Regular vs. Specialty Cleaning: What Do I Need?


For homeowners with a special cleaning project, finding the right cleaning service can be confusing. Companies advertise regular cleaning, deep cleaning and specialty cleaning. This article discusses the differences between those types of cleaning services and when you need each kind.

Regular Cleaning vs. Specialty Cleaning

Does your home need a good spring cleaning?  Did you buy a hoarder home? Did severe weather cause your basement to flood? Has the family just recovered from coronavirus?  Different circumstances dictate whether you need regular cleaning or specialty cleaning.

Regular Cleaning

Tasks like cleaning surfaces –floors, counters, furniture– are part of regular cleaning. It includes things homeowners typically do themselves, such as cleaning bathrooms and wiping appliances. A good cleaning service might be more detail-oriented than a homeowner, but still provide regular cleaning services.

Deep Cleaning

Some home cleaning services describe deep cleaning as bigger projects you wouldn’t do every week. Examples include scrubbing the tile grout, shampooing rugs and upholstery and washing the windows.

Specialty Cleaning

Specialty cleaning is a service often used by building managers in commercial properties. They hire professional teams to address issues such as mold, biohazards or fire damage. For example, SERVPRO, a leading cleanup, construction and restoration company, works with businesses on projects that require specialized experience. They also do residential specialty cleaning.

When Do You Need Specialty Cleaning?

While homeowners can handle most cleaning and maintenance projects, it’s best to call in the pros when a project requires specialized skill and equipment or involves exposure to pathogens. Following are examples of times to call in specialty cleaners.

HVAC or Air Duct Cleaning

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends cleaning your air ducts when there is mold growth in your HVAC system. An air duct cleaning is also in order if they are clogged with excessive dust or infested with insects. According to the EPA, cleaning your air ducts can potentially improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Biohazard Cleanup

In the home, common biohazard conditions include sewer backups, floodwater and hoarding. If your home has biohazard contamination, stay out of the affected areas. Biohazards are dangerous and pose a health risk. 

Call SERVPRO any time day or night and let their expert technicians handle your cleanup. They have the proper training, protective gear and equipment to safely clean and restore your home.

Trauma and Crime Scene 

If you watch crime shows on TV, you may be familiar with items that require cleaning after a crime. These include fingerprint powder and evidence-gathering chemicals as well as blood or body fluids. Illegal drugs like methamphetamine can leave harmful residues throughout a building. SERVPRO technicians bring empathy and professionalism to crime scene cleanup. They follow OSHA and EPA protocols to clean and restore your home.

Odor Removal

When your home has a persistent, bad odor like smoke, pets or sewage, you might benefit from odor removal services. A good cleanup company will identify the source of the smell, then take steps to correct the problem and eliminate the odor.

Vandalism and Graffiti

If your home is vandalized, SERVPRO can board up broken windows to secure your home and protect it from weather and intruders. When graffiti is the problem, it should be washed off as soon as possible. Our cleanup and restoration experts know how to remove different types of paint while avoiding damage to your walls.

Coronavirus Cleaning Services

Many businesses have adopted more stringent cleaning protocols as a result of the pandemic. Homeowners may opt for professional deep cleaning after coronavirus hits the household. SERVPRO uses hospital-grade disinfectants to clean your home according to protocols from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Sewage Cleanup

If heavy rains or a blockage cause sewage to back up in your home, consider it an emergency. The water may contain bacteria that can cause serious illnesses. Call your insurance agent, and SERVPRO where a team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They have the expertise to safely clean contaminants like sewage and repair any water damage. Other things to do after a sewer backup include photographing your damaged property. Also, save all of your receipts for your insurance claim. 

Regular or Specialty Cleaning

To summarize, regular cleaning involves cleaning surfaces of everyday dust and dirt. Specialty cleaning involves hazardous or contagious materials and requires specialized equipment and expertise. Whatever your cleaning and restoration needs, the specialists at SERVPRO are available to help.