Discovering New Marketing Opportunities: eSports

VANCOUVER, BC - AUGUST 22: Members of Team Liquid surround captain Kuro Takhasomi as they plan their strategy before their match against PSG.LGD on Day 3 of The International 2018 Dota 2 Championships at Rogers Arena on August 22, 2018 in Vancouver, Canada. PSG.LGD defeated Team Liquid 2-0. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)

Would you like to escape reality? From time to time we all feel like finding an alternative universe. That is why the popularity of video games or eSportsis so huge. Marketers should not ignore this niche for promoting their campaigns.

The Definition of eSports

The definition of eSports is not complicated, it is a live broadcast of online gameplays. There are many people who enjoy watching other gamers. It is very common when professional gamers take part in organized gaming competitions with a huge audience of viewers. The audience watches the eSport events via online gaming broadcasters. One of the trendiest games are FIFA, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and, of course, we can’t ignore Fortnite.

Do you know that such a form of digital entertainment attracts the attention of approximately 400 million people globally?! People love participating in challenging game competitions because it is a fun activity and a possibility to win big money.

How Can Marketers Establish Themselves in the eSports Niche?

People working in marketing and public relations realize that our digital world is an excellent place for promoting their campaigns. It attracts young people who spend a lot of free time on social media, YouTube, and gaming platforms. We are going to see the most efficient ways and hacks of eSports advertising to promote your services within the eSports platforms and communities:

  1. Programmatic bannering and advertising

If you look for the fastest and the most affordable marketing solution, you need to try this one. You just need to compose an eye-catching message and translate it into a banner for further advertising it on the most popular eSports streaming platforms. You can achieve a lot of benefits by applying this particular form of advertising. Make sure you reach the right audience by speaking to your audience.

  1. Become a team sponsor

This marketing strategy focuses on the future results. It does not give instant results but it permits you to earn a lot of money rather than wasting them. When you think about sponsoring a real eSports team, the investment is huge and the impact on your brand is enormous and long-lasting. Millions of fans will associate your company with this team.

  1. Cooperation with eSports streamers and influencers

If you are familiar with social media platforms, you know the importance of cooperating with influencers. You can do the same partnership within the eSports community. You can motivate the top gamer to wear a t-shirt with your brand name. Millions of followers will have the desire to follow the example. The budget for such a marketing campaign varies depending on streamers/influencers you target.

  1. Become a sponsor of eSports tournaments

Are you searching for efficient ways to boost brand visibility in your area? Your company can become the official sponsor of the eSports tournaments. Note that this form of digital advertising is pretty expensive, providing short-lasting but huge results.

Start Taking eSports Seriously

If you are serious about promoting your campaign, you can’t ignore the aeSports audience. These young and proactive people know what passion and real actions are. You should give it a try and add the eSports niche to your list of marketing techniques. If you are not a gamer yourself, spend some time doing the research, identifying the trendy games, common types of gamers, live broadcasting platform, etc. It is a specific world, which requires specific marketing tactics to fit the interests of your future clients. eSports marketing functions the same as any other type of marketing. Make sure you present relevant content that your audience wants to see and use.