Fashion Tips for a Neutral Outfit


The crème de la crème! Neutral is the hyper trend of recent years regarding colors in fashion. You can easily combine beige, brown, cognac, and white. The color of fresh cream, somewhere between milk and butter, is multipurpose.

The nice thing about neutrals is that they can be easily combined. Let’s find out in this article some tips for an all-cream look:

Watch the temperature!

We mean the color temperature. The cream color is a warm shade of white, has yellowish undertones, and therefore clashes with the cool pure white. We’re not saying you can’t wear them together, but your outfit will look more harmonious if the colors have the same undertone. Feel free to try it out for yourself by keeping a white and an off-white piece next to each other. Different off white colors and a warm color like light beige or ecru – the latter looks more cohesive and simply better together. 

The golden rule

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, different materials and finishes make an outfit look more interesting as the eye finds more appealing points to linger on. This is essential for monochrome looks! In addition, this style trick is so easy that it can be used for even the simplest combinations. From smooth to rough, from hard to soft, from fluffy to shiny, it’s all about contrasts. For example, if you are wearing a soft cotton blouse, a textured bouclé skirt will go with it. Denim goes well with a knitted pattern, lace, or shiny satin. With your accessories, you can add even more variety to your look with leather, suede, or patent leather, for example.

A bit of gold and silver

Metallic-colored accents are suitable as small eye-catchers and noble details in your outfit. These can be:

  • buttons;
  • chains on bags;
  • buckles on belts;
  • eye-catching zippers;
  • temples on sunglasses.

The metallic tones are also a neutral color and therefore harmonize particularly well with your all-cream look. It doesn’t matter if you go for silver, gold, or rose gold details or mix metallic tones on the plain cream “background.”

Have a well-layered outfit

A large, monochromatic surface is boring. Therefore, these fashion tips aim to bring more dimension to an all-cream look besides textures. Different layers are your style heroes. A simple yet insanely effective hack! 

You can wear a blazer, coat, or cardigan over the core of your outfit or layer a blouse or lace top underneath. You may try different lengths so that the layers are visible! Smaller details on your clothing that are attached, such as collars, bows, ruffles, or pockets, can also develop a layering effect.