modest upgrades not linked to individual preferences.

Think about what a reasonable buyer would want to repair. These are usually things that impact the functionality, structure, and safety of the house.

Consider Curb Appeal

Making a good first impression is essential, and modest aesthetic enhancements to the outside and inside of your house can profoundly influence potential buyers. Curb appeal is so important because, first, you have to get them into the house.

Humble touches, such as potting a few plants or painting a front door, can create an inviting environment and set a good mood for buyers. You will want to avoid expensive redos because you don’t know what a buyer wants. Keep it modest and simple. Painting, upgrading your bathroom, or replacing a door handle are great ways to start.

Negotiate the Best Offer and Be Mindful of Contingencies

It’s normal to wish to take the highest offer, but it’s clever not to jump before reading the terms. Most offers include contingencies – terms in your contract that allow the seller or a buyer to cancel the agreement if they are not met.

Usually, the buyers in hot markets will abandon contingencies to ease the deal. On the other hand, if the market is not as hot, buyers are likely to ask for more contingencies because there’s a low risk of their offer not being accepted. 

So, depending on the contingencies, the highest offer won’t necessarily make you the most money. That is especially true if the time for closing doesn’t line up with yours. Therefore, do it the smart way. Negotiate the best offer, not the highest one.

The Bottom Line

Getting the most out of the sale isn’t as easy as listing a home on the market and waiting for buyers to queue ready to give you money. Determining the right price plays a vital role in getting the best price. However, consider your circumstances as much as the current state of your local market and adjust the price accordingly.

Making renovations can add value to the house or even in your apartments near Hampton, but be aware that not all will pay off.  So, redo the essential things. Also, remember to beautify the outside and the inside of the house for a great first impression.

Lastly, ensure you review the contingencies and choose the best offer accordingly. Good luck!