Expert Tips from Rosland Capital: How to Choose a Reliable Gold IRA Company


Many people turn to a gold IRA to protect their wealth and limit market risks. This self-directed account is an excellent method to preserve and increase your retirement fund. You can have it alongside any other traditional retirement plan, like 401(k) or Roth IRA. They’re not related, except that you can fund your gold IRA using existing retirement accounts. 

After funding your account, you can use that money to buy precious metals or any other alternative assets. But you should know some rules. For example, not every precious metal is eligible to become a part of your IRA. Instead, these should be only IRS-approved bullion and coins.

While you can purchase and move precious metals from your IRA, you can’t do that yourself. Instead, IRS obliges you to hire brokers to set up and manage your account. Also, you’ll need custodians to hold your assets and handle all transactions, ensuring they’re all by IRS rules.

With so many helpful information from, choosing the best gold IRA company can be easy. The problem is that there are so many businesses offering similar services, and not all of them deliver. So you have to take some time and investigate all your options. You don’t want to entrust your retirement funds to dishonest or fly-by-night companies. 

Do Some Research

It’s not quite polite to inquire about how other people save for retirement and whether they can recommend their IRA brokers to you. However, that could be a viable option if someone close to you did that and mentioned that. Still, it’s best to start your search on the Internet, where you can find many companies in any location.

A simple browser search can give you the names of the most popular companies in this niche. So you can make an extra effort and find reviews about them. Some web pages claim to be independent,’ but they’re nothing but paid affiliates. For example, IRA companies pay them to promote their services. So make sure that a review site is independent and discloses its relationship with dealers. 

Schedule Initial Consultations


While relying only on online reviews and feedback may be tempting to choose a gold IRA company, that’s not always the best option. Instead, if possible, you should visit the broker’s office to talk to them face to face. 

You can see some things for yourself, like the staff experience and service quality. Prepare questions (find some guidelines here) and be ready to discuss your financial situation and options with brokers. That way, you can see how they answer your questions and whether they meet your expectations. 

Work Background

You don’t want to get ripped off or end up in financial trouble because you don’t know who to trust. Unfortunately, many gold IRA companies try to sell you their financial products. But trusted ones will help you choose the best investment for your situation. 

One of the questions should be about the history of a gold IRA company and the experience of a particular broker. Check out how long it has been around. The more years in the investment business, the better. Also, feel free to ask for referrals. No reputable broker will hide their credentials and happy clients.

Check Service Offer


Many businesses have appeared recently and claimed they specialize in gold investment. Unfortunately, not all of them have what you need, so you should look for a company that offers the most benefits and services tailored to your needs.

A reliable company should provide you with insurance coverage, storage, and logistics for your precious metals. You should also consider broker availability, storage options, customer service, and investment minimums. 

IRA companies can hold your assets or work with a custodian to secure your precious metals. You should safely store your gold in certified vaults. Some companies might offer this service, but you are also free to find a custodian and a depository on your own.

There are many obstacles to gold investing. A trustworthy company will give you solutions to avoid these risks. It should be able to provide personalized consultations with an investment advisor. That can be a face-to-face meeting, phone call, or online session. In any case, brokers should give you unbiased investment advice.


IRA companies provide you with certain services and charge for that. These could be fixed fees or commissions based on your account funds. They are a part of the overall administrative cost of the account. So you must be aware of all costs before signing anything. There are cases when fees far outweigh the benefits.

Most gold IRA companies charge a set-up fee to get your account up and running. Others charge additional fees to hold and manage your precious metals. Also, some companies provide advisory and intermediary services, making your IRA transactions faster and simpler. 

Some IRA companies are more customer-focused and invest in additional aid to help make your buying and selling experience as painless as possible. But be ready to pay extra money for that. But make sure that the fee structure is transparent and stay away from hidden costs. 

More tips on choosing custodian find below: 



If you plan on investing in precious metals through IRA, you need a reliable partner to hold you back. IRA companies may offer a wide variety of products and have an excellent reputation for transparency. But they also must provide outstanding customer support. 

Chosen brokers should be available 24/7, or at least during work hours. Don’t entrust your funds to someone who takes hours to answer your call or reply to your email. Whether you’re a seasoned investor with a few questions or a beginner with many doubts, they should always be at your service.

Choosing a reliable IRA broker can be tricky, considering the wealth of companies on the market. So take your time to find the best option for your needs. It’s a matter of your financial security, so choose someone who works in your favor and doesn’t rip you off.

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