How many stamps do I need for my business?

How many stamps do I need

Times are gone when there was a single category of stamps. And thus, “how many stamps do I need?” was out of the question. Those times were simpler. But, today, as a business owner, you must acquire a good knowledge of these official stickers that are worth money. It helps you to acknowledge how many do I need for my business? Before you start to send out business emails.
Let’s take a brief introduction to the concept, types, and how many stamps do I need for a letter or a large envelope?

how many stamps do I need

What is a stamp?

To begin with, stamps are a part of official stickable stationary that declares the prepaid status of tangible or intangible commodities or services such as public mail, ration, taxes, ink impressions, and immigration. For one’s business, he may need various imprint types such as postage mark out for business mails, revenue mark out for taxes, ration mark out for acquiring rationed eatables (for domestic use), passport stamp for entering into another country and more.
It is noteworthy to mention that not all stamps are acquirable via purchase. For example, a person obtains a passport stamp only when the legal immigration authorities provide permission to enter into their country. However, stickable postage labels are attainable from the market.

how many stamps do I need 2020

What is the purpose of a stamp?

Do you know? Before the 2000s, there were over 20 mailboxes installed in every local area in the United States and other countries like India. This is because there were no mobile phones. In this case, every information personal, or business-related used to transmit through mails such as letters. However, the government was not affluent enough to put collectors on every mailbox. In this case, the postage imprints came out as the right solution.

What are postage stamps?

Postage stamps are small rectangular-pieces of stickers. These are either sanctionable by the post office, post-administration in the local area or nearby licensed seller in your area. By purchasing this monetary sticker, a customer (mailer) confirms that he/she has already paid the money for the stamp. Therefore, he/she has already paid for the cost of delivering the mail along with its registration.

how many stamps do I need for posting

What are the different types of postage stamps?

How many stamps do I need? Well! The answer majorly depends on what type of mail/service mail you are posting by using postal services in India or any other country. Let’s take a glimpse of different types of business postage stamps in the United States.

Air Mail

For airmail services in the U.S., Airmail stamps are utilized. Therefore, if your top small business opportunity offers services beyond the borders, you will require airmail stamps for sending business mails overseas. Hence, airmail marks are usable when your business mail is delivered through air transport postal service. To locate air mails stickable paper money at vendor’s shops, you can look for an imprint with pictures of airplanes or pilots.

How many stamps do I need to send a letter? It depends on the weight of the package or letter/mail that you desire to post overseas. It is recommendable to carry at least four monetary labels for a single mail.


Revenue stamp is also known as fiscal or tax stamp. As a rule in India and other countries, the taxes payable on commodities and documents such as alcoholic drinks, medicines, tobacco products, and registrations, revenue stamp is used. Here’s a fun fact, revenue paperwork is also utilized for showing prepayment on goods and service taxes.

Above all, revenue stamps are widely cast-off at law & order premises such as the court. Lawyers, advocates, and lawyers use revenue paper marks while filing for different cases and preparing various law-related documents.


Commemorative imprints are not a common form of postage mark out. These stamps are celebratory. Hence, only a limited number of this stamp is issued each year. Mostly, the issuing of commemorative labels depends on the government. For instance, the government only issues new commemorative stickers in the honor of commemorates.

Definitive Postage

This is one of the most common types of stamps in Australia. They cost only two pounds. Generally, the production of these stamps in the U.K never stops. These imprints have a graphic of Kangaroo printed on their front-end. These are not very popular for their print, but, they are the most cost-effective stamps that every postal mail held in the U.K.

Express Mail

Express mail stamp is the leading form of postage labels worldwide. In the United States, these stamps cost 10 cents each. In comparison to regular postage stamps, express mail imprints are preferable. It is because these stamps communicate the urgency of the mail to the post office. Thus, in every postal administration worldwide, mails with express stamps proceed for delivery in the first place.


To begin with, Military stamps are typically utilized in India. As per the history of postage imprints, Military stamps were first-ever introduced for military aspirants. It allowed the military jawans to send mail to their family members and friends.

How many military stamps do I need? Well! If your business somehow serves the military. For example, delivery of weapons, food, clothing, and more, your business would need four labels per business mail to the military premises.

My Stamp

Again, in India, the concept of “My Stamp” was founded in 2011 by Indian Post organization. To summarize, my stamp is a personal sheet of the stamp. This stamp sheet remains customizable. The customer can opt to add his fingerprints, logo, design, institution image, business image or logo, or any other specific image or graphic. Thus, the ideology of my stamp has abided as creative and convenient.

How many stamps do I need? For your business, you can stock as many “My stamps” as you need. These are customizable and thus, you can opt to use these to deliver mail worldwide. The number of “my stamps” on one mail depends on the weight of the mail/post.

How many stamps do I need USPS?

In the U.S., if you are sending mail by USPS, you need 1 forever stamp for every 1 ounce or less. In addition to this, when the weight of mail increases, the number of stamps also increases. For example, a mail weighing 2 ounces will require one and a half forever U.S. domestic mark out for the USPS postal service.

How many stamps do I need in India?

In India, a forever Indian stamp is not sufficient. Thus, other tariffs like delivery costs are addable. If you are posting a business mail in India, you will need at least three forever Indian imprints. In particular, three stamps in one mail appear to be mare’s nest but, it is the rule.

how many stamps do I need in India

How many stamps do I need for an international letter?

The postal authorities use Forever stamps for delivering a letter overseas. Therefore, you can calculate the number of stickers you need by dividing the cost of postal service to the price of one forever stamp.

For example, if your package or letter’s postage cost is 140 INR in India. Likewise, the postage cost of this letter in the U.S will be $2. A forever stamp costs $1.15. Therefore, you will need one and a half of mark out to post an international letter.

How many stamps do I need for a parcel?

Parcel delivery is quite different from postal delivery. To calculate how many stamps do I need for a parcel? You can divide the cost of parcel delivery by the cost of one domestic forever mark out. For example, if the parcel delivery cost is 300 INR. One forever stamp cost is 70 INR. You will need 4 of these for a parcel.

What do you call a stamp collection?

All over the world, some people also collect different types of stamps. It is a type of hobby. In other words, it is called a philatelist. Many people also maintain a stamp album. To the reader’s surprise, this collection remains quite worthwhile. People also sell these collections at post offices for good money.


The production of Stamps in India and other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom depends on supply and demand. However, in the 2000s, the Indian post service and USPS lost 30-40% of its business. It is because of the introduction of new communicating technologies. Technology advancement such as emails, WhatsApp, and skype has consequently diminished the importance of postage services.

in 2020? Well! In conclusion to this, in 2020, you must purchase a limited stock for sending out business mails and packages. If your business is an E-commerce platform, you would require at least four stamps per package. Thus, one must note that a stamp collection is quite popular as a hobby. Together with this collection, one can focus on collecting stamps that are worth more money. The resale value of these like revenue and commemorative stamps will be high in the times to come.

Above all, the era of postal service is at its last stage in the case of mail and letters. Thus, today’s usual stamps can be tomorrow’s antique.